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  1. Mcleish

    Someone probably has lumped £50 on it because they know mcLeish and he has said he heard Rangers want to talk to him
  2. Scottish football is amongst the best attended in Europe per capita. We love our game. Hahahahahahahaahhaahahahahahaagahahahahaahahagahagaahahagagagagaga zoomer
  3. The big guns are getting more entries. Pushing smaller countries down the list and making more qualifiers. The Peedos will struggle.
  4. A fuckin told yees the qualification for the champions league is getting harder and harder for smaller countries. We will catch them quicker than expected. Let the countdown to our return begin.
  5. Chris Eagles

    Aye come on, this was years ago when he still had the legs. I have no doubt he would have been a good player for us. He had talent and was a very decent player
  6. Italy v Sweden

    Aye well you wouldn’t would you
  7. For your information @FSM “leather assless chaps” are just leather chaps with no trousers on.
  8. Well done the club. About time I could wear my dungarees and angel wings to a game. See you boys on Saturday. Xx
  9. I’d rather the board made a gut instinct appointment. I don’t trust them to take their time and think on it. I don’t trust them to wipe their arse after a curry shite.
  10. Lucy is a banned poster who used to argue with people and got lost amongst it. And started firing shots to any cunt I would imagine he has. Do I trust the board to make the right appointment? No. I think it will be McInnes, when you compare it to MPH then he is the wrong choice but I wouldn’t be completely pissed off if he got it. I think the 2 of them would do good jobs but I’d be happier if MPH got it. An unknown out the blue Pedro appointment would have me at the gates the morra
  11. What the fuck are you going on about you madman I wanted MPH before McInnes. It’s like Lucy all over again
  12. Aye. It’s confusing me why you would be so happy for this Its like a playground at times