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  1. Last season we were the invisibles Thats no myth
  2. I don't think it's him. Too orange.
  3. Mr 9 Post
  4. Aye it would have been, not now though.
  5. You can guarantee that had this happened to the scum at their midden, to end their run. The fucking media would still be going on about this.
  6. I am a bit disappointed the board haven't come out and requested publicly an apology from that referee. Has to be one of the worst in recent memory. We can all accept a dodgy offside or a disputed penalty but this cunt was at it. It was clear the TLB told his players to get tore in which I can expect so if the referee wanted to lay a marker for his authority he should have started with Stokes. The club are just going to get rolled over. Say what you want about the scum but they have the referees scared to make a decision against them if they're unsure
  7. I never accused you of being a tarrier. I said you are probably friends with them. Dont be that retard that can't read a post.
  8. Shut up you anaw. Another tarrier arse licker.
  9. No as cringeworthy as you tongue fucking the tarrier arses. Bet you're the type of fan who knows LOADS of scum fans. Probably sit with them and agree they're superb blah blah blah. They laugh at you you know.
  10. Shut the fuck up man, what is it with wee internet wide cunts typing things on a screen they wouldn't say to your face. Away and marvel at your green and grey heroes. Without champions league they are fucked. £52m revenue with £57m expenses and that's before you take into account Sinclair Dembele and Rodgers wages. See once they can't get into the champions league because of the new system, their legal fees for past victims and compensation payments they'll start downsizing, things will balance out and you wont be seen anywhere near this forum!
  11. Twitter is one big playground. All the comments are mostly scum fans Fuck is wrong with these cunts
  12. Snodgrass will probably end up at the scum, was he on our books at one time. Someone else is saying he would be open to Rangers even though he is a mad paedo