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  1. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    My seat is in MFN. View is better than the atmosphere (although it does have it's moments). I have been in the Main Stand for years yet I still get a thrill walking towards that beautiful part of our stadium. Enjoy your day buddy and hopefully you will be craving to visit us again. Saviour that sight as you approach our magnificent stadium
  2. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Who said David Bates could not pass?
  3. Billy Gilmour - Living the dream

    Don’t wish the lad any misfortune but I would rather we as a support (and Bears Den) focussed upon the young lads that have decided to stay around to make a success at our club. Seeing David Bates and young Ross performing yesterday is enough to know that we are doing the right thing at certain areas of the club. They also look proud to be part of it. Let’s hope there are more to follow ?
  4. Just listening to..

    Just sat down to start my shift. What a way to kick my day off . Things will only go downhill after that
  5. The Goals

    Cheers for that . Had a ticket for tonight but offshore working.
  6. *** Erskine Ibrox Day Out - Match report

    I had the privilege of visiting Erskine Home at Bishopton yesterday and met a few of the veterans (some of whom are in the above pictures). Let me re-iterate how grateful these guys are for the generosity of the members of RangersMedia who support govanblue's efforts (not forgetting Zetland's efforts too). They were so happy to blether away about the football and the coming season and how much the days out (not only to the matches) mean to them. It really was humbling to see how much of a difference we, as a group here, are making to the guys whose service has made a difference to us and the way we live. Also a wee word for the staff too, the Erskine home is a credit to all the people that work there and those that support it. The place was immaculate, relaxed and appeared to be an enjoyable place for our veterans. The staff made us feel so welcome and again they could not stress how much we at RangersMedia mean to the people at Erskine. At the moment it appears to be fashionable to have a pop at our club and our supporters but yesterday I saw how much we are appreciated by people that really do matter. We should never forget that.
  7. Ryan Jack

    Disappointing from McInnes. His own playing career would have been insignificant had he not played for us. We gave him that opportunity and he should know how special that is. To punish the lad is petty and typical of the attitude towards our great club.
  8. ***The Official St Johnstone V Rangers Match Thread ***

    No satisfied with a blazer, is he wanting stripped as well?
  9. One photo sums up the team spirit

    All season we have watched players make poor decisions throughout games, Wes not coming off his line, Waghorn shooting when he can take a touch or lay off a pass to teammate, Tav getting drawn out of position etc etc. They continue to make these same poor decisions so it abundantly clear that they lack the quality and ability necessary to compete at a reasonable level. For me this is not the case for Beerman, he made a poor decision to dive in. That poor decision did not cost us the game, albeit it was a major setback, and it unsettled the lad. He will know himself he has plenty to work on but as a young player he has a chance to develop and learn from that. It is up to him now to try to turn some good from bad. For the others that also made poor decisions during that game (and throughout the season) there should be no way back.
  10. Makes you wonder...

    There is no doubt that all his business operations were in freefall at the time and he will firmly believe that he had to do what he done to save his company. It now appears that he has started to recover and I wonder if he has it in him to feel any guilt over his actions. Would that guilt be enough for him to step in to the mix again to try to make amends? For the most part of his involvement with our club the memories I have were fantastic, great players and teams, strong managers (mostly) and some belting days out but I always thought of him as someone I would dislike. At AGM's etc I always thought he was ignorant and aloof so that makes me wonder how much he would feel about his actions during the latter part of his time with us. We complained about how he did not defend our club enough during his time but the last few years have shown us that maybe there were some battles being fought (and won). At the moment there appears to be no defence whatsoever for our club or fans from the current board. I agree with you Murray would be a better option than King/Ashley, it may not be the right solution but it would be better than what we have.
  11. Ryan Hardie

    I think it is worth taking a chance with the lad for next season. Being on loan may be good in some respects in that they are involved in competitive games however I am not sure that they are fully settled in their respective teams (especially if they are still doing part of their training with us). Working full time with the first team could give us positive progression. I get frustrated with the amount of our youths who get released and then go onto find success (Dorrans is a prime example at the moment). I would just like a manager to have the balls to take a chance on some of our younger players and give them a decent chance.
  12. ***** The Official Scottish Youth Cup Final thread *****

    Agreed. The fashionable thought is that playing against older opposition will help their development? It also seems to be an an easy excuse for accepting defeat. For me it is more important that they develop a winning mentality first. It is badly lacking amongst most of our first team squad, in the boardroom and it could be said amongst some of our support,
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I would rather give that money a miss (not sure the money would be that much anyway) than give that shower any income off our backs. The last few years should teach us that they will do anything to hurt us and we should never, ever forget it. A better organised tour of North America, with a couple of decent games in Canada would generate a few quid for the club and would payback the loyal supporters there. We cannot repeat the apparent debacle that happened last time we visited.
  14. UFC live.

    During the pre-fight I thought Holm looked nervous and with all that pacing and prancing I thought this is looking bad for her. Little did I know she just continued all that movement during the fight. She was on top of Rousey in the first round and just got up, I thought she missed a chance but she was obviously just sticking to her plan. Well done
  15. UFC live.

    Holm's game plan was immaculate. What a performance. It seemed that every punch she threw connected.