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  1. No, they describe them as TGFITW We however, know them as slippery ambulance chasing serpents
  2. Well in Cushy, guy was a clear pedo.
  3. ISIS, McGuiness, Jihadi John, all shades of the same shit. Im proud of the Bailleston blues for highlighting how McGuiness is slowly sucking big black cocks in hell. We need to keep standing up for the union, supporting our soldiers and stop bending over backwards for cowards who take from our lands and give nothing back. Fuck the IRA. And fuck the SNP.
  4. How is this cunt still on here? @gogzy
  5. Night shift the night Cushy
  6. I know what you're saying mate but I think you're being unrealistic with Higuain, I think he would struggle in a 433 in front of Holt and Halliday
  7. I've read some of his previous stuff, If he's a tarrier, he's a hard one to spot. If he makes it to 1000 posts then we will have failed
  8. BillyBigBaws
  9. I thought you went mental for someone calling you pal
  10. Don't call him pal
  11. Fuck sake didn't realise we were playing a team who could go up and down gears whenever they felt like it. Its a team who have vastly improved this last year whilst the rest of Scottish football has crumbled in the absence of Rangers. They are on a roll, it will end. Its still the same shite who had their worst season in the champions league ever. Good Scottish team they may be. Unbeatable they are not. Give them respect and show no desire, they will beat you. Actually ATTEMPT to play football and put a decent team on the park, and they will fold.
  12. A fuckin hate the influx of low count posters on Old Firm defeat days Get to fuck, 200 posts around 2012 and then fuck all till this season Sad bastards
  13. Boycotting is never the answer, it wasn't then and it isn't now. I am glad for the old board to be gone but not currently delighted with the ones in power now, make no mistake, it will be nearing a decade of nothing but trouble soon and if it wasn't for Walter Smith we would be entering a new decade of absolute shite. Horrible last 5 years. I believe it is just a matter of time before we are back to the top, I know it seems like a lifetime but we will be back properly. This scum mob that beat us today are nothing special, we just need some leadership, some real leadership in the boardroom, in the dugout and on the field. It will happen
  14. Old firm win Normal response: Celebrate "Normal" response: Take to the internet Sad bastards
  15. A couple players who actually know how to play football Midfield is absolute priority for me even though the whole team need improved from start to finish We need proven winners, not passengers from the lower dregs of English football