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  1. Travelrug

    ***Feedback Thread***

    No bother at all. Glad they got to you in plenty of time. Never any hassle dealing with you bud. My first point of contact as I know I can rely on you. Cheers
  2. Travelrug

    Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    My seat is in MFN. View is better than the atmosphere (although it does have it's moments). I have been in the Main Stand for years yet I still get a thrill walking towards that beautiful part of our stadium. Enjoy your day buddy and hopefully you will be craving to visit us again. Saviour that sight as you approach our magnificent stadium
  3. Travelrug

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Who said David Bates could not pass?
  4. Travelrug

    Billy Gilmour - Living the dream

    Don’t wish the lad any misfortune but I would rather we as a support (and Bears Den) focussed upon the young lads that have decided to stay around to make a success at our club. Seeing David Bates and young Ross performing yesterday is enough to know that we are doing the right thing at certain areas of the club. They also look proud to be part of it. Let’s hope there are more to follow ?
  5. Travelrug

    Just listening to..

    Just sat down to start my shift. What a way to kick my day off . Things will only go downhill after that
  6. Travelrug

    The Goals

    Cheers for that . Had a ticket for tonight but offshore working.
  7. Travelrug

    ***The Official St Johnstone V Rangers Match Thread ***

    No satisfied with a blazer, is he wanting stripped as well?
  8. Travelrug

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I would rather give that money a miss (not sure the money would be that much anyway) than give that shower any income off our backs. The last few years should teach us that they will do anything to hurt us and we should never, ever forget it. A better organised tour of North America, with a couple of decent games in Canada would generate a few quid for the club and would payback the loyal supporters there. We cannot repeat the apparent debacle that happened last time we visited.
  9. Travelrug

    UFC live.

    During the pre-fight I thought Holm looked nervous and with all that pacing and prancing I thought this is looking bad for her. Little did I know she just continued all that movement during the fight. She was on top of Rousey in the first round and just got up, I thought she missed a chance but she was obviously just sticking to her plan. Well done
  10. Travelrug

    UFC live.

    Holm's game plan was immaculate. What a performance. It seemed that every punch she threw connected.
  11. Travelrug

    *** Rm Erskine Fund - Season 15/16 Official Thread

    I am also part of the MFN posse (and another proud Ayrshire man). Unfortunately I am unable to attend tomorrows game due to work commitments so I am sure GB will be delighted if you donate on my behalf. I will return the favour at the next game I can attend when the collecting bins are in place (I agree it does not happen as often as before). Before I get pounced upon, GB has already found two willing volunteers for my seats. to GB
  12. £20 donated GB. Great effort again GB and a smashing response from all the bears in such a short space of time. Well done everyone ??
  13. Travelrug

    Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Just had a blether with Arthur Numan on flight to Amsterdam this morning. He said he was amazed with the turnout because he had heard the crowds had dropped away recently. Said it gave him goosebumps to be back playing at Ibrox. A lad asked him if he fancied getting the boots out for next week, he sniggered and said oh yes. A real gentleman who was only to happy to make time for supporters and also made it clear he understood how important it was to beat that lot next week.
  14. Travelrug

    Ricksen Tribute Match 25th Jan

    Also the movement of Negri would shame the "forwards" we have at the club at the moment. Unfortunately the legs were not as sharp as his mind