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  1. Ayr Utd vs Rangers - Video

    Good video mate
  2. ***The Bears Den Rangers Book Club***

    Gazza, numan, amo, butcher, goram are all worth a read although numans is a bit boring
  3. Players we let go too soon

    Surprised no1 has mentioned Chris Burke, I still think he is a cracking player
  4. How much?

    Wee Barry seen that and just got a speeding ticket on the m6
  5. Gazza joining rangers documentary

    I didn't my maw wouldn't let me lol! Was at ibrox that day though!
  6. Gazza joining rangers documentary

    Take a look at this video on YouTube: Enjoy great video
  7. Hegarty on the mend.

    Fuck up and take a joke ya dafty
  8. You're best worst Rangers eleven...

    Was going to mention that no1 had mentioned Eggen lol
  9. You're best worst Rangers eleven...

    Flo scored 29 goals in 53 appearances! If it wasn't for the hefty price tag I would consider that as a good goals to game ratio! Stéphane Guivarc'h for me or salenko
  10. Hegarty on the mend.

    Was speaking to ally an heard he's earmarked for left mid! Hope he gets a permenant move somewhere but I really do not rate him!
  11. Hegarty on the mend.

    Hope he gets injured again and doesn't get near the team! Nice guy shite footballer!
  12. Just Had A Drink From Samaras

    U talk shite!!
  13. NEW Cooper video

    Tears here cheers wee john