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  1. The apathy

    The only place I see/hear that shite is stupid twitter or Facebook pages. Certainly don't see it on here or at games. Something needs done and I feel something being done isn't far away, we as a support can't/won't stand for this for much longer.
  2. The apathy

    Well you're not. A quick read on here on any given day will tell you what the majority think of this shambles of a board. Like Kai says though, the people who are in a position to be asking the questions of these imposters do nothing. If you think you're a one man crusade against the shite we have at boardroom level you're as deluded as they are.
  3. It's grim mate. Other games like this it's been not being able to break through 10 men behind the ball and growing frustrated. I thought today with the early goal for us it would be different but how wrong I was. Horrendous viewing.
  4. It was a sore one alright. Afew called it before saying these are the type of games we lose and they were right. Really dread our home games nowadays tbh.
  5. Fod

    Not seen replays either but at the game I never thought anything about goalkeeping errors when they went in. He did have a moment in the first half when he could have claimed it and they nearly scored though.
  6. I know mate, should have known there was a kick in the balls coming with this team.
  7. Fod

    Couldn't be blamed for any of the goals today. Far more to worry about from today than the goalkeeper.
  8. Can't get my head round how bad we were today.
  9. Great logic, the team who beat us at home today we beat 3-0 away. Same with Hamilton and hibs. Maybe think before you type.
  10. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    Wilson aswell.
  11. Jason

  12. Jason

    A thread praising holt and tav still gets abuse. He's the ultimate scape goat for some.
  13. Rangers vs St Johnstone - Premiership

    Got afew spare for this in different areas. Pm a number if interested.