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  1. Fair enough but just seems like a massive overreaction half the time. He might not be good enough but he's young so needs a chance. If he came through our youth system everyone would be creaming themselves
  2. His missus is tidy so he could be shite for all I care
  3. Its embarrassing. Write off a young lad after 45 mins. He might be shite but give him a chance.
  4. You cant write players off when they are playing their first game in a below full strength team. They might not work out but give them a chance ffs
  5. Vicar riseth was fucking atrocious as well. I was going to say Stephane mahe as he was mentioned above. Used to run around like a mongol acting like a hard man and was just really shit .
  6. Played the old course the other day for the first time. Great experience but the course is a lot shorter than I thought it would be. We got a perfect day for it with only a small breeze. Would recommend it for the experience but I have definitely played better courses.
  7. He was given an extended break so will join up with the rest of the squad in 7 - 10 days.
  8. I was going to say exactly this. At one point he was under zero pressure and had loads of time. I thought he'd control it and play a pass. He blootered it as hard as he could straight up in the air. He's very average for the money they want. If we offered 5m for him I'd be raging.
  9. Classic football shirts. They always seem to have a good stock.
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