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  1. Lock this until there is concrete news
  2. That's a bit much mate, not all players down there go for so much, I reckon Bournemouth would be looking for £5m at a push unless they paid a whack for him then that changes everything obv
  3. It was only 8/1 I'm sure. I'd have stuck a couple grand on it and laughed at Sutton when they asked me to leave "I've been sacked?" "For winning all this money?" "Cool, catch ye, 2 pies prick"
  4. Good luck mate Good to see the club are finally employing actual rangers fans now
  5. If it's to be Murty to the end of the season then fuck it, I won't be happy but as long as we make the right appointment before pre season I'll see it as a step in the right direction
  6. Who actually gives a fuck man He was agonising over the missed chance and went a bit over the top, wouldn't be there first time I've fucked the remote aff the couch or head butted the arm rest on the couch I might do one of these next time
  7. Fucking joke
  8. I'm fucking off
  9. Don't think he said too much wrong, players lacked desire, commitment and quality, it's what we've been saying all season At least he is honest instead of saying we dominated the game and should have been rewarded
  10. This is what you've left Warburton you fucking snake
  11. Get some bite in the midfield
  12. Well he is a scum fan, they are all like that
  13. Fucking conferences, just a way for lazy bastards to continue being lazy bastards Lazy bastards
  14. Just means nobody is betting, knowing Dave King, he take a look at the odds and offer it to Ryan Giggs when he's put £1000 on at 50/1