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  1. A.T.G

    Barasic at the end

    Av no read it mate. Will later
  2. A.T.G

    Barasic at the end

    That’s what I typed but cushy has it set up to auto correct to spastic
  3. A.T.G

    Barasic at the end

    Listen spastic. It was a chicken and onion with a fried rice for me. Chips curry sauce and onions in a tray for the wife. Chips and curry sauce for the boy. 3 different meals for 3 different people. Onions were of a decent portion. Nothing spectacular. Dont make me slash you George
  4. A.T.G

    Nick Powell

    Aye that wee fanny would big up the scum like he did all the time. Can’t stand that fucking wanker
  5. A.T.G

    Domain issues

    Can’t mind mate. Was nothing in particular just the theme I got.
  6. A.T.G

    Ryan Hardie New Deal

    Won’t ever be a player for us hes pish
  7. A.T.G

    Domain issues

    As did I when I was reading them
  8. A.T.G

    Herrera (Out:Loan)

    £1m per year for this cunt. Absolute joke. Hopefully any loan deals are softening the blow a little.
  9. A.T.G

    Ravel Morrison

    The game doesn’t need scrotes like Thumb Coke heed suicide gambler thank you Sir
  10. A.T.G

    Ravel Morrison

    This one should be locked Pila shite
  11. A.T.G

    Alexa Knows

    “I love Rangers”
  12. A.T.G

    Chris Sutton And The Golden Violin

    Fs. Eating my breakfast man
  13. A.T.G

    Arfield not bothered about Broon.

    Still can’t believe Arfield put in that effort and was singing along to the billy boys considering his family are rabid bastards Get it roon yees.
  14. Couldn’t give a moneys if it’s been posted before Should be reposted everyday. FUCKIN ROUND YEEZ TO THE DEATH Rangers