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  1. Sevnock
  2. Click bate skitter.
  3. Wherever there are seats not taken by season tickets. My mate got moved to the main stand both times. There, club deck and the corner used normally by away fans are the most common places people are moved to.
  4. @ForeverAndEver is his biggest fan. He will have a few spare lying around surely.
  5. Another great day. Can't wait for thousands of Sutton like timplosians the day we get 55.
  6. I spoke to the t.o today, my brother and I are in for a swap. They are currently doing the family section and special cases like disabled etc. The general swaps are starting next week then general sale the week after. And as I write this I realise it's a special milestone for my post count.
  7. thought that was who you meant.
  8. I'll have a look, just presumed it'd be sold out. Cheers.
  9. I know mate, be happy if they were just off the wage bill.
  10. Thanks mate, it's for my brother. I'm not going now as I intend going to our European away games around that time.