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  1. He’s only at 50 per cent I’d say. Thought he looked like last season today and is only going to get better.
  2. Tramp lol He’s a sexy cunt.
  3. Advocaat 99/00 team went to places like Munich and battered them. Unlucky not to score about 8
  4. A.T.G


  5. Sitting in Gatwick. Planes delayed till 19:45
  6. That was amazing. So many fans with a hot dog in their gub and crisps all round their feet 😂
  7. He came out at the end and was the only Rangers player on the pitch clapping the fans. I don’t think he wants to go anywhere.
  8. I’ve just ordered a pizza. Still here. Time for my first proper bite to eat since Tuesday 😂
  9. Was at the game. Was I absolutely steaming or should we have won that.
  10. Too early to say. Big opportunity missed but Tynecastle was always going to be a difficult one. We need to go out next and blow them away
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