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  1. Same scenario, absolute belters. Would have stock piled them along with VW camper cans and buying early shares in Google/Amazon... 2001/02 Home strip
  2. Paper thin, and never really heals. The microscopic hairs in the cochlea that can't be regrown is the other danger.
  3. He gets fouled in my opinion. That fucking pitch man, huge leveller. Shouldn't be legal in professional football. Don't believe the Kamara foul and booking happens on grass
  4. Fernando's tribute match was the first time in a long time it felt like Rangers again. We're getting there now, but I distinctly remember that day being a reminder of what it should be like. Whatever that means, I thank him for that memory and feeling. We'd been through so much, on field/off the field and the truly abysmal football we had to endure. That day and occasion, with the man himself taking kick off and the gasped silence when he fell, was a complete tumble dryer of emotions. Seeing his ex teammates carrying him round each corner of the famous stadium to applause and admiration of all inside was the first time I felt like we were ourselves again. It's very difficult to articulate, but that Ricksen charity match to me was special. Not only did it simultaneously put our footballing woes into perspective, it also reminded us of what we are as a support and how special a club it is. And no shyster cunt con man, spiv or charlatan could touch that feeling, thank God. They gave him 18 months, he fought like fuck for 6 years. No Surrender Fernando Ricksen
  5. Pre 2012 if I thought we'd get beat we'd usually win and if it looked like we were favourites before hand them we'd usually lose. So I'm taking nothing for granted. They've got a lot of match winners in their team that only need one chance. However, if we play like we did last year at home we should do it. Battle fever intensifying...
  6. This is pretty much spot on. I totally understand the argument that appeasement will end with our enemies only coming back for something else. However, if and when they do, if we can be in a position of strength to defend ourselves then we can fight the charges. It's not the songs they find offensive, it's us, our very existence. They will never stop. What We need is a leg to stand. We can give ourselves that, it's in our hands.
  7. Right now? Thursday? This season? Absolutely fucking not. It is naïve at best to assume that FARcE/UEFA etc will distinguish a difference, and completely retarded to think everyone will sing any new version. Get our house in order is the only option we have. A quote from FF, "we didn't come back from the brink of extinction to let this ruin us." Maybe, MAYBE in years to come if we are whiter than white then a concerted effort can be made on lyric changes. But in all honesty, it's almost certainly best, and easiest, to leave these songs/chants/add ons in the past. It does us no good whatsoever.
  8. Ultimately, equality and acceptance of all people is what 99.9% of all humans believe in. It's the force fed totalitarianism of it all that can grate on us, and the bandwagon-ing of those with agendas. Two rules: Treat others as you would like to be treated and sticks and stones may break bones. A simple message that modern society is making a mockery of. Back to Rangers though, second and third paragraph nail it. Rightly or wrongly the world has changed and to survive you must change with it. We haven't compromised or changed anything, we've been for everyone and anyone for a very long time. Why not lead from the front and do more than pay lip service? Fits with our pioneering heritage. Would be good if more on here could see the bigger picture in this regard.
  9. Inclined to agree, I thought about mentioning the scum games, but they weren't the reason we won nothing last year. And if he isn't starting in the other fixtures, he won't be in contention nevermind match fit for a match against the vhermin.
  10. Think he'll only be particularly missed if we make the group stages. A big part in the stupid draws and Scottish cup exit last year, he doesn't have the consistency or compusure for when we're playing against the 10 men behind the ball/clogger shite in Scotland. Gave his all which is all we ask, goes with best wishes.
  11. His all round play has improved year on year, and he has certainly grown into the captain's role which, for me, did not come naturally to him. It says a lot about his attitude and professionalism that he has come so far in his time here. The number of naysayers (myself included at one point) has reduced gradually and will continue to shrink further as they realise how important he is to us.
  12. If this was just a loan deal we'd be delighted. How does an option to buy benefit us?? Really not happy with this.
  13. FF saying the tweet with Hertz badge is bullshit apparently. Along the lines of if it was real, you'd be able to find it online re court proceedings etc. There's been a lot of good work being done to spread the message of what the victims are being put through and how the scum have continually tried to cover it up. However, I can't help but feel like there needs to be someone completely removed from it all to get the message REALLY out there. For example, I've been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan podcasts lately. Guests on his shows usually tangent onto the topic of evil/paedophillia and how corrupt people in power often cover it up i.e. the catholic church. Like normal, decent human beings they are disgusted and don't hold back on the evil truth about these organisations. Would it be beyond the realms of possibility to bring this paedophile ring to his or someone similar attention? It's a huge story, bigger than Penn state and sandusky, and nobody outside of a few football forums know about it! Four decades minimum, and dare I say the only club to ever rehire a known paedo?! It's bizarre, and utterly reprehensible! Why isn't there international investigation and coverage? Messaging the sponsors, elected officials, governing bodies et all is good and necessary, but imagine thinking outside the box? Someone totally removed and with a huge following. Is it possible?
  14. Still can't quite describe how that night felt, 11 years on. It was more than just joy.
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