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  1. sRcFoCt

    Mcgreggor getting done with rape

    Did rita ora no try to shag him but he was giving it in the press about "why have a burger when you've got steak at home" acting all high and mighty hope the cunt gets life.
  2. sRcFoCt

    Airdrie Supporters Trust Statement

    I'm just glad no sandcastles where harmed.
  3. sRcFoCt

    Cardiff’s New Signing

    Sure the ambulance chasers will be out soon with a statement saying he was a taig fan all his life watch twitter
  4. sRcFoCt

    Donald Findlay is a bawbag

  5. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    No mate was just asking thought I read it somewhere. I will wait and see what happens with this but I will say one thing the attitude had changed since the 29th Dec.
  6. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    Just read you last post mate was he not put forward as a spokesman for VAR by the managers. If anything it doesn't look fair to me.
  7. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    He is among certain people in a think tank meeting with Maxwell
  8. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    Sorry the cunts in a advisory role you know that cunt that. 1.says Scottish football is against him because he is a N.I Catholic. 2.sent Scottish football down to gutter when the referees had a strike. 3.goades other fans into fights and throwing objects at him then blames every cunt bar himself. 4.probably got the worst discipline record in Scottish football. And the list could go on but I'm thick because I said he got a job in the sfa if you fucking knew anything once you've got feet under the table even in a advisory role you have an advantage.
  9. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    For the last 2 seasons where we not been it's biggest critic yet after one old firm game the full of the sfa panics wanting VAR summits is the stenhousemuir lad a critic too.
  10. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    Sorry he will advising the sfa
  11. sRcFoCt

    Lennon Joins SFA

    He is the most uncivilized manager in the whole of the UK yet he gets a job in the sfa GAME OVER people.
  12. sRcFoCt

    Former Gers player

    Chris Burke
  13. sRcFoCt

    I Spy Another Excuse

    I don't think anyone at the taigs owns a phone
  14. sRcFoCt

    Domain issues

    I'm just glad it's back had to look out the window on my break and talk to the wife at night
  15. sRcFoCt