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  1. The Ibrox Trophy Room

    Quality video and a magnificent trophy room. i just think thats amazing for a club thats only 5 years old to have so much history.
  2. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    welcome jason cummings looking forward to the football coming back now.
  3. Wee Nacho

    He said no to the provos
  4. Scummy Evening Times

    But we are the Billy boys
  5. Rangers next manager

    the way this fucking board works it will be Jimmy Nicholl with murty as assistant
  6. Black and Asian managers

    the thing about Black and Asian managers is that if they are good enough they get the job. Many people on this earth think people they deserve a job cause of skin colour, not experience or success.
  7. Lets be real here he will not play again, leave Rangers go to another club, be cured and be worth £50m.
  8. Jake Livermore

    If i was the Stewart i would have dragged the bastard down for a kicking.
  9. Happy New Year Bears Everywhere

    Happy new year too my fellow Bears
  10. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Niko off we've only been screaming for this for 75mins
  11. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Ha quality insult for a forum check my likes
  12. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    No way madden ya cunt a slight brezze that cunt was going down