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  1. It was neo nazis they seized the weapons from, they’ve cropped the picture but at the top left you can see the bottom of a nazi emblem.
  2. The company who run the store in the city centre.
  3. What tweet is fake? The BBC tweeted that last night but deleted it after complaints.
  4. The signing that still kills them inside 😉
  5. Gregory Vignal has been appointed the manager of the women’s team
  6. Not worried yet, the centre back came from the team who finished 16th in Ligue 1 and the left back was pish against us for Rapid last year.
  7. The moment we went 2-1 down to Hearts in the league opener you just knew this wasn’t going to be our year.
  8. They’re both before, just 2 different views of the room.
  9. Yeah well I don’t support Scotland and virtually every single one of my Rangers supporting friends are the same. Anecdotes mean nothing.
  10. What a load of shite, he’s only 19 and you’ve already totally written him off 😂
  11. Not helped by the fact McCoist virtually ran him into the ground by playing him in every game
  12. Funny that it’s taken you almost 3 years to build up the confidence to post considering you’re on here ‘every day’
  13. Really like all of them, I’ve been impressed by Hummel so far.
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