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  1. They should have been voted off then. Details made available to who exactly made that decision and who was involved. Whoever thought a former Portuguese goalkeeper in charge of a Qatari side was going to make it here deserves to be kicked in the fucking baws.

    It’s the kind of thing you’d see on Sky Sports News at a wee ground where fans would make a stand on the pitch. And rightly so, there incompetence has been going on long enough.
  3. King was quick to come out and defend anyone who had a hand in Caixinha appointment. That appointment was criminal and some should be stepping down over it.
  4. It’s a sore one. There is nobody to challenge them either as the majority who have votes seem to be happy. This hurts more than any home pumping off the scum. I can accept that last year we had no chance but this really should have been the year we pushed them hard. A season back, new managerial appointment and some shrewd transfers but all we’ve got is more profit from our strips and some banners around Ibrox. Abysmal
  5. MOH

    Another Warburton masterstroke
  6. Craig levein

    Is that you Robertson?
  7. Hearts fans do have their moments. I can’t believe this is getting treated as just a defeat. This was an absolute pounding, they were embarrassed. Well done to Levein by the way, as much as he is a cock, he was spot on today. Get in their faces, put them under pressure and give them fuck all. It’s about time their European Record was taken into account when facing them. This team are not the scum teams of the past, they’ve been given far too much respect for too long. Ps Hope Tierney has picked up a mysterious life threatening injury
  8. Hearts and Hibs at Home along with Kilmarnock. Winning our home games with our budget shouldn’t even be difficult. But when you appoint 2 awful managers who then fill us with below average players then this is what you get. Absolutely sickening
  9. I’d like to line all of our board directors up and punch fuck out everyone of them for the absolute cluster fuck appointment of Pedro Caixinha. Then I’d continue kicking their cunts in for the absolute amateur way they’ve went about trying to get us a manager. They are every bit of guilty as Ashley was of fucking our club up.

    I don’t see why anyone should take stick for pointing out the players are a bunch of useless shitebags. Aye the board are wankers, it ultimately lies with them why we are managerless and a team full of duds, but how can this current crop of Rangers players surrender so cheaply just 3 days after winning a team Easter Road. Fucking shitebags the lot of them
  11. Cardoso

  12. midfield

    Can’t believe Murty put Kranjcar on. The only midfielders I want at the club is probably..........Dorrans. Can’t think of any others, and McCrorie is a defender.
  13. This squad

    That’s not an If. That’s a when
  14. This Forum Right Now

    You can’t blame people for getting optimistic after seeing off Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen away. Against those team we have really struggled in the past and here we are with 9 points out those games. It really is a case of if this team weren’t so fucking inconsistent at home (Ibrox by the way, where we should be winning nearly every game) then we would be top. But alas we continue to be pish
  15. This squad

    We are probably good enough for 2nd but it’s no guarantee. Today was a wake up call for me. Cheers Rangers Shower of shitebags.