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  1. Liam Miller

    Fuck sake 36 hope he pulls through doesn't look good.
  2. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    I pretty sure i have it in long sleeve but my name is the on the back.
  3. Steve McClaren

  4. *** The Official Hearts vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Player power at it's best they have got the quality just need to get it in gear like today. One game at a time lads
  5. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Good luck with the Kelly brook thing mate.
  6. DOF picking new manager

    Quite right, they better get this one right cause they're on borrowed time.
  7. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Makes sense he knocked back Sunderland waiting on this job. Knows the Scottish game really well, identify good players not taking a gamble on crap abroad. Might work.
  8. DOF picking new manager

    If the future manager fails the board have a scape goat fucking cowards
  9. Good Luck Pedro

    Feel for the man tried his best but job was way to big for him. All the best Pedro.
  10. One, yes one decent signing in eleven

    Just anger every where my anger peaked on Sunday, also these players are good players i personally think his time is up maybe a new manager can revitalize this squad.
  11. Pedros Record

    The Pedro den.
  12. Referee today

    Sorry,sorry please don't get me the sack or get fans to smash my windows.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    6-0 then we're world beaters again
  14. On the brink

    Everybody is shite until we meet them in a 3rd game of a 2 winning streak.
  15. Wish Cardoso a speedy recovery