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  1. The teams who do it against us in Scotland are familiar with it as a tactic and employ it often, I don't think Rapid will be as suited as the hoofball merchants are. Also, Rapid don't hate us in the way these teams do, it's more than just points up for grabs in Scotland. If they plan to sit in, at home, I just feel it might not work for them. We nick a goal, they'll have to come out and we should pick them off on the counter. If they attack us and score then they'll worry about parking the bus
  2. I'm confident we can do it, no pressure on the players as they've already over achieved massively and the fact that Rapid only need a draw may work for us mentally over them. Still think we'll keep it reasonably tight though, but if we can nick any sort of goal then it will get very interesting.
  3. Spliffy

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    What is the justification for playing that ugly inbred looking fucking spastic Flanagan!?
  4. Spliffy

    Team of warriors

    This result just would not happen under the previous managers. A team to be proud of again, and one that's worthy of our undying support
  5. He's not that type of player, but we can't complain about the red. It was daft and really gave the referee little option
  6. Spliffy

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Fucking fantastic!!!
  7. Spliffy

    Unicef card display today

    Light blue on white? What was expected?
  8. Spliffy

    Wee mans first game - Tradition

    'Original' a better word maybe, but yes of course. Only the big teams have gates i.e. Us and Liverpool.
  9. Spliffy

    Wee mans first game - Tradition

    Program along with the scarf, and pictures at the gates as well
  10. Spliffy


    On a bus the now, stinks of dirty catholic weans
  11. Spliffy


  12. Spliffy

    Anyone remember this?

    Came with a pre ordered home top if I remember right? Still got mine regardless. Social media has made events/landmarks more known, but devalues true feats of greatness by putting them alongside everything else. This would be worldwide these days, back then it was justwe were the first to get 50. Hard to articulate but I hope someone gets what I mean.
  13. Spliffy

    Chris Woods penalty

    In all seriousness, it wasn't a stunt to be proud of. However, as already said, if it was some arsehole team from our own league then by all means wire in!
  14. Gutted, was there for the taking. 2-4 at half time though and I don't think we collapse like that, irrelevant now however. Just beat Motherwell on Sunday.