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  1. We haven't the money to buy any decent players - or we would have done it by now. I think we will stick to the squad we have and when those fuckers win 9 in a row - then we will beg, steal and borrow to bring in players to stop this 10-in-a-row
  2. It's on Swedish TV over here - watching the game- and I can not see us winning this one-
  3. SAUDI ARABIA’S Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is driving a £340million Newcastle takeover bid - and are also willing to invest £200m on players. Where was this Arab- when we needed the money eh!
  4. Happy Birthday Wullie - one of my boyhood hero's....
  5. I bloody hope we get another striker in- there is no other potential goal scorer sitting on our bench if Morelos gets injured / red carded / misses more games - and Defoe is not on his game or just more knackered - we should be able to bring on another striker who can do the job and help us win this league
  6. I have a funny feeling this is going to be a draw ! lets hope I am wrong
  7. I am quite surprised we haven't brought in another striker to cover us- Morelos can get more red cards and Defoe could get injured !!!! Hoping for a win here - I would also take 1-0 & those 3 points.
  8. What a waste of space this one was..... thank fuck he is gone !!!!
  9. The memories of the Ibrox disaster, has never left my heart - I was only 12 years old and wasn't allowed to go to this game. But the tv coverage, the newspapers and the talk on the street, has always stayed with me. We will never forget RIP absent friends.
  10. When we finally signed him- I was over the moon- as he loves this club and he will help us bring the titles back.
  11. Those 2 goals yesterday were world class- I have a Croatian friend and work mate- and he is now following Rangers because of Big Katic. I am sure after yesterday we will have a lot more Croatian's following the Famous Glasgow Rangers
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