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  1. Nah was fine for me bud
  2. Why is this ball bag still posting man All you do us suck up the SFA and SPFL and the rest of the cunts arses. Fucking embarrassing
  3. I just can’t get annoyed at them “winning” it. To me they haven’t. And seeing them celebrate when folk are suffering from either the virus, poverty or mental health all around them basically just confirms what we have always known. Shameless abusers.
  4. That statement you replied to should be left for folk to marvel at in awe 😂😂
  5. Spoke to a Hibs fan earlier. They’re no giving a fuck as long as were annoyed. Sorry folks, but the bitterness we all seek isn’t there. This battle is ours and ours alone. And we’ve already lost it. Usual
  6. Has it been confirmed you’re itk? Coz this better not be powder puff like you get from FF
  7. So your vote got lost eh? Well send it again ya corrupt wanks. do they think we button up the back?
  8. Dundee couldn’t have played this that much worse if they had tried. The fucking gall of these mutants in charge is actually astonishing. They are being accused of bribery, cheating the lot and they do not give one ounce of a fuck.
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