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  1. A huge Thank you to Rangers

    Yeah bud it's a fox's head and aye you see it EVERYWHERE lol
  2. A huge Thank you to Rangers

    Yeah mate I used to be on 12 for a bit - few good bears in amongst them too so I'm sure they will be thrilled
  3. A huge Thank you to Rangers

    Really great gesture and I'm sure it will give the lads a boost. It's 12 (b)sqn though, not 21.
  4. The Restoration of Mr.Struth's Stone.

  5. TBB Poll: Who thinks what?

    Would love to hear this brought back. Even if we need to change the lyrics slightly, the overall effect would be the same. There is nothing like it, sends shivers up my spine having the whole stadium chanting in unison. After the parma champions league qualifier some years ago I couldn't hear properly for a couple days!
  6. What's ur first ever Rangers game?

    October 92 the old man took me and my bro to ibrox for the first time. 7 years old and watched super score a double in each half as we gubbed falkirk 4-0. Will never forget it!!
  7. C.Reyna

    Terrible news
  8. Still support rangers next season?

    Rangers then. Rangers now. Rangers always! Talk of our fanbase shrinking is just more pish spouted by the tims. They are jealous that after all that has happened we should have crumbled but if anything, this has brought us all together and galvanised the support. We are the people!