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  1. This loan has confirmed many people’s thoughts, we should never loan any of our young players to Hibs again. Looks like it has been 6 months wasted for young Glenn.
  2. Cheers for that. Offshore just now, just got into port with decent signal so can catch up 👍
  3. Travelrug


    Do not let that tackle overshadow a terribly weak performance by our management team and players. Bar a tackle by Ryan Jack during the first half we did not show any aggression towards them. That is a bigger concern for me
  4. Travelrug


    You sure it was that tackle? Or was it the foul by their sub when he just came on? Bit bizarre that this is your take from today’s performance. Should Goldson be fined for his poor pass, McGregor fined for not holding the first save for their second goal? Where do we stop?
  5. Sit beside my 68 year old da, tonight he was bouncing like an 18 year old. I love our team for doing that.
  6. Work permitting I will definitely be there. My boy would be fuming if he mised an opportunity to meet Broxi (and you and GB obviously).
  7. Would the trainer and club consider a half time appearance by our Broxi to promote the work that Bravehound do? Even a wee feature in the match programme that day might raise the profile a wee bit.
  8. Willie Miller critisicing Windass for having too much to say to the referee. Could not believe that coming from him, he was always moaning at referees throughout his career. Arsehole.
  9. No bother at all. Glad they got to you in plenty of time. Never any hassle dealing with you bud. My first point of contact as I know I can rely on you. Cheers
  10. Who said David Bates could not pass?
  11. No satisfied with a blazer, is he wanting stripped as well?
  12. I would rather give that money a miss (not sure the money would be that much anyway) than give that shower any income off our backs. The last few years should teach us that they will do anything to hurt us and we should never, ever forget it. A better organised tour of North America, with a couple of decent games in Canada would generate a few quid for the club and would payback the loyal supporters there. We cannot repeat the apparent debacle that happened last time we visited.
  13. During the pre-fight I thought Holm looked nervous and with all that pacing and prancing I thought this is looking bad for her. Little did I know she just continued all that movement during the fight. She was on top of Rousey in the first round and just got up, I thought she missed a chance but she was obviously just sticking to her plan. Well done
  14. Holm's game plan was immaculate. What a performance. It seemed that every punch she threw connected.
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