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  1. No point being negative, all we can do is pick ourselves up and rally. Too many cunts on here wanting to give up, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'll happily look a fool being optimistic and full of hope rather than some of the embarrassments on here already giving the taigs the title. It's football and anything can happen, no fucking surrender!
  2. Think I'm finally over Wednesday night, battle fever is kicking in. We shall not be mastered, show no fear, no respect and no surrender! Into the cunts!!
  3. It's the manner of the draw, agree totally it's normally an ok result but not considering how it happened. Hopefully it will galvanise us and give the players extra fire for Sunday. Half full Loyal...
  4. Heart and Hand segment on the Advocaat years is a right good listen, but paints the picture that he was an early "philosophy" manager. O'Neil built a team that didn't want to play into our hands or try and match us for footballing quality/ability and Advocaat couldn't or wouldn't adapt. With regards to Europe, I honestly think he couldn't have had worse luck at times. Drawing Parma in the Uefa cup (eventual winners) and then the group with Bayern, Valencia and PSV. Not to mention the entire Mols travesty. McLeish took us through with 7 points ffs, and a team who finished 3rd.
  5. Slightly off topic, but I would have loved Casillas to have been in goals for Porto over these games, mostly down to the fact I imagine it would mean a lot to McGregor, based on absolutely nothing...
  6. I thought he was pretty much 6ft on the dot? I dare say he must be below average in terms of top drawer keepers? Can't name any shorter at his level off the top of my head anyway.
  7. It's not hatred or anything, just remember Klos sticking by us when there was options for him and also taking the armband. Was a lot younger then so probably a blind spot there as well...
  8. An absolute favourite of mine, could never take to Waterreus and hold no fond memories of him mainly due to keeping Klos out. Childish, but that's how it is. It felt like the mistakes Klos made in 05/06 were his first ever and that McLeish showed him no loyalty in that regard. Only thing I slightly hold against McLeish, his treatment of Klos (in my eyes). Klos, Goram, McGregor. Three 'short' keepers, all unbelievable shot stoppers and game savers.
  9. Same scenario, absolute belters. Would have stock piled them along with VW camper cans and buying early shares in Google/Amazon... 2001/02 Home strip
  10. Paper thin, and never really heals. The microscopic hairs in the cochlea that can't be regrown is the other danger.
  11. He gets fouled in my opinion. That fucking pitch man, huge leveller. Shouldn't be legal in professional football. Don't believe the Kamara foul and booking happens on grass
  12. Fernando's tribute match was the first time in a long time it felt like Rangers again. We're getting there now, but I distinctly remember that day being a reminder of what it should be like. Whatever that means, I thank him for that memory and feeling. We'd been through so much, on field/off the field and the truly abysmal football we had to endure. That day and occasion, with the man himself taking kick off and the gasped silence when he fell, was a complete tumble dryer of emotions. Seeing his ex teammates carrying him round each corner of the famous stadium to applause and admiration of all inside was the first time I felt like we were ourselves again. It's very difficult to articulate, but that Ricksen charity match to me was special. Not only did it simultaneously put our footballing woes into perspective, it also reminded us of what we are as a support and how special a club it is. And no shyster cunt con man, spiv or charlatan could touch that feeling, thank God. They gave him 18 months, he fought like fuck for 6 years. No Surrender Fernando Ricksen
  13. Pre 2012 if I thought we'd get beat we'd usually win and if it looked like we were favourites before hand them we'd usually lose. So I'm taking nothing for granted. They've got a lot of match winners in their team that only need one chance. However, if we play like we did last year at home we should do it. Battle fever intensifying...
  14. This is pretty much spot on. I totally understand the argument that appeasement will end with our enemies only coming back for something else. However, if and when they do, if we can be in a position of strength to defend ourselves then we can fight the charges. It's not the songs they find offensive, it's us, our very existence. They will never stop. What We need is a leg to stand. We can give ourselves that, it's in our hands.
  15. Right now? Thursday? This season? Absolutely fucking not. It is naïve at best to assume that FARcE/UEFA etc will distinguish a difference, and completely retarded to think everyone will sing any new version. Get our house in order is the only option we have. A quote from FF, "we didn't come back from the brink of extinction to let this ruin us." Maybe, MAYBE in years to come if we are whiter than white then a concerted effort can be made on lyric changes. But in all honesty, it's almost certainly best, and easiest, to leave these songs/chants/add ons in the past. It does us no good whatsoever.
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