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  1. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    Brilliant for the wee guy.
  2. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    I feel nothing regarding this and will carry on living my life.
  3. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

    We meet again
  4. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

  5. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

    Reading all this shite patter is like watching paint dry
  6. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

  7. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

    Casey or Gunslinger then
  8. Murphy & Dorrans Back In Training

  9. Jason Cummings

    Greyhound. Bad Smell.
  10. Usain Bolt

    Sign him. Long ball
  11. Curling Drugs ban.

    You’d need to be on drugs to play that shite
  12. What possible reason would you want to remember online personas for future reference
  13. WHAT a thread. Note to OP. Just cause it’s possible to catch chlamydia doesn’t mean we want to hear about it. We probably won’t win the league but fuck this thread
  14. Rangers Vs Hearts - Video

    Fuck sake. Must have had EBTs for their breakfast yesterday playing like that