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  1. I know, I'm just bemused at why I need to keep looking at his face.
  2. Rangers has been granted but Sevcos hasn't Lolz
  3. Not sure if serious
  4. I forgot he existed I think I'll go for a wee pint when he dies, much like I did with the one that kicked the bucket in Pakistan
  5. Who is in your avatar
  6. 21 years Get to fuck you!
  7. Why did Inverness' get refused?
  8. I'd withdraw
  9. £1.60 I won
  10. The only people who find it pathetic are the ones who take it too seriously.
  11. Still don't know what the fuck this means, and it's been going on for weeks now
  12. I realise you're not asking the fans to get involved but I just want to state how much of a coward Brown is, guy had to hire protection from Edinburgh he's that much of a wee bitch.
  13. He's fucking protected on a football pitch. A) Most fans have a brain and don't want banned or jailed therefore won't run on the pitch B) The players don't give a monkeys and anything they did do would just get them red card and miss potentially vital games Brown acts hard behind a sea of policemen and stewards, let's see the cunt do that to me outside when it's just me and him. Answer: He won't, coz he's a fucking pussy. He got red carded and put on his arse up at Ross County. Guys nothing but a loud mouthed shitebag hiding behind the authorities. As for our players, the less said about their desire the better. Guys couldn't give two monkeys about pride because their limited ability means it will be bashed every game. Fuck Griffiths and fuck Scott Brown.
  14. Put £20 in SkyBet, used £15 for the horse and £5 slots, won £40 Withdrew £30 and used a tenner for the following RB Leipzig, Southampton, Derby, Reading, Doncaster, Hearts to score 2+ goals £5, returns £155 £5 on all Prem games Sat and Sun over 2.5 goals returns £486 Put a bet on yesterday too Season 2017/2018 Rangers to win Prem 8/1 Man U to win Prem 11/4 Sheff Utd promotion from Champ 5/1 Portsmouth Promotion from LG1 5/2 £5 free bet returns £3538