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  1. Spliffy

    Edmiston Drive

    His stories of the old days made the forum richer, and told with the great passion for our team that we all rejoice in. Just so sad, we seem to be losing a lot of the older generation at a hell of a rate just now. And as already said, cancer is just such a horrible, indiscriminate bastard. My own father has just this week been diagnosed, still trying to get my head round that one.. Thoughts with his family and friends.
  2. Spliffy

    6 wins out of 6 required during October

    All very winnable, but so was Livingston meant to be. Beat hearts and the international break won't feel as long. Trying not to look too far ahead and only concern ourselves with tomorrow, but from having a really difficult start we've got a bit more luck now with home games after Europe and the accies game before huge game against Spartak.
  3. Spliffy

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Funny old game...
  4. Spliffy

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Slightly ironic that he then later on signed Jeremy Rotten, another star of that team... But yeah, Rodriguez was a real disappointment in a catalogue of them from Ecks last season.
  5. Spliffy

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Monaco captain in CL final, very obscure while playing for us... Good shout
  6. Spliffy

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Polish keeper the loaf signed?
  7. Spliffy

    Jim white

    With a gargantuan fanbase like ours, arseholes are unavoidable. The person who threw the coin is a disgrace and should be banned. HOWEVER Compare similar situations to any other club (especially the rhats) and it's "a minority" or "one individual" who let the rest of the fans down. That's the narrative for everyone else. Not us though, we're all scum and hooligans, and the world's ills are ultimately all our fault. Dehumanisation.
  8. Spliffy

    ***The Official Livingston v Rangers Match Thread***

    We deserve absolutely fuck all from this, rotten. Livingston have been well worth it, 1-0 flatters us.
  9. Spliffy

    BBC Article on Morelos

    Just perpetuating the narrative so that Morelos, no matter how he behaves, will still be targeted. He's a genuine talent, wether he scores or not. If the refs in Scotland weren't completely inept fucking shitebags and/or catholics then there would be no story here.
  10. Spliffy

    Where are all the taigs today?

    Quiet yesterday indeed, one genuinely looked like someone ran over his dog. No words were required, just the giant cheeser grin.
  11. Spliffy

    Battle of Arnhem

    A celtc fan told me years ago that Vitesse's stadium is based on Ibrox. No idea if that's true or not... Great effort with the display.
  12. Spliffy


    He's giving us our respect and pride back. The players will start to believe and confidence breeds confidence, but Stevie G won't let their standards slip or allow them to be complacent. All I asked for was a team on the pitch to be proud of again, and we are so far getting that and some!
  13. Spliffy


    A complete performance today. Got his goal and was instrumental in two others. Can't praise him enough today, Evey time he took the ball he was excellent and did the work in defence as well
  14. Spliffy

    Tav better than Hutton

    Scores a lot more than Hutton, but not nearly as good as Hutton at his peak. Outstanding for us in the CL and was Scotlands main attacking threat for a good while!
  15. Spliffy

    State of this

    Aye but you're not allowed to be disappointed with a purchase that's completely different to the one you've seen and wanted for ages, that's faggotry of the highest order.