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    I live too far away to attend many matches.
  1. Tonight’s Goals

    Thank you.
  2. Atlético Mineiro Vs Rangers - Video

    Thank you for posting
  3. Alves

    When he came to Rangers, I thought he would do the job- be a brilliant captain and get stuck in and players would look up to him. Boy ! I was so wrong- he has been so shite and has done fuck all- this imposter has to go....................
  4. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all the Bears.
  5. Absent friends

    I lost my Mother 3 months ago, so I have a feeling what you are going through right now. Sincere condolences to you and your family .
  6. Rangers.

    I am the same as you- supported the Rangers for 58 years- I have seen the good and bad times- and right now, we are really bad - we will be back, but we need money pouring into the club. We have the support which any club would love to have- but without investment and good players and a manager that knows his football, we will continue fighting for 2nd or 3rd place for the years to come.
  7. Teams used to be shaking in their boots when they came to Ibrox - not anymore
  8. Rangers v Aberdeen. The goals.

    Thank you for posting the goals.
  9. This is certainly a bad time for us- no manager and the team is useless, but we are back in the league were we belong. I remember the John Greig years- Ibrox was empty, but I always got on the bus to see my Rangers every Sat and cheer them on. We will get it right and we will win the league, maybe next year or the year after- but money has to be found to buy players and the right players, who will play their hearts out for this club. We have the best supporters in the world and we deserve a lot better. We are not going to win any thing this season- so why not give more youngsters a chance and see what they have got, we have nothing to lose.
  10. Fuck sake !!!! just saw the score - no manager- no team- how much can we take ?
  11. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    Disappointed that Miller isn't playing - he has been there before on many occasions and he would have fought for every ball and played his heart out and maybe have scored the winner. We have players that have never ever played in a old firm derby - weather this is good or bad- we will soon find out
  12. The Rangers Travelogue, We Will Follow On

    Love seeing these old photo's - thanks for sharing.
  13. A win tonight would be a real boost- and hopefully some shocking results tomorrow.