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  1. Has the resident football fans been in to laugh at the scum yet?
  2. Cardoso Instagram

    I’d stick it right up the shitter. Birds no bad as well.
  3. Millers Agent

    Nae cunt at work then naw
  4. Tickets for games?

    The problem is the £7. That’s a rip off.
  5. Hearts vs Rangers - Premiership

    Looking for 1 more
  6. Blue Pieter

    Well I thought the OT had come to the BD
  7. Wee Spot in Europe

    My favourites are No Pope of Rome and Fields of Ulster
  8. Messi might miss world cup

    So that’s what GOATs username is all about.
  9. Player ratings

    I’d give a Windass a 2. He was honestly that bad. I feel sorry for him but he just doesn’t have it.
  10. Graham Dorrans

    Holt is a squad player at best. He pops up now and again but disappears far too often. Has made the difference the last 2 games with a little bit of fight, winning the penalty and then with the assist tonight. He has a good attitude and as someone said earlier he defends his team mates but his lack of creative ability means he is more of a luxury. Compliments a 451 well. I wouldn’t complain of having Pena Dorrans and Jack in the middle with Candeias and a new left winger, leaving Holt on the bench if we need fresh legs or injury/suspension cover. Cant take away his impact the last 2 games though.
  11. He looked like he didn’t put much effort in either, just knew exactly where it was going. Fucking hope he comes good, the players and manager are obviously seeing something we don’t in training because they all compliment him. Mon the fucking Pena
  12. I certainly hope so. I don’t think he got enough credit for his 2nd goal. That’s a great header.
  13. The Goals

    I forgot I had hit rewind to hear the fans singing about Sutton before the game started. Typed we are shite in the Bears Den match thread and posts before mine and after we’re just “yassssssss” “Pena!!!!!!!!” Lol Fucking great surprise 😂