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  1. Mcauley was injured for long spells and was pretty pish in all honesty. He looked like he was towing 3 caravans whenever he ran. Why sign someone for 6 months when it would take him 2 months to get fit and we have 3 players who can cover that position. Squad is bloated enough as it is.
  2. Match fitness you tool. It's fine doing a few laps and a bit of training here and there but if you haven't played any games in over 6 months then I'd say he'll not be match fit. Give Kris Boyd a shout as 3rd choice striker as well.
  3. You drunk? Sign someone who hasn't played a game this season and is 35. You are surely taking the piss?
  4. Calm doon Jim Spence
  5. Pretty sure he was at Aberdeen as a youngster and they released him
  6. Andy Dibble as well for some reason. He was only on loan I think.
  7. I thought Cleland was a good player. Gary Bollan was fucking terrible though.
  8. Could try Foderingham at CF while we are at it as he's tall so would win everything in the air.
  9. I'm driving him back to liverpool tomorrow. Picking him up at 09.30.
  10. As long as we shoehorn Herrera in then I'm fine with this.
  11. Does the £36 include sauce on your roll or do you need to pay extra for sachets?
  12. He's put on weight as well since his last fight. Cant see him lasting much longer tbh
  13. Just saw whyte on sky. Sounded like he's been punched a few times too much
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