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  1. Just a bit of fun end off
  2. Fuck me if I was a footballer I would consistently get injured.
  3. If I'm being honest you will probably see a lot of ex players coming out now saying "I want to come home" I am unsure of this I would Weiss in a second he didn't leave the club in that way
  4. I looked at this quote and thought your Wright.
  5. 7-10 days mate
  6. Put rangers back down to the 3rd div it worked the last time all those people buying season tickets really kept the Scottish game a float
  7. Just hope the players minds are on the game not how long till my holidays
  8. Every time I see that goal I get goosebumps, had a hangover that day but still went to the pub.
  9. Any way I've got to get back to work I will be sure to "warch" my punctuation in the future hahahaha p.s no full stop at the end
  10. I did use the capitalisation of Rangers in the first time I used Rangers excuse for the t in tim auto correct on phone
  11. I know mate to be honest I was sitting waiting to be unloaded, just when I was going to fix it the boy came round with the fork lift I thought fuck it.
  12. Can't say I have ever heard of it. I can tell you this I am on this forum because I care about Rangers, I don't read the scottish papers or look at BBC Scotland for my rangers news I look on this forum to keep up to date with my club. I don't quote my fellow bears telling them to brush up on punctuation if I disagree with a fellow bear I will give them a valid reason, if I know they're a Tim I will tell them what I think but that's your style it's a sad day when our club is in this mess attacks from every where and you pick up on punctuation.
  13. What the fuck is a "warch" list I tell you what you can teach me punctuation and I'll teach you spelling oh and by the way
  14. C'mon.
  15. Fuck sake I sat there for 5 mins typing that