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  1. Junkies vs Rangers

    He made at least 3 good saves to keep us in it. He is more than adept at coming for balls into the box, however Hibs rarely put a high ball in so he was right to trust his defenders to clear the ball rather than him run out and put us in danger. You clearly have some sort of issue with him because he’s saved us countless times over the past 2 years.
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    He was the difference between winning and losing tonight.
  3. Tavernier

    Fucking hell you’re a lunatic
  4. Mcleish

    I absolutely wouldn’t take McLeish. Everything went to shit when he started buying his own players, plus his atrocious record at almost every job since he left us indicates that he absolutely isn’t the man for the job. To appoint him would show no ambition or long term plan. It would just set us back even further.
  5. Possession based football

    They got beat 5-1, we shouldn’t be emulating that at all
  6. Africa Proddy Boys Flute Band

  7. Is It True?

    Couldn’t give a fuck tbh
  8. Alan Pardew

    No chance, awful manager.
  9. Jardel against us

    We tried to sign him nearly 10 years before that.
  10. *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Stuck this on yesterday, all the teams won but Dumbarton had to drag it into extra time first
  11. Fully Expected This Cheating To Keep Us From Winning

    That logic only applies if you assume the referee isn't an absolute retard, which John Beaton unfortunately is
  12. Two hundred percent

    Why even post this? Fuck off
  13. lafferty whittaker

    Forest Whittaker's footballing wee brother
  14. Realistic Expectation Next Season

    Second place and a trophy