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  1. Just as fast as we can
  2. Tarriers like starting false rumours about us, they'd be my guess.
  3. Group stage would be a great achievement
  4. We won't be if we're out by then.
  5. Good to get him tied down on a longer deal. Really hope he fulfills the potential he has shown in his first few games in the first team.
  6. Terrible news, rip ugo
  7. My eldest is the same if I'm watching any football highlights he cheers if a team in blue scores saying goal for Rangers. He hasn't been yet but will be at the start of next season as he turns 5 in December. To answer the op, id love it if my boys and my mates kids are the same in 20 years as we are now and think there's a good chance they will be.
  8. Good stuff jinty, pleased for you.
  9. it would be the usual, what we think is loads o gear and fuck all left for the way home.
  10. think I'd need another week off to recover when I get home.
  11. @jintybear
  12. nothing like a long haul away journey. Thinking of bussing it to Europe this year, Bristol was my longest(and best) to date.
  13. Ross county is further.
  14. The fee seems worse every time someone mentions it.
  15. Hope it's nothing too serious. All the best ugo