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  1. Rangers and Tennents-we don't do walking away

    Make noisy tennants do they?
  2. players leaving, donate their signing on fee!

    This the sopranos or something. Got to start somewhere mate.
  3. players leaving, donate their signing on fee!

    Surprised i haven't turned to drugs with everything that is going on. Naismith done it before, id be shocked if he didn't do it for our/his team. Whether he believes this is still rangers or not. It is Rangers.
  4. If the players that have turned their backs on us donated their new club signing on fees to a pot to help fund a fan takeover, would you be able to forgive. I think it would help but i'm still pissed off they couldnt stay around. Why ruine the chance to be a true legend at the most successful club in the world. If i could play football i'd be at training today with my boots and packed lunch!
  5. *** The Official Rangers 1 Vs 0 Liverpool Thread ***

    Not watching the game. McKay is sounding like a good addition according to the fellow bears' posts. Can someone give a detailed analysis of his game so far please. WATP
  6. Reasons To Be Cheerful

    Reading this made me want to kill the scum and slap an englishman.
  7. Reasons To Be Cheerful

  8. Does Whyte Trust Super Ally With His Money!?

    One of the reasons I just followed rangers media and didn't post anything. As soon as some1 doesn't like what some1 else says that means they are from the dark side. Some 'fans' are just retarded and if that's what u get from the post, I'm a tim, u fit in this bracket of fans. Calling some1 one of THEM is just uncalled for mate. Slate me for what I've said, feel free. Don't liken me to THEM.
  9. Does Whyte Trust Super Ally With His Money!?

    Like I said, ur response would state something like.... As absurd as your post. Rhetorical questions or statements, excellent for discussion threads!
  10. Does Whyte Trust Super Ally With His Money!?

    If he sacked ally at the start lots of our fans would've went nuts. If whyte let ally spend big, and we didn't go through, things financially would be a lot worse. I'm not sayin his plan was to get us chipped out the champions league, that's just absurd. Your reply will be, as absurd as your post. Was just wanting to hear a fresh view of fans opinions. WATP
  11. Does Whyte Trust Super Ally With His Money!?

    Just seems like whyte doesnt want to shell out on a 2.5 or 3mil player. In sayin that though I'm impressed by some of the lads brought in. Squad depth was a necessity and we've achieved that. Would still like to see a striker though. Our current team will still beat THEM though. 4iar here we come. Thanks for the welcome mate.
  12. Just a thought. Do u think whyte is waiting for fans to turn on mccoist so that a more established manager can be let loose with his alleged warchest? My first post by the way, try not to slaughter me too much!