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  1. Spliffy

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    He was a poor manager, it came to the point in the second division season I actually couldn't watch us anymore and we went undefeated in the league that year. I'm just stating that everything that went on just takes him out of fair comparison. He went from having a squad of seasoned champions to having to build something of his own, which he was clearly not capable of doing. That wasn't his fault, and ultimately not what he should've had to do as a Rangers manager.
  2. Spliffy

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    And it was our fault. In general, footballers aren't like fans, they love the game more than the clubs, especially in those days. Its easy for us to apply the logic that "if celtic are in for me then someone half decent will be" but none of us have ever been good enough to have that choice. There are far worse out there than Dalglish, and the reason he played for them is because of our own failings as a club at the time i.e. "He's too wee, he'll no make it." If you can't acknowledge he was a great player for Scotland and Liverpool while being a vocal supporter for the victims at Hillsborough at the very start then you are as bitter and ruined as the Joe O'Rourkes and Mad Phil's of this world.
  3. Spliffy

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    We could've had Dalglish but rejected him, you do know this?
  4. Spliffy

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    I don't disagree with that, and it's correct that he had more resources around him. But, it's incredibly easy for us to say and I think there needs to be a bit of balance with regards to his tenure. It was awful football with no forward vision. But ultimately, he did what he was paid to do which was to get us out of those divisions, save the horror of the first championship season. It was the worst time in our history and it was when there was still so much uncertainty band Green was in charge and everything else! We weren't a football team then, McCoists team can't be fairly compared to those before him and those who came after
  5. Spliffy

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    When McLeish asked for Walter's advice the response was "Win. Just win." McLeish came from SAF class room and the one time successful Aberdeen era. All things considered, he did a good job for us. As time passes, it becomes clearer that McCoists tenure was doomed as soon as Craig Whyte walked in the door. We will never truly understand what it was like to get a team to play during those days. To go from having the team he inherited, to what he had to build is rarely taken into account. This is not me defending McCoist the manager. My own personal opinion is that he inherited all of Walter's bad traits and none of the good ones. My point is that McCoists time as Rangers manager is incomparable to anything else in our history and hopefully ever again for us. Warburton didn't have a "just win" mentality. He was an idealist and a salesman. His experience with Jock Wallace shows he didn't have the stones for the Rangers job. Such was his love for the purism of "attractive football" he probably thought he was better than Walter because of his chosen style and nothing else. I wish Warburton no harm mainly due to the fact he gave us our pride back initially and we are still benefiting in some ways from his time here. Ultimately though, the job was far too big for him. Caixinha was a clown and how the fuck he ever got the job I will never know. So much could be said about Murtys time, but I will leave it to he should never have been thrown in in the first place. Again, a footballing nobody taking charge of one of the hardest jobs in European football? A wet blanket leading the famous and defiant Glasgow Rangers? It was obvious what was going to happen. With only my gut feeling to back me up, I think Walter's words will not be wasted on Gerrard. "Just win" will make perfect sense to him. He's not here to sell a brand of football or be everyone's mate. He's here to WIN. We have been missing a man of real stature and respect since Smith left, and Gerrard has that same...aura. He ticks all the boxes except experience, and I believe he will GENUINELY want to bend Walter's ear, as opposed to Warburton who thought it would probably be a good PR gesture to the Rangers support.
  6. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

    His first season he was just starting to click and then got another injury. As you say he was definitely a good enough servant off the pitch, just a shame we got him in his twilight years after too many injuries
  7. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Always slightly...impressed how quick people are to edit the wiki pages. Knew there would be something changed, and lo and behold. I do not condone or endorse the edits...
  8. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

  9. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

    "Cos two out of three, ain't bad"
  10. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Bright side however, welcome to Rangers Niko Katic!
  11. Spliffy

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Hope to fuck it's just a necessity thing for Hummel and 32Red to be included in shots like that, so that it's just a made up t-shirt ir a training kit. Really not great if it is indeed the new kit.
  12. Spliffy

    GERRARD, THE NEXT 3 SEASONS - What would you take?

    Give us a team to be proud of this season, and if we don't win the league (in all likelihood) knocking them out of one of the cups has to happen. Don't even have to win, just stop the prospect of treble treble. Sad, but that's where we're at. Second season a serious, genuine title challenge and effort to stop the 9.
  13. Spliffy

    New laws 'not needed' on football behaviour

    Absolutely, the nationalist have no real political convictions other than an independent Scotland. So, they are free to bandwagon anything and support the politically active peoples who will also buy into the break up of the United Kingdom. I used to fear that independence was only matter of time, but since the referendum they've shown themselves as being far more anti English/UK and in bed with plastic paddy republicans than anything pro Scotland, and it's galvanized unionists and swayed the sane undecided people.
  14. Spliffy

    New laws 'not needed' on football behaviour

    I have no problem with scum fans singing their songs/chants whatsoever, so long as we can sing and chant our own full throttle back at them without fear of getting lifted. However, that is not the case so we have to fight this dirty, pathetic fight. In this day and age, you can go to jail for singing a song or saying unsavoury words. Where is the tolerance, progression and free speech in that? The scum opened Pandora's Box when they started this campaign years ago.
  15. Spliffy

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    He only hates us cos McCoist gave him a fat lip