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  1. And they are allowed to change their mind.......
  2. I've been fucking gardening all day what have I missed... just a quick update would be great
  3. How the fuck did we turn that arround. Turned off at 2-0 and something said just turn it back fucking on... Best decision I've made
  4. Allready got headlines about the hand motion as he was coming off. Obsessed fucking cunts. Fucking result today and the boy runs through walls for us
  5. I'm home for the new year and got tickets for this first game I've managed to get to in years. Joys of living in Wiltshire and having to waste my Saturdays working. Can't describe the excitement. Would love a decent win
  6. Whats the score missed the first half. How we playing
  7. No a prick for sticking up for those mini taig bastards. He voiced his opinion on his first post. Then again and again and again. Dirty bastard he is I hope he feels like he has rolled in shit tbh but that's just my opinion
  8. I've got family coming down tomorrow night. I have swiftly pre warned them to leave me the fuck alone until I have watched the game. I'm fucking buzzing. Wish I could be at ibrox for it
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