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  1. Please Alves snap Browns leg in 18 places, but make sure you win the ball
  2. I'll say something about this board, specifically Dave King. He must have realised that everycunt was turning on him. If he backs Pedro with real cash and gets most of his targets, then credit where credit is due.
  3. Not brand new info I see
  4. ET reporting Bruno almost over the line
  5. Be lucky if there's room left.
  6. another one joining "The Ring"
  7. I think Dorrans will be worth the money, from what I heard, he is a right cheeky wee bastard who fucking hates the scum. That my friend, along with his ability (remember he was deemed good enough for the premier league) is exactly what we need
  8. Aye but surely someone on £20K per week and is contracted is worth a few Bob?
  9. It's because the amount of times people on follow follow have been talking pish and then any genuine ones might be overlooked.
  10. We all dream of a team of EBts
  11. Been looking for a transfer thread in here mate for a long time, wonder why there isn't any! Cheers mate
  12. Yes. Yes I do. Right after the final whistle when the guy stuck the finger up to the camera, the players fighting with the fans, fans crying at the side of the pitch, and the wee bald one absolutely gutted was amongst the best things I have ever seen on TV. It's not quite up there with lovenkrands cup winner or Edu last minute winner, but it's certainly enjoyable. The only thing that could have made it better was physically being there and witnessing it first hand.
  13. Sum ting Wong Shane
  14. Hi. I'm a bald wank
  15. Just posted losses of £1.5m, Bell has said on interview after the game that he worries for the players and staffs jobs. The manager is to sit with the chairman and work through a plan to build a team to win the league next year and find out who is to be let go. Oh how I laugh.
  16. They died yet
  17. Shite
  18. Bastard, you quoted me just before I edited it
  19. @Skelf
  20. No idea mate, got some people saying it's nearly done and now others saying it is dead.
  21. FF reporting deal is off. Club don't want him.
  22. Seeing where Rangers are now hurts me more than what he said. He can make amends for that on the pitch where it matters. I definitely agree that we are in no position to just pass him by when we are crying out for quality. This mhank team are nowhere near the teams of the past, they are a good side while the rest of Scottish football has went tits up since we were demoted. Just look at the amount of money the other teams are spending and how many contracts they are letting run out. They have done well to hide the fact that since we were away they struggled. The standard is diabolical and with additions of the quality of Naismith and other like him will have us back challenging in no time. We are third having had our worst season in recent memory, shows that it doesn't take a lot to get close to them.
  23. Fucking get him signed man, great player and exactly what we need, he wins some amount of headers, can score, can create and puts in a shift. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn't take him back. We are in a horrible position and I for one do not want to see these cunts so dominant. Fuck that press conference, it hurt at the time but I want winners, we need winners