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  1. A.T.G


    Spit Mutton
  2. And his followers
  3. A.T.G

    Rat Nevin

    It’s actually SPIT MUTTON not Chris Mutton
  4. Same shite different year
  5. Easiest draw possible as it’s half a million euros for a win. The further we get the more money we can spend on better players for our assault on our own 10 IAR
  6. A.T.G

    Europa group stages

    This thread gives me the fear
  7. They don’t score much and tend to concede more when on the attack. Although not perfect we are in a great position to go through. Not a big stadium either. we shouldn’t have much to worry about if our defence is as solid as they normally are. I’ll go for a 1-0 win again
  8. A.T.G

    Peter Hartley

    His team look like early candidates for relegation. He’s better keeping his trap shut as we have enjoyed others misfortune lately.
  9. I think it’s more a reflection on us than them to be honest. It’s refreshing to see so many confident people about tonight compared to this time last year when folk were genuinely concerned about Progres I don’t think it will be easy either but I hope I’m wrong
  10. A.T.G

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    This thread is an abomination
  11. A.T.G

    The tides turning

    @gogzy Taig alert