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  1. Spliffy

    Bill Leckie

    Leckie is a self righteous cunt, denouncing and demonising us (sometimes with the scum) at every turn and blames us for all of Scottish society's problems, but would find himself on the dole without us. Thinks he's some sort of working class hero yet espouses the doctrine of the chattering upper classes, that football fans of the Old Firm are all bigots and knuckle draggers, when in fact 90 odd percent are hard working people that are finding themselves going to jail for singing a song. He's like a character from river fucking city, completely alien to what normal people in Scotland actually are like. Cunt.
  2. Spliffy

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Gerrard said he was the stand out performer during pre season before the injury. Call it blind optimism, but I think he will get over his injuries. It's based in hope more than anything else, just feel he will get there in the end for us.
  3. Spliffy

    An anthem for Stevie G?

  4. Spliffy

    2 games, 2 reds

    For what it's worth, today was probably a red. BUT, if it wasn't a Rangers player I don't think the ref sends him off. That's the problem.
  5. Spliffy

    2 games, 2 reds

    5 games in Europe, 0 reds. 2 games in Scotland, 2 reds.
  6. Spliffy

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Halliday in at LB for the logic that he is the only one available for Thursday and he will need a bit of game time. Would be mad to go changing everything when it's working so well. Bring Barisic on at some point though of course. Would play Kent at LW for work rate and tracking back to help Halliday when needed. Jack out so McCrorie or Ejaria. Would go with McCrorie to start and if we need a bit of creativity bring Ejaria on. Rest of the team picks itself currently.
  7. Hokey cokey being sectarian.
  8. Spliffy

    Cardoso off?

    Crazy considering our lack of options and the Kean Bryan deal falling through.
  9. Spliffy

    Kyle Lafferty

    He has proved himself and achieved more in a Rangers jersey than every player at the club right now bar McGregor. I don't believe he was a failure, he was part of the team that won 3 in a row and the cups that came with it. I think it was his price tag that made us expect more from him at quite a young age. Boyd and Miller were the top strikers during most of his time, and they were a lethal combination so he was put out wide.
  10. Spliffy

    Kyle Lafferty

    He's proven at this level, windass could be for the off, and say we have to go to parkhead without Morelos or Sadiq. What youth player is it going to be to lead the line? He's far from what we NEED, but if we're being realistic what we need we can't afford. Lafferty for a relatively cheap sum and as back up to or even partner Morelos could be shrewd business. He's improved since first time round. We need options up front, and if Ryan Hardie can't break through I don't see any other striker from Auchenhowie doing it. Just to be clear, I don't particularly want him here, I just can't see us going out and spending the money required for proper quality, this season.
  11. Spliffy

    Kyle Lafferty

    Far from Lafferty's biggest fan first time round, but with hindsight I think two things really did not help him. 1) He cost us near enough 4 million quid, not his fault for the price tag but we were expecting far better. Also, often played on the wing so again not his fault. 2) The feigned headbutt against Aberdeen. It was embarrassing for a Rangers player to do that. 100% his fault. If he's cheap (500k max.) then I'd take him. We need strikers and Sadiq is not our player anyway. Sad realism, if we don't have serious money it's probably as good as we can get.
  12. Spliffy

    How did Kenny Dalglish and Danny McGrain do it?

    We've got to be honest with ourselves and say it was ultimately our fault. Too concerned about size rather than ability with Dalglish and a dubious name for McGrain. No point beating around the bush, Jock Stein revolutionised them while our system became antiquated and stifled us. It's because of Jock Stein that there is even a question/arguement about the stature of the two clubs. His period in charge gets them in the same breath as us, this last few years has given them a target to challenge our position. The Old Firm has been an ill divided relationship. We have helped them far more than the other way round. If we decided to offer contracts to the best Scottish Catholic players way back when, we would have constantly dominated. But not for the first time in history, Rangers put the perceived greater good of the Scottish game before its own potential.
  13. Spliffy

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    Am pished, but the saddest reality is that Griffiths is third choice for the scum yet he would be our best forward by an absolute mile. Goldson McGregor and Katic are improvements. Count the medals. No one in this Rangers team have gone out and done it except McGregor. I fear for us if Tav is captain, and we've still got losers in our team. Psychologicaly I just don't see the remnants of past failures bringing us success. We need to be like O'Neil's team if we have any hope. If Kent can play a bit but has a fight in him then it's a good singing. Gerrard won't be like Murty and Warburton in terms of communication and execution, I am sure we will have a Rangers team to be proud of again. Unfortunately, that might be as much as we can ask for at this moment
  14. Tavares is the only one that sticks out for me due to the fact they shouldn't have been playing in the game at all due to being humped 6-1 on aggregate by Legia Warsaw. Was in an empty pub and I celebrated that goal as if it was one of our own. Otherwise, I don't watch them unless they're 3-0 down with 2 minutes to go so can't say for other players that have done them.
  15. Spliffy

    14 Minutes

    Playing for Rangers isn't just about ability, it's mentality also. And if a player shrinks in an environment like last night then they don't have the right mentality to play for us. Unfortunately, there are still too many in the squad like that. Fans pay their money and back the team they are entitled to show frustration when we know they can play better. And when they do start to play, they get rapturous cheers and encouragement from us.