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  1. Where do you get the other ones apart from youtube mate
  2. Thought I had time travelled to the year 2012 all those tax expert's on the radio.
  3. The game was played and won by the press up here impending dome had all taigs foaming at the month why do you think separate entity fc has nearly got away with the cover up.
  4. Well I didn't expect that this morning
  5. Boyd was more of a poacher striker Morelos is an all out striker watch his movement, his strength. Hard to compare to strikers over the years just glad he's our striker to enjoy.
  6. That's one thing about us Rangers fans make up some fantastic stuff when shit happens to them
  7. In 2 minds about tonight how to watch cause I'm on nightshift don't know if I should take an 1hr 45 out my night watch it live or record it don't listen to any radio or look at my phone watch it friday morning.
  8. Wonder how many will run to the British embassy will this little beauty.
  9. Makes a banner Sings fuck Lazio in said clubs country Wonders why fan gets stabbed.
  10. Never met a bunch of mongo fans in my life it was only going to end in one way. They honestly walk about in a bubble believing they are loved the world over.
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