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  1. Johnstone Burgh

    Gerarrds Fault

    It’s not his fault we had a perfectly good goal chopped off or we conceded absolutely shocking goals.
  2. Johnstone Burgh

    Gerrards lack of subs.

    Our bench is rotten. I don’t disagree that we should be making subs sooner but I understand why we haven’t tonight because we don’t have anyone to change a game. Squad depth needs addressed in January.
  3. Johnstone Burgh

    Your mind blowing 3 games since 3-2 win over bheasts

    It was East Stirling, think we won 6-2
  4. Johnstone Burgh

    Why did he go down?

    I’d cancel his loan today just for that. Unforgivable, there’s no way he’s coming back from that here.
  5. Johnstone Burgh


    You can’t judge Arfield on that appearance, he was brought on with 10 minutes to go against a team who had just scored and were content to sit back and invite us on knowing that we had no real goal threat. He didn’t have a chance to impact the game at all because the substitution was left so late. I suggested Grezda because we had virtually no other option, not because I think he would be a good impact sub. If anything he would have given us fresh legs and another dimension to our play. We didn’t have any proper striking options so I wouldn’t be too harsh on Gerrard for that, but the fact remains that he got the team selection and his substitutions very wrong and it has cost us yet again.
  6. Johnstone Burgh


    Arfield should’ve been on for Ejaria (booked) or Jack (pish today) at half time at the earliest. From the first half it was painfully obvious we were missing someone to bring the ball forwards and make a pass which is exactly what Arfield can do. Sadiq should’ve been hooked by the hour but I don’t even know who we would have replaced him with, maybe Grezda? Time and again Gerrard leaves it far too late for a sub to change the game, either waiting until they don’t have enough time to make an impact or until the damage has been done. I really hope this is something he can sort out ASAP because it’s starting to cost us and if we had made subs sooner today (and in midweek for that matter) we would have probably won. Incredibly frustrating, we were unlucky that we had no other strikers to choose but the game was still very winnable.
  7. Johnstone Burgh

    New T.V deal?

    Would be stupid to move to a streaming platform. Should just stick with BT or Sky in all honesty, going with an unknown entity fucked them over last time round.
  8. Johnstone Burgh

    Robert Fleck/Glenn Middleton similarites

    Wylde’s crossing was horrendous. For every good cross he made he put about 7 out for a goal kick/throw in. Other than being fast he was a shite player.
  9. Johnstone Burgh

    Our shooting.

    I felt that too many of our shots were straight at the keeper, something that needs worked on because we are starting to create more chances.
  10. Johnstone Burgh

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    Nae bother mate
  11. Johnstone Burgh

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Osijek thread***

    We won’t get chucked out of Europe cause of a wee scrap near the stadium ffs. Stop pishing your frillies and enjoy the game
  12. Johnstone Burgh

    14 Minutes

    Aw aye that’s scathing abuse
  13. Johnstone Burgh

    Rumour that McGregor will be captain (FF)

    Maybe if he behaved like a Rangers captain should then he wouldn’t have been stripped of the armband.
  14. Johnstone Burgh

    Bigotry in Cowdenbeath

    I was standing right outside the black cart for the return parade absolutely brilliant day yesterday.