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  1. Just saw him in the Spar buying tequila and cheese and onion pringles.
  2. Used to sign To Maderia for buttons every time.
  3. I've not seen much of him but they wanted him dropped earlier in the season as said he was poor. Hopefully I'm wrong but at the minute I don't think he's good enough but I would like to be proven wrong if he signs
  4. I'm not overly excited by this. I live in aberdeen and work with a few sheep shaggers. They were moaning like fuck earlier in the season that he was only getting a game because he was captain although I haven't seen much of him myself.
  5. He's not good enough for centre midfield but surprised he's not been played at left back a few times as I think he could do a job there
  6. Did club europe a few weeks ago and would recommend. Food was fine enough and once the mad rush at the bar calmed down it was quick getting drinks. Only thing that was shite was it was a struggle to get a seat and I heard a few people complaining.
  7. Do the fans sit together for this?
  8. Just got a ticket. Buzzing.
  9. Yeah, that's the one. Pretty sure he played with the national team against Germany midweek with ozil, muller etc. playing then played against us on the Sunday night.
  10. Used to play against a Faroese national player at 7's. He was quality and played for forfar for a while. Studied in aberdeen I think.
  11. Can't believe no one has mentioned ally maxwell!
  12. Scott Wilson
  13. Neil Mccann? Signed during big spending days and never expected much but he was class at times.
  14. There were times today when we were trying to keep possession I'm the full back areas and it was far too tight. I'm all about keeping the ball but at certain times it has to go long.