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  1. That logic only applies if you assume the referee isn't an absolute retard, which John Beaton unfortunately is
  2. Why even post this? Fuck off
  3. Forest Whittaker's footballing wee brother
  4. Second place and a trophy
  5. People having a meltdown before the facts are available, typical.
  6. Should demand 4 or 5m minimum tbh
  7. Candeias on for holt
  8. Get Morelos on for Waghorn
  9. Which means they're worse...
  10. Basil boli
  11. Would rather sign the best of the other teams in this league than any of the cunts who left us in 2012
  12. None of them
  13. No chance, he was pish when he was here, he's been pish since he left, he's still pish and he wouldn't improve us at all.