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  1. Terrible 2nd half - but we are through to the next round- and still in Europe. We will certainly miss Jack in the next game.....................well done Rangers
  2. Still be a tough game- as they too still want to qualify- but I feel confident we will win with a 2-0 win....
  3. Of course our day will come- we were a far better team last Sunday, we are still in Europe, we are only 2 points behind the jammy cunts. It was a dreadful feeling to lose to them again and see them celebrating - but you just wait - I have supported this club for 60 years, been through the good times and bad times- but what I saw on Sunday, and before anyone said " our time will come " - I said " we will soon wipe the smile of your faces, as our time will come- just you wait and see. Release the kraken !!!!!!!!
  4. I was about the same- my first game was in 1969 - I was 10 years old, but my granddad always took me and my brother - then we were allowed to go to the games ourselves when we were 13. Always remember waiting outside the pub for the Rangers bus coming, when the adults were having a pint inside- good old days.....
  5. If we were 2-0 down- then fought back and made it 2-2 - we would be saying " good result away from home " I have to agree with a lot of comments being made on here - Flanagan is absolute shite - I do not think this team will win the league - and I am certainly not looking forward to Sunday .
  6. Just beat them and move on to the next game- 1-0, 2-0 or 5-0 - 3 points and keep the pressure on.....
  7. Come on the Gers- do us proud !!!!!
  8. Show no mercy !!!! 3 points and get these goals - 4- 0 to the Gers
  9. No chance !!!! he will be with us for a couple of more years -
  10. Tough place to go to- because of the pitch and their aggressive way of playing- but if we can come away with 3 points, this will maybe put us top of the league - as I have a feeling celtic will drop points tomorrow against Motherwell..
  11. He will be the best business deal Rangers have ever dealt with in our history
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