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  1. They’ve lost the best manager they could have ever got. For all his faults he made them better, I think they’d struggle to get someone better without paying a ridiculous amount which they won’t. Fuck them
  2. I don’t know. I was sure someone said something about Gerrard oot. fuck knows mate
  3. What more do you want? It’s not Gerrards fault that players are passing up 6/7 clear cut chances.
  4. Fuck off. Aye we’ve wasted points but the difference in mentality and performance is far better than anything we’ve seen the past 3 years. Steven Gerrard is the man to lead us, the reformation wasn’t started in a day but the foundations were laid, just like we are.
  5. He’s a lot older of course. I don’t think we can expect much else. Hoping to be wrong
  6. We lose this it’s over. We win, it shows the rest of the league we are taking this to the end
  7. You canny read ya East coast serpent
  8. You neither have the reputation nor the experience to dish out this kind of attitude on this sublime forum. As I am a respectable and valued poster, I will quietly recommend you take your attitude elsewhere. If you continue in this manner, there will be no option but to send you to FF. Now back on topic, and your ridiculous reply to my post, I was neither quoting you directly or indirectly and left a comment based on reading the first two pages. I will accept your apology. Ya fucking doughball. EDIT: Your post wasn’t directed at me at all but that trouble making @Dan Deacon can’t read a fucking post. Apologies mate.
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