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  1. bluebear24

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Looks done to me
  2. bluebear24

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Bunch of useless fucking pricks
  3. bluebear24

    Most important OF game for decades

    Mate I get it. Come half 1 my mind set will probably of changed but fuck me it's hard work some times
  4. bluebear24

    Most important OF game for decades

    I'm working today, that along with the fact I just haven't been able to get myself hyped up for the game, means that I don't even think I'll bother trying to hide in a corner watching it on my phone. Migjt just turn it off and hope for the result to go our way. I jus5 feel completely flat about the whole season tbh
  5. bluebear24

    *** The Official Rangers vs Inverness Match Thread ***

    I'm home for the new year and got tickets for this first game I've managed to get to in years. Joys of living in Wiltshire and having to waste my Saturdays working. Can't describe the excitement. Would love a decent win
  6. Highlights anyone?? Was at work couldnt get a stream
  7. bluebear24

    **** The Official Airdrie V Rangers Thread ****

    Whats the score missed the first half. How we playing
  8. bluebear24

    *** Scottish Championship Thread ***

    No a prick for sticking up for those mini taig bastards. He voiced his opinion on his first post. Then again and again and again. Dirty bastard he is I hope he feels like he has rolled in shit tbh but that's just my opinion
  9. bluebear24

    *** Scottish Championship Thread ***

    You sir are a prick.
  10. bluebear24

    *** The Official Rangers V St Mirren Match Thread ***

    I've got family coming down tomorrow night. I have swiftly pre warned them to leave me the fuck alone until I have watched the game. I'm fucking buzzing. Wish I could be at ibrox for it
  11. bluebear24

    *** The Official Rangers V Peterhead Match Thread ***

    I had 10 on -3 Asian didn't see the match but 12 shots on target last time I looked sou ds like a cracker of a game
  12. bluebear24

    *** The Official Rangers V Peterhead Match Thread ***

    Asian mate buzzing for today. Might miss game as I'm working though
  13. bluebear24

    *** The Official Rangers V Peterhead Match Thread ***

    I got us at -3 tomorrow 4-1 bet 365
  14. Just managed to catch last half hour of the 2nd half some great goals and better football today by the looks of it. One happy bear