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  1. If there was any way he could pass to our strikers his nak of scoring against the bheasts it's a massive yes from me.
  2. Good read that. He was certainly well thought of not just by Rangers men either.
  3. Since we lost Davie cooper. I only saw him afew times and I was very young, but everyone knows how good he was and how much he loved our club. One of the few times I've saw my father cry was 22 years ago today. Rip Davie.
  4. Steady, it's only Scotland he's up against ffs.
  5. Guaranteed it'll turn up on kerryfail. Sevco manager in full orange get up, needs punished.
  6. That's a great picture 👍
  7. Aye him and litmanen couldnae finish their tea. I'd hate them two in their prime at Rangers!
  8. Thought he might have at Madrid. It's a tough one alright.
  9. Headline says Sunderland but story says Huddersfield. I call bull shit
  10. Michael riziger before Maurice Ross?
  11. It's a fuckin tough annoying one. Thought it might of been makalele but a boy from work tells me he wasn't in France 98 squad. I'm truly stumped!
  12. I hope he stays, just because every time they lose arsenal fan tv is absolutely unmissable after it.
  13. Cannavaro? In fact he must have played with Ramos at Madrid.