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  1. That’s nice of your company to only employ folk with special needs
  2. You must be at it, we only had one tie under him 😂
  3. After McCoist saying in the papers if he ever plays Mohsni up front the fans should be allowed to drag him out of ibrox 😂
  4. He’s also Leicester’s top scoring midfielder of all time.
  5. They were lucky it was only 4-2 that day, we were superb at times.
  6. The UEFA twitter was gushing about that pass at the time and again at the end of the season when they looked over the best bits of the Europa league. Just shows the perception of our club outside this country is like night and day compared to the daily shite we are subjected to in the Scottish press.
  7. Every single week there was about 3 threads about changing the words to the billy boys
  8. Cunt should be thanking God that that’s all that happened to him. The fact that this prick and the other cunt Craig whyte still walk the streets is sickening. Hope they bump into the wrong person at the wrong time one day
  9. No bid was made apparently, bit hard for him to reject something that never happened...
  10. Aye the engineering genius Mark Hateley
  11. It was neo nazis they seized the weapons from, they’ve cropped the picture but at the top left you can see the bottom of a nazi emblem.
  12. The company who run the store in the city centre.
  13. What tweet is fake? The BBC tweeted that last night but deleted it after complaints.
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