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  1. Doesn't matter
  2. Forza Rosenborg
  3. In someone's house the day working and he was a rabid. I didn't mention who I supported and he was foaming at the mouth while the news was on He said..."what do you make of that mate eh" (Edinburgh) I said "Aye basically what's happened mate, they've got all these players for years, De Boer, McCann, Numan, Ferguson..etc who have absolutely rag filled Celtic for years, winning umpteen trophies and no paying the right amount of tax. Imagine all the champions league money they got, and all that's happened is they've went down the leagues debt free and now back. And it is only a matter of time before they win the league, Celtic aren't going to win it every single year. Rangers fans must be absolutely laughing their heads off at getting away with it. I was speaking to a Gers fan I know the other day and he was just laughing at everyone calling for title stripping, punishments etc, guy was absolutely in stitches at how they've used the establishment to get away with it" Cunt was nearly greeting man.
  4. The scum don't tend to do well against Scandinavian teams. I'm hopeful they will go over there and be beaten comfortably 2-0.
  6. I'd sign Fred West and Mrs if it meant shutting those rat bastards Thumb and Mongo up. id also steal a granny alkys last 1/4 bottle to take the titles off those cunts. im desperate
  7. Here you ya rocket. You've pissed off my uncle. He says you're a dick. Stop it.
  8. Fuck sakes Linfield. Why did you have to bring out the worst in them. They were behaving so well Mind you were wee and your maw would smack yer arse coz you "made" your wee brother angry by winding him up? Thats exactly what this is. Treating Celtic like a wee innocent brother who were wound up and got angry by the horrible older brother. Pathetic mutant bastards. Hope they get Legia Warsaw at some point.
  9. Good to see you back mate
  10. Awrite saan
  11. Haha yas
  12. I agree mate. Hopefully Dave King buys a couch and gets Graham Norton to do the interview. Could even add in a celebrity or two and a wee song song at the end. First Question Carlos: Geez a rendition of the Sash.