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  1. Wonder how many know that. Anyways, fuck the smelly bastards.
  2. Can you be offside if you receive the ball directly from a goal kick. ?
  3. Can’t be offside if : You are in you’re own half. 2 Opposition players are in front of you when the ball is played. You are behind the ball when it is played. All 3 rules are independent of each other.
  4. Match day threads are getting worse. absolutely shite
  5. This is why the internet can be shite
  6. Can’t stand the cunt
  7. I am rough as fuck tho. Got excited when he landed a couple in round 2. Thought it might go his way but all it did was make Khabib angrier and go for the takedowns earlier.
  8. Don’t make me come through there. Unless you’ve got a couple a dirties
  9. Boring as fuck. Didn’t say he wasn’t good, he obviously is. But he’s a boring cunt
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