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  1. You can just tell that bastard cracked his screen when typing that fucking prick.
  2. Another fuck up by the justice system and that justice minster should be investigating this
  3. A quick search on Google tells me nevin only played the tims during his time at Everton
  4. L when he lost the ball for the goal it was a fu king foul 9/10 times he does this stupid side step that any cunt can see he is going to do loses the bal throws his fucking arms in the air and teams almost score or do score watch the past 5 games he does it all the time. I have never used tav as a scapegoat just the last handful of games I have started to notice it.
  5. I know he was fucking fouled there was a couple of times in the match he lost the ball threw his fucking arms in the air and they nearly scored
  6. Tav was fucking shocking I don't know what it is but every time he loses the ball in the opposition half they run up and score or come close to it.
  7. sRcFoCt

    1 sub

    Well it's one more he used than in the Aberdeen game
  8. My daughter who is 6 just walked past singing "Alberto Alberto" so proud
  9. Quality players do play in Scotland because when you show talent up here the first thing some cunt does is boot you up in the air. Racism is still very high in Spain they don't seem to lose out on the best black players
  10. Did they call themselves sheep
  11. Is this the mob that for cunts to send money so they can buy papers
  12. If that's inches then my cock must be a couple of feet
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