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  1. It was predominantly us not any other cunt.
  2. Ah well fuck them I'm sure some cunt will be along soon to start the "Won't someone please think of the (add anything you want in this space)"
  3. Next it will be free food gas,electricity
  4. That anonymous Rangers fan could have been a number of cunts that have been posting on here in the last week.
  5. See that's the thing top of the website so this is more newsworthy than Deaths from coronavirus Schools shutting People panic buying Scotland has its priorities
  6. Anything for a bit of virtue signaling for a bit of press Oh please oh please love us
  7. @born a blue nose HAS ENTERED THE GAME
  8. Got a funny feeling "Null and void" will be going into that box where "Whataboutery" lives When its mentioned in the next couple of weeks it will be " nope not allowed to use that saying in scottish football"
  9. Why would you have sympathy for some cunts that tried to kill something you love oh by the way how do you know the hearts staff didn't celebrate Rangers demise you pals with them and the self importance thing is getting under your skin you can call me a cunt all you want doesn't bother me in the slightest. I don't care what your like in the politics section I really don't replied to your comment and you went on the defensive about a club that deserves in my eyes everything that is coming to them Fuck them Maybe get one of your pals to start a go fund me page to get your baws sewn back on.
  10. I never criticised anything you said just said "2012 thats all"cuntish because they tried to kill my club. If anything you criticised my comment with your moral high ground "but think of the little people" I never missed the mark You'll not care what happens to them just be truthful. You'll forget about them in couple of hours. Its wired into you a sense of self importance must comment with a pure answer never a truthful answer. Oh aye Fuck them
  11. another smug cunt with the motto "I'm better than you because I care" You don't care about those workers getting more than the living wage trying to take a moral fucking high ground so you can look down at cunts. You'll not give a fuck if these people lose there jobs you'll move on to the next thing to look smug. Go start a go fund me page if you feel that bad, people lose there jobs every day Never saw you in the politics section greeting about carphone warehouse jobs.
  12. Yeah you are 2012 scottish football slapped you as a Rangers fan told you your club was a fucking disgrace offer no deals for the greater of scottish football called you a fucking cheat and tried to kill it. 2020 one of the clubs that tried to kill your club is in trouble and your like Big hugs and kisses and keep strong from a Rangers fan xxxx
  13. Yep and some cunts will just sit there and take it up the arse when cunts are fucking disrespecting you.
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