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  1. His all round play has improved year on year, and he has certainly grown into the captain's role which, for me, did not come naturally to him. It says a lot about his attitude and professionalism that he has come so far in his time here. The number of naysayers (myself included at one point) has reduced gradually and will continue to shrink further as they realise how important he is to us.
  2. If this was just a loan deal we'd be delighted. How does an option to buy benefit us?? Really not happy with this.
  3. FF saying the tweet with Hertz badge is bullshit apparently. Along the lines of if it was real, you'd be able to find it online re court proceedings etc. There's been a lot of good work being done to spread the message of what the victims are being put through and how the scum have continually tried to cover it up. However, I can't help but feel like there needs to be someone completely removed from it all to get the message REALLY out there. For example, I've been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan podcasts lately. Guests on his shows usually tangent onto the topic of evil/paedophillia and how corrupt people in power often cover it up i.e. the catholic church. Like normal, decent human beings they are disgusted and don't hold back on the evil truth about these organisations. Would it be beyond the realms of possibility to bring this paedophile ring to his or someone similar attention? It's a huge story, bigger than Penn state and sandusky, and nobody outside of a few football forums know about it! Four decades minimum, and dare I say the only club to ever rehire a known paedo?! It's bizarre, and utterly reprehensible! Why isn't there international investigation and coverage? Messaging the sponsors, elected officials, governing bodies et all is good and necessary, but imagine thinking outside the box? Someone totally removed and with a huge following. Is it possible?
  4. Still can't quite describe how that night felt, 11 years on. It was more than just joy.
  5. Any we did lose weren't worth keeping. I believe the young team now will be the foundation for a new era of hardcore fans. There may be less due to the EPL influence or our lack of success, but they've been with us through these years of horror and when we do get back on top, they will never take success for granted. They've seen the hatred for us and the corruption in all the infested organisations. They then won't allow their young ones to idly support some other team from England or worse, the tarriers just cos their wee pal does or whatever reason. I hope and pray the divisions in our support leaves with the older generation, because the young team are galvanised. Nobody likes them, they don't care.
  6. Was amazing but unfortunately bittersweet with the joke display in the final and them getting shot of dial a bus for Rodgers.
  7. If circumstances hadn't been so, then Jelavic. Got probably a third of his true worth at the time as well.
  8. The anger I'm feeling here is different to the latest shit results. How the fuck can McCrorie not get in that team?! It's an anger that comes from today possibly proving that Gerrard is not the man to lead us. And it's fucking horrible.
  9. Wirral, honest to fuck. Hard enough to score against Kilmarnock. Fucking muppet
  10. Gave us our respect back initially, and after years of truly, God-awful, unwatchable turgid "football" I think we were all ecstatic to see us playing some really good and entertaining stuff. But then, everyone got wise and Warburton didn't. The semi final was magnificent but in hindsight might well have been the worst thing to happen with them splashing out for Rodgers and us believing we were better than we were. The cup final was just a fucking bad joke. Kiernan basically allowed that rhancid cunt stokes to walk the ball into the net. Halliday screamer counting for nothing added to the pain, and basically negating the amazing win over them. I knew pretty much from kick off we wouldn't win, because of how other teams had sussed Warburton out and that we couldn't adapt. However, he did win the challenge cup which if we went up without winning would have been very embarrassing. Just another example of how bad we were under McCoist. The departure was messy but don't hold any ill feeling towards him and Weir. We have enough enemies and people who wish and work to harm us to worry about than hold grudges against men who tried but ultimately weren't up to the task.
  11. Would be greatly appreciated if you found it and posted it here... I've had a quick search but think it's too early yet, though admittedly I have no idea where to look.
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