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  1. Aye cunt club. But can’t deny that in their day, they were sublime to watch
  2. Based on all round play if Edward is worth £30m. Morelos is £60m
  3. We’re still behind them, and lost more games against them this season than we’ve won. Premature thread and does my tits in
  4. Maxwell Adamczuk Cribrari McPherson Bernard Rothen Namouchi Black Fernandes Rozenthal Gayle
  5. Fiorentina away was 2008 😂 fuck you dark fruits
  6. Game : v Fiorentina away Player : Jelavic Goal : Edu v beasts
  7. This has fuck all to do with SSB. but Katic is a god amongst men
  8. A.T.G


    Mind when Barisic was absolutely shite 😂 Well he’s no fucking shite noo! yas
  9. If it wasn’t for Forster they would have been embarrassed yesterday.
  10. Here’s a thought. Throw it to shagger get him to boot it to their touch line.
  11. Well a went to Porto and not one person said fuck the pope at the game lol
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