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  1. Someone’s posted his address, better watch his windows tonight.
  2. Great player, will be sorely missed.
  3. Who cares what some roaster thinks of his weans footballing ability? Pish thread 😂
  4. Very good ya daft cunt, at least try not to make it so obvious next time
  5. Still pisses me off we never won every league game that season. 3 farcical draws. Fucking 3-3 at home to stenhousemuir
  6. It’s usually daft old guys who’ve never been within 5 miles of ibrox in their life who start this pish tbf.
  7. Get this so far to fuck. Embarrassing.
  8. Aye but apart from that we’re always shite at the end
  9. Naw, we want to finish the weekend in fifth mate
  10. Those 800 seats are worth about £40k to the club at OF game prices.
  11. Is Solanke really worth it? He’s only scored 8 goals in his entire career, 7 of which were in the Eredivise. His record is basically the exact same as Sadiq’s.
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