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  1. Aye it’s not much better, that and the fact you can’t see the goal your stood behind from the upper tier 😂 shitehole.
  2. This is a blessing, that stand is an absolute death trap. We never received tickets for it when we first came back up either.
  3. Aye, sexist remarks like that are better best forgotten.
  4. You can clearly see by his username that he was born in 2013.
  5. It’s an absolute disgrace mate.
  6. Shocking, what’s more shocking is this cunt gettin 6 years 9 months and benell gettin 30 years. None of these bastards or the people who enable and cover for them should see light of day again but how can there be such a difference?
  7. You still got any of the murty masks from murrayfield? Should maybe get them looked out after the season the reserves have had.
  8. Quite agree, would rather Rangers finish with 6 wins on the bounce including all the “top” teams. Aberdeen will embarrass themselves soon enough like every other year if they do get into Europe.
  9. I don’t think for a minute they were separate 😂
  10. Separate entity of course! 🤦‍♂️
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