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  1. Times have changed, no professional sides are going to use training methods like this. Training in warm weather is proven to be beneficial both physically and mentally. Our problems are clearly deeper than a trip abroad, the tarriers did the same thing and they’ve come back and swept aside the dross domestically while we have toiled. Teams have figured out how to negate our style of play, and for whatever reason, Gerrard has been too stubborn to change it up and make teams rethink their game plans against us.
  2. he’s scored twice in the past week or so but the goals keep getting wrongly disallowed, he’s not scoring every match like he was earlier in the season but it’s just a dip in form really, I don’t think confidence has anything to do with it.
  3. Yeah if you completely ignore the highland and lowland leagues
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  5. To be fair, we were banned from signing anyone in January 2013 😂
  6. Response have been called Kura for about 4 years now, their reputation is so bad they change their name regularly
  7. To be fair YB are back to back Swiss champions and the league leaders this season, they are a far better side than many on here think. Doesn’t change the fact we should have beaten them last night and probably away as well.
  8. We fucking hammered them. We lost 1-0 to an offside goal. It’s a fucking sickener but shite like this is just overreacting to the extreme. We will scud them at the end of the month, they are shite.
  9. They’re already filled in
  10. Don’t talk pish. Unless there is an absolute disaster across the remainder of the season there’s no reason to remove him.
  11. I feel like he’s a better player than the one that left us, doesn’t offer as much physically or in a goal scoring sense but his intelligence and awareness is incredibly important to our style of play now. Looks like he still has a couple more years in the tank as well, wasn’t happy bringing him back but looks to have been a very shrewd move.
  12. Pretty sure he has two sons named after Oleg Kuznetsov and Mark Walters the mad bastard 😂
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