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  1. Went on to the daily record site to see if there was any more news (I know) absolute nothing dropped like a hot potato makes me fucking laugh when taigs think the whole world is against their club.
  2. A fan base like no other defending cover ups and paedos to think I thought they couldn't sink any lower.
  3. Graham Spiers and many more in the media are trying to deflect simple reason as mcneill said it was an open secret and all the media hacks definitely knew about it so they are just as much in the shit as that club.
  4. Its like a check list If they get beaten badly If beaten use one or more excuse Sectarianism Biased referee Had a off day Atmosphere affect due too less away fans And the list goes on
  5. That performance today said The lisbon liars wont be seeing 9 in a row
  6. Yep cant hack it seems it's only at Ibrox all the little pawns in the media say it should go back.
  7. I just turned the volume down cant be choosy I'm out working
  8. Naaaaaa I'll leave that for my sister
  9. Motherwell fans still talk about that world famous Scottish cup win of 1991 I should know my brother in law never shuts up about it
  10. I would say so as well fucking loved Prso
  11. How fucking dare you put that up absolute shocking fucking behaviour from a fellow Rangers media poster your just awful I don't know how you sleep at night. I mean saying your so cheap using Tesco moblie fuck all wrong with it. 😂
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