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  1. Hilton park is pretty good from memory. A few years ago since I played it mind you.
  2. Credit where it's due. 2 promising signings on paper. A decent midfielder and I'll be happy.
  3. Same. I live up here and the gurning was unreal. Had to keep my mouth shut a few times
  4. Which one are you? Bird back right (left facing camera) is no bad.
  5. Guaranteed they score from a set piece in 89th minute
  6. With 5 subs as well teams will change things a lot quicker
  7. Game is for the taking. Need killer instinct and it'll be 3.0. They are shite but will get a chance at some point
  8. I've struggled to watch any football since lockdown. Just scored. Yeee ha!!!!
  9. Not really sure what people are expecting just now. Go out and splash 15 million when our income is unknown and we are in the middle of a global pandemic? I would love a few new signings but the money has to be right and available. Morelos will go but it will be a drawn out process to try and get the most money. Until we get cash in I can't see us spending much
  10. I'm really wanting to get back into it as used to be quite handy back in the day but having 2 young'ish kids has put it on the back burner and probably a bit late now given we are well into july. What is putting me off is the initial outlay. I still have my clubs but reckon I'd need a new set of irons and a driver. That with along with a membership in the region of 600 a year means I'd be shelling out a fair bit of cash. Got a wknd withates at dalmahoy in august but will more be about the drinking than the golf.
  11. Ryan fraser will be wanting close to 100k a week as he will be a free agent. No way are those cunts signing him.
  12. Bournemouth prob got their highest attendance of the year
  13. 20 million for morelos would be good business but for 15 million I would keep him. If he's motivated and fit then we wont be able to sign a better replacement. Never seen Toney play but a massive risk for the money quoted and the level he's played at.
  14. He's a liability and utter shite. Never seen they hype in him at all
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