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  1. Fernando silenced their “ynwa” Liverpool rip off after half time.
  2. The one where Ricksen scored the header right after half time but we got beat 2-1?
  3. My mate missed out on the final and got Aberdeen too.
  4. Correct, can only speak for our own bus but the guys who are on full points now are the ones who went with us when we were standing with at times handfuls of tickets at places like Cowdenbeath trying to flog them. I’m one of those and but for help from my bus and other rsc’s who help us I’d only have been at St Johnstone away in the league all season. Favours are done and favours are returned and that’s how a lot of “faces” are at these games.
  5. Nothing here, will no doubt get Motherwell.
  6. Aye that is strange, really surprised we’re at hibs the Friday before Christmas as it is, like you say though the game less for us might just work in our favour.
  7. They have rearranged their game on the week we play hibs on the Friday night so wasn’t possible for us to do the same.
  8. Agree totally mate, absolute shambles a mutant like that who causes the club nothing but embarrassment by association gets a brief before good honest bears, disgrace.
  9. Looks like all that champagne has really aged her.
  10. And now “win with Rangers pools” 😂😂
  11. Had forgotten all about king until someone mentioned him on Sunday, very strange signing.
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