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  1. Well done to the banner freedom of expression and how do they know that is isn't sucking cocks in hell
  2. Get in to these fucking taig bastards
  3. Yes more pressure on refs but all the taig pundits saying Brenda is a class act and will side step fucking typical tim
  4. Foderingham injured let's hope not true between the papers all week on the so called Biased refs and online attention seekers I will wait till I see that team on Sunday
  5. Very bad taste and lazy journalists at there best screen shots instead of writing a story
  6. Way too young 44 is no age R.I.P ugo you will live in my heart with that goal
  7. Hmmmm...... mcdonalds it is went right off M&S got a pork belly cut into it, it was a tsunami of grease gave me the goal
  8. Any good deals on the now not picked my dinner yet
  9. Quote from Daily Rebel that rangers informed the police about Gordon Neely, apparently the police did not receive a complaint
  10. There is so much bigoted people in this forum
  11. Aye very good enjoy your fishing today
  12. NOPE have you been sniffing glue
  13. Rumours are like Chinese whispers but you can't help but wonder if true. Probably are not happy about holidays and all that this is Rangers if you don't win you work harder if you are top of the league you get holidays squad really has to look at themselves.
  14. Fuck April fools
  15. Great guy well done