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  1. Kris Boyd has sought to clarify comments he made about celtic striker Leigh Griffiths after Wednesday's game against Kilmarnock. celtic boss Neil Lennon was among those critical of Boyd's remarks after the ex-Rangers striker questioned Griffiths' hunger and desire. The former Scotland striker, who set up the Kris Boyd charity in 2018 to raise awareness of mental health issues, has now sought to clarify his remarks. "My brother took his own life because of his mental health issues," Boyd said in a statement. "The pain and suffering of his suicide still haunts me and my family each and every day. So please don't accuse me of belittling another man's mental health issues like I couldn't care less. "Just to be perfectly clear - on Sky Sports on Wednesday night, I mentioned Leigh's mental strength in coping with criticism. I wasn't talking about his mental health. "They're two totally different things. So if anyone genuinely believes I'd have a go at Leigh Griffiths for problems he's gone through then, I'm sorry, they are wrong." The man has to basically explain to the muppets that he wasn't questioning his mental health but mental strength.
  2. The petition is more news worthy than the incident according to the daily rebel and there are cunts in Scotland even in this forum think that the press haven't got an agenda.
  3. Just saw a picture of the cunt 36, I know some cunts have had a hard paper round when they where younger but this cunt must have been down the mines.
  4. Everyone on here having fantastic points and using facts to back this argument up it's not a case anymore of It's all there to be seen.
  5. Of course, best player by a mile in the bog water mess of a league. It's because of the colours he wears because if he wore green and white it would be a different story. Imagine they had Morelos and we had edouard the car crash and the gun incident would be brought up all the time but the excuse for Morelos would be he plays with fire in his belly and on the edge.
  6. The other will be us that's how they get the subscriptions sheep shaggers vs killie will be on bbc
  7. We'll be upto scratch by the time we face them
  8. That's cause no cunt watches it so need to boost the ratings
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