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  1. I mind each of they days, can't think what one was the best. Loved the last minute Easter Road and the league won after 7 minutes Glorious days
  2. I mind the days when the only rumours you got were news reports or papers and you couldn't find any info at all until it was announced or you knew someone at Rangers Simpler times
  3. Do these cunts Slovenia
  4. 6/10 scum players? Wtf Did you not see their fucking Champions League performances strachan you utter prick of a man Charlie Adam was bang on when he said the cunt has an allegiance to them Where's Burke, Anya or Ritchie? Cunts a prick
  5. If the capacity is 70K then 35K should go to each team, if they can't fill it then release it to the public Fans going to the game when it isn't their team ruin football
  6. fair enough. Am telling you though, Rangers fans aren't generally disliked by the tartan army
  7. The majority of Scotland fans are anti-Rangers aka anti-England aka anti-union. They can be Protestant all they want but if they don't support Rangers then they hate Rangers Basically. And I don't see the outrage at @geneva_ger, we all know the Scotland fans are so anti-English that it wouldn't be beneath them to disrupt the minutes silence or rather have it for McGuiness. It doesn't come as much of a shock to me.
  8. That's a fucking awful challenge, off the ground and straight leg studs up, looks like a clean break so realistically he should be healed and back playing quicker than you'd expect
  9. What a fucking joke of a club. Minutes silence for a terrorist wanker but not one second of respect for the soldiers who lost their lives fighting for their freedom during WW1 or WW2. Dirty inbred bastards
  10. 39 years, how long is he planning to carry on?
  11. He will still sell you it
  12. Craig Houston will sell you one