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  1. £15 to get in so get off your arse and attend.😊
  2. Come down shakes for a fortnight after.
  3. Be 48 wild hours anyway 😂
  4. Wednesday 6pm to Friday 6pm is 24?🤔
  5. I actually thought last night he looked slightly leaner than the end of last season.🤷‍♂️
  6. 3am? What’s his job? A lad on our bus is a baker and goes straight there from the bus after midweek games, quite often gets sent home when the rest of the workers turn up.😂
  7. 🔟 All the goals from the first qualifying round of the Europa League.
  8. fuck aye I’d long forgotten about them, terrible idea.
  9. Thought it was a very average hat trick tonight as it wasn’t c***ic we were playing. Still has much to prove.
  10. Hopefully afew goals, no injuries and game time for players who need it in this one. Will say 4-0 again.
  11. Clearly not good enough, never scored against selik
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