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  1. Yeah! I am the same: We would have fucked it anyway, even if this corona thing never came to us - Time to stop their 10 in a row - but we need to bring in the players who will fight for this club . But I can not see where the money will come from to buy such players - the club hasn't made any money for months, plus we are still paying the wages for players & staff - so I do not know where we will stand when this is all over ?
  2. Alfredo will probably be sent off against the scum and lose more games with us- his attitude is all wrong for our club- he never seems to learn. If he goes at the end of the season, he will be sold for around 8 million - there is no way 20 million will be offered for this unpredictable & hot headed player.
  3. I voted: I dont want him to leave: WHY ? Well, it will only make matters worse, trying to find another manager as well and trying to and hopefully find a new team that will stop this 10 in a row shite. When we beat the scumbags - we all saw Gerrard's reactions.... he wants to win so badly and bring home the silver ware - but the team he is working with right now- do not have the same ambition as this man. I know that we will not be winning anything this year and we won nothing last year under him - but it will be worth the wait. As long as he gets the losers out the door and bring in footballers who want to win and play for the badge - then I will give him another chance - but if he still has this team next year - then I am afraid it's time up for the Liverpool legend....
  4. I will be shocked if he goes now- he has to stay and hopefully take us further in Europe- end this season and then think his future- whether it be with Rangers or move on.
  5. If it was a Rangers player that did this - he would have been sent off !
  6. That was what I was thinking - as he has to come on some time - so that was a waste of a sub
  7. 30 mins played and it's all hearts right now - I thought we would have played better than this.
  8. We know what has happened now- so you can stop calling your fellow Bears " Fannies "
  9. Okay ! enough of the Morelos talk.....................Come on the Rangers !!!!
  10. Could have dropped him to the bench - but out of the squad and this being a important game !!!! I do not get it....
  11. The club doesn't have to say what is wrong - but they can say "A leave of absence "
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