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  1. Van Bronkhorst. Thought he was on a different level when he played for us.
  2. Ko Tao in Thailand. Watched us versus the tims. Can't remember the score but think we got beat. Must have been in late 2006 early 2007.
  3. He was quick, strong and had some lect foot. Injuries fucked him at Leeds. He hardly got any Scotland caps as well if I remember. Pretty sure the mong who is tim boyd played. Ridiculous when you think about it
  4. Thought this was a thread about him being dead. Disappointed now.
  5. I personally think hes been the best lb I've seen play for Rangers and that includes Numan.
  6. I think we will struggle to sell him for the money we want. We will be lucky to get 12 million and that is the absolute maximum. Pretty sure he will be here next season by default
  7. Jack was honking today and has been for a while. Although Worral should have done a lot better at the first goal the pass from candeias was absolute shite.
  8. Good finish. I'd still make changes. Get Kamara on for mcrorie
  9. Hes been absolute dog shite the last couple of games
  10. Kenny Miller with his wife as first team coach
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