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  1. That Ajax centre half was some player, reckon he could be worth a few bob
  2. Sigh
  3. NO.
  4. Come on Hamilton
  5. 5 weeks to the Euro qualifiers. Depressing.
  6. Soul destroying. Although it's early days I can't help but get more negative as the days go by. This season was awful, and it's making these transfers more important. Normally I wouldn't be too fussed about them, but this summer is absolutely crucial.
  7. Celtic will get away with it Until someone down south gets compensation.... Then, they're fucked
  8. The 5-1 Ibrox game did it for me, having to watch Brown and Griffiths walk around our ground like they were fucking Kings. No more.
  9. I'll tell you this, out of all the players we are linked with, if we don't get Dorrans I'll be absolutely gutted.
  10. I just wish we could get some sort of confirmation from the club or deals done. I'm hopeful
  11. You'll be there mate, you love The Rangers too much
  12. Honestly man, this patter is shite
  13. Just 90 more painful minutes of this season to go