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  1. Ryan jack has come on leaps and bounds since Gerrard has arrived
  2. Somebody want to come and punch me in the face so I can forget that first half
  3. It's the ones where you see a picture of a child in the hospital in pain but smiling for the camera and the statement "They called me ugly I bet I won't get one like or share" Then next week same picture different text "No one wished me a happy birthday I bet I won't get one like or share"
  4. So thats a season ticket holder at the giro dome and an ex player coming to watch teams play us. If that was Rangers fans or an ex player at the giro dome I would be fucking embarrassed.
  5. "When police eventually arrived, the thugs were still jumping on his head." Another wee bullshit story to try and get the bouncy banned
  6. sRcFoCt


    Not a big fan of tav (the defensive side) but will say this he just doesn't look himself which is a shame confidence blow maybe.
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