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  1. donnymac

    Belfast boxer

    Writing in Wednesday’s News Letter, Mr Allister says he strongly believes that if Catholics were receiving the treatment Crocker experienced, then the “matter would have been dealt with before now”. This !!
  2. donnymac

    Pick one "derby" in world football.

    The luc v so doesn't have the same "intensity" as the mighty naenae v Wainui fixture 😙
  3. donnymac

    Pick one "derby" in world football.

    Out here in lower hutt, new Zealand = the mighty naenae v Wainui 😎🤔😣😲🤤🤕🤕
  4. donnymac


    Ok so I'm a dingus...just seem to have read/seen something recently that dumbelly can play this game ....glad yous put me right ....that's all I wanted to no....cause with out him we got a real good shot at winning this & that is what I want more than anything just now
  5. donnymac


    Ok good thanks...hard for me to no these things in new Zealand...happy he won't be playing...gives us a way better shot at them .. get stuck into them & put the fever on
  6. donnymac


    So i hear moussa dumbelly been sold to lyon...does that rule him out of playing against us ? Excuse my ignorance
  7. donnymac

    Gerrard from Day One

    The only downer & its really picky...it's them Brown winkle pickers ...get them to fek
  8. donnymac

    The Debate

    I really think Rangers can get the result here - on ya wise 😉 gone write off Ian tho
  9. donnymac

    Who are you signing for?

    Disappointed that Rangers & Torquay United not on the list 😉
  10. donnymac

    Who are you signing for?

    40 m to Leeds - would score for fun there 😁
  11. donnymac

    NK Maribor Vs Rangers - Video

    Quality ...thanks
  12. donnymac

    Superb Result

    There's optimism in the air.
  13. donnymac

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    mines on the prso wall
  14. donnymac

    Dave king statement

    im with king on this - should be pushed to the max
  15. donnymac

    Next three matches

    if these players cannot get up for these 3 games & show something, like pro footy players should, then they should ALL be shown the door & hang there heads in shame. If it were up to me i would also dock they wages & thank them for consistently not trying & letting our awesome fans down !!!!