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  1. Away and take your face for a shite
  2. Time for bomber brown to step up.
  3. Some player. Goal against Parma was amazing as they were some team. As someone else mentioned he also knocked out lambert's front teeth which was a bonus.
  4. The standard is rank and most half decent amateur teams would beat the Scotland womans team. The goalkeeping is so bad it's funny.
  5. She looks like an oompa loompa from Charlie and the chocolate factory
  6. Had one of these and was in cracking nick. Used to wear it to 5's. Was convinced it was at my mums but cleared out my old shite a while ago and it wasnt there. Gutted.
  7. He's just a fat mess of a man.
  8. Think he needs to revert to the normal formation. Having Arfield so high up isn't working. Barasic doing better but just wish he would be a bit more positive at times.
  9. If we get an early goal we will cruise it. If not, it'll be an edgy game
  10. Out for lunch with the youngest. Keep hitting refresh on here every 2 mins.
  11. Looks like a turbo catholic. Eyes far too close together. He was a fucking honking player as well.
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