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  1. I agree mate. Hopefully Dave King buys a couch and gets Graham Norton to do the interview. Could even add in a celebrity or two and a wee song song at the end. First Question Carlos: Geez a rendition of the Sash.
  2. Do we need to pay these cunts
  3. Got an email... will be here today. Pleasing.
  4. I'm always noticing the sly digs the scums marketing team are having at us. It's not very discreet either. Thats why i wish someone at Rangers would grow some balls and actually counter it. I'd love to see a billboard with something along the lines of: "Be part of a club with a history to be proud of, get your season ticket now"
  5. Alright mate. If I had an old username back in the day, what would be the first letter of it?
  6. Sorry for posting those I couldn't delete them. £3m is far too much, only because of the budget we have not his valuation. Its a shame if this doesn't go through.
  7. Hopefully mine will arrive tomorrow
  8. Fuck sake Lloyd, get out the bushes man
  9. It a summer with no football, does mad shit to already crazy people
  10. @Sonnybear1972
  11. And then someone posts someone with some sort of bird up their arse and then a poster puts: "That's no a goose"