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  1. Sky sports and bt sports sponsor all clubs but everything else I wouldn't buy when the taigs were sponsored by them
  2. sRcFoCt

    Daniel Prodan has passed away

    Fur fuck sake
  3. sRcFoCt

    James Bond Son of William

    Bravo sir bravo
  4. sRcFoCt

    James Bond Son of William

    The man with the golden flute.
  5. sRcFoCt

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    So did I I'm a fucking Muppet
  6. sRcFoCt

    Ryan Jack pulls out of Scotland squad

    I really do hate the scotland squaf
  7. sRcFoCt

    Gerrard should quit

    Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha just noticed this WTF
  8. sRcFoCt


    There was another one as well just replying to everything as Bump
  9. It will be interesting to see what spiers Writes, point scoring will be mentioned. Also what are other clubs fans saying about it I know a hibs fan and a taig he was talking to me about it wants the taigs done and the taig replied with "what about neely at Rangers" To which the hibs fan said "Neely was with hibs got booted out and went to Rangers,Rangers were unaware that he had done anything because WE (hibs) never reported it kind of like your club" BOOM
  10. sRcFoCt

    james mcclean calling himself a fenian..

    Probably send a box of poppies Screams the place down
  11. Don't know about that one mate the spfl and the sfa are just in the shit as the taigs people went to them and they send people away you see it soon, them distancing themselves from the taigs.