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  1. New Puma kit

    Bet Lynch loyal!
  2. New Puma kit

    Defo real - after I posted this I took a notion & bought one on ebay
  3. New Puma kit

    Holy thread resurrection! For posterity, this is what I was on aboot; the magnificent Zanzibar strip complete with leopard print name & number on the back (Freddie Mercury didn't play for them, but was born there - they seem to like that fact)
  4. ^This. Whether or not it should be perfectly legal to openly critisize what, as many would see as the most corrupt & duplicitous corporation the world has ever seen is not the issue - the fact remains that in certain circumstances (i.e. at the fitbaw) it remains as such & the powers that be will be perfectly happy to line up at our door & remind us of that fact. And the mhedia will be more than happy to report on it & portray us as hate-filled bigots as a consequence. Let's deny them the opportunity to have a free kick at us, they've been given plenty over the last year & now we really need to pull together to move forward, in all senses of the word - any bheasts looking in on this thread will be creaming themselves over all the in-fighting, divide & conquer...
  5. I know it's an emotive subject for some, but Charles is right - the media, the Internet bheasts & plenty other bastards are lining up to stick the boot in & as it stands, some of the songs are giving these fuckers the ammunition they're craving. I'm a great advocate of freedom of speech, but the time & place for protesting against perceived censorship isn't, I believe, at our games - that's what these people want, it's playing right into their hands - they've campaigned long & hard to villify these songs & those singing them, so singing "offensive" songs at games is only going to damage the club & get people a weekender & and a court appearance for their touble. If folk want to sing certain songs they know certain people will use as a stick to beat us with, do it on the bus to the game, do it in the pub before & after the game - arrange a demonstration in the middle of George Square & sing them as a protest against constraints on freedom of speech - that's fine - it won't harm the club, but continuing to belt out the old songbook when people are using it as a weapon against us, is doing the Club absolutely no favours whatsoever - certain attitudes need to change, harsh fact of modern football but there you are...
  6. SPL Commision - £250K fine to oldco, no titles lost

    As others have suggested, I can see them hitting us with some bullshit trumped-up administration-error charge & a resultant fine to plug the hole in their finances (even if we appeal it, wouldn't it still show up on their balance sheet until the appeal was decided?) Out of interest - does anyone know where auld Nimmo stays? If so pop round & see if he's got a joiner sticking plywood over his windows, that'll give us a clue...
  7. 24,242 At this rate it should hit 100k before Christmas
  8. *** Official Clyde v Rangers Match Thread - Sun 28 Oct ***

    I'm in work watching it on Sky Go - is it my stream, or has the cameraman got vaseline on his lens for that "soft focus" effect... or have I suddenly developed glaucoma?
  9. ***The Official Rangers v Motherwell Thread***

    Best £15 I've spent in a loooooong time - atmosphere was amazing!
  10. New Puma kit

    http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&client=ms-android-vf-gb&gl=uk&biw=320&bih=480&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=zanzibar+football+shirt&oq=zanzibar+football+&gs_l=mobile-gws-serp.1.0.0j0i24l4.12424.20063.0.22891. Zanzibarian for me on phone - hope link works!
  11. License Granted?

    Damn straight it is - the only thing remaining to be seen is who blinks first... the wankers in charge of the SFA/SPL (& to a lesser extent the SFL) should be aware of this, it's their fucking jobs to predict the impact of situations like this on the wider game in Scotland, they have the balance sheets in front of them & will know full well the likely ramifications if we're suddenly removed from the equation. Fuck them all, they've made a bigger cunt of this whole situation than I ever thought possible, seriously - when we return to the SPL I hope not a single Rangers fan passes through the turnstiles of ANY of the clubs who've managed to survive this shitstorm, even the bheggars - we'll call it "sporting integrity" & refuse to visit their Penn-State-piggery until they make a full public apology for past crimes against children & rescind all competitive matches played during the years these atrocities were committed. If anything, instead of knocking our spirits, this constant stream of petty bullshit aimed at us has only served to make the fans more determined to push the team back to the top where we belong. /rant
  12. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    I reckon we'll be fine - you make no mention of the fact we won't be paying arseholes like Lafferty & Whittaker, to name but two of those who've fucked us over, the best part of £50k a week either. 18-20k season tickets I think is slightly low an estimate - for every glory hunting "supporter" i've heard say they won't be back, i've heard 2 say they'll be buying tickets now. Not to say we won't have a reduced income, however what we will have are massively reduced outgoings in the form of wages - the remainder of the first team, bye & large are not the high earners we used to have - them combined with a shrewd aquisition or 3 combined with those graduating from Auchenhowie should be the backbone of a decent team & hopefully by the time we're back up the leagues, some of those will have matured into fantastic players. what's that saying we all love... thingmy... starts with the word "No"...
  13. SFL vote Rangers into Division Three

    Can see a big cash carrot on a stick being waved in front of the SFL1 clubs to join SPL2, as it'll be less of a hit to the SPL coffers than having to bail out half the teams currently in the SPL when they fold! Hopefully they'll tell them to GTF & slowly, one by one - the SPL will crumble & fall into place neatly behind us at the bottom of SFL3, all in the interests of sporting integrity of course... Hats off to the chairmen of the SFL clubs for not bowing to those corrupt bastards that run the SPL, if the dug shites in your stadium i'll promise to pick it up...
  14. Walter Smith to try and buy Rangers

    Hopefully it won't come to this however it is a valid option - fuck, if Green refuses to step aside after hearing this news i'll go & remove him myself, shortly before I cast a statue of Sir Watty & erect it outside Ibrox myself!
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Haha - took me a minute to spot him