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  1. They’re right next to the segregation mate.
  2. Selling 2 for a member of our club who can’t go now. Seated together in broomloan front.
  3. Any win will do. Get it done Rangers.
  4. I have had confirmation that there is no intention to increase the allocation for any away support. This has been included in the T's & C's for the past 5 years since the club took the step ahead of the 14/15 season to reduce the away allocation Initially this was included in the T's & C's in case the club wanted to give a larger allocation for away clubs but since the removal of the fence it has been kept in place in case there is a need for additional safety/security measures to be taken in this area. Every summer these sections are reviewed due to the proximity to the away support from the Aberdeen slo twitter 👎
  5. Can’t see it changing tbh, their fans reaction would be hilarious to see though.
  6. This, possibly our best away performance all season that night. Play half as good and are clinical well win no problem.
  7. Done deal then is it mate?
  8. It’s a copy and paste of what bridgeton loyal put on Facebook before the first game but tweaked so it’s about them. Nothing more than an attempted piss take.
  9. If we’d got the right allocation for the competition we were playing in on Saturday they’d have got the right allocation in the replay. Good decision by Rangers.
  10. 👍 no problem mate, it was Dundee though not Hamilton 😊
  11. I can’t think of any good reason that fence would be still in use in this day and age, possibly a bit far fetched to think they’d like to create negative headlines but in this country nowadays it’s not as outrageous as we might think.
  12. The op is right, it’s the only ground in the top flight which uses a fence, every other ground is a big gap of seats with stewards and coppers either side. Where is there a conspiracy theory in what he said?
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