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  1. West Ham (London Stadium)

    love winston reid...but thats about it all
  2. i rekon i could do the job better than postecoglu. just no please ...no no no no no
  3. Derek McInnes

    sorry but mcinnes was shown up big time, tactically inept not what we need going forward
  4. The Rugby thread

    my all blacks are awesome, the teams they put up in this end of season tour are scary but no where near there first team starting side. put ben smith, milner skudder, brodie retallick, dane coles, jordie barret, joe moody, owen franks back into the mixer & wtf
  5. Scotland 53 Australia 24

    nothing almost nothing thrills me more as a new zealander/scot than scotland walloping the aussies in rugby & yes cheika is a dingus of the highest order
  6. Denis Law

    was my hero growing up as a young fela, that goal salute , woulda loved him even more if poss with a gers shirt on him
  7. Ange Pestecoglou

    no no no no no
  8. Rumours of Brunt and McArthur

    id give anya a go- but not for lots $$
  9. GVB

    karanka ? reasonable stats, would need help with attack = murty as assisst
  10. Ange Pestecoglou

    no no no no no - ange is a dingus
  11. ***Suggestion Thread***

    phone thomas see whats up
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    what about thomas tuchel ?
  13. ***Suggestion Thread***

    good one - as long as he bought some beef , which i think he would
  14. ***Suggestion Thread***

    has anyone thought to pick up the phone & ring allardyce, see what hes up too >
  15. My first Rangers game

    been to ibrox a few times...living in new zealand no easy feat...but the first time i went with the wife & our 3 sons(2011) honestly there were tears in my eyes, a life changing thing