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  1. Second leg confirmed as 645 KO on Tuesday 4th
  2. The only positive is that the sheep, hearts and tims all have to come to ibrox after the split so second is still a possibility.
  3. Thats the emails for hamilton out.
  4. Got one Happy Days!!! First game ive got since the tarriers!
  5. my ticket is now at royal mails sorting office! £7 for postage and I need to go pick it up you couldn't make it up!
  6. DIdnt know the caley game had got moved to a 1230 ko on Xmas eve
  7. Hamilton away now 745 Fri 16th December
  8. I seen one spare yesterday and they guys hand was barely in the air and it was away. Think the sheep will be worse as we only got around 2000 tickets
  9. Finally got a game through CCCS
  10. two bob sliders
  11. that's handy to know hopefully they let folk in
  12. other way round row ac is the very back
  13. No email for me. They better have signed me up for away games.
  14. Draws just been made U20's are at home to Stirling Uni
  15. appears so