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  1. Makes it all the more surprising that popcorn teeth doesn’t want the games before Scotland’s qualifies postponed as that would be another one for us to try and squeeze into an already packed schedule.
  2. What a scumbag he is. Did he think Hartson was a great guy when he was kicking berkovic in the face or when Shearer did the same to Lennon or van-Nistelrooy getting viera sent off? All these players had a nasty streak to them aswell like all the best players have. Biggest load of shite I’ve read in a very long time.
  3. A screwball would be more suited to describe someone who was abused by a certain organisation but still loving them after. Fat fuckin retard.
  4. My mate is away on holiday for the tarriers home game(15/3) he’s looking to swap his season ticket for that game for one for tynecastle. Pm me if interested in the swap.
  5. Did Kenny request the clipboards?
  6. That was the line most rolled out after his horror tackle at Livingston. He’s a cowardly rat.
  7. No, was originally 12ko but sky requested the change of kick off time.
  8. Job vacancy at a car wash now if anyone’s interested.
  9. Back tracking now and saying it’s for Dave.
  10. There’s also loads of bears who want to see the team every week but have been struggling for tickets so the argument of the bitter few is worthless. The tickets will be bought and the allocations sold out no matter how much those who don’t go argue against it.
  11. When did I say that? The way some go on they’d want no away fans at all that’s what I’m saying. Where did the team run to at the final whistle? That’s right straight to the away end.
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