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  1. So so sad News............ RIP Fernando
  2. I think he was ready and wanted so badly to be in the starting line up - it's just bad luck- and hopefully it's not too serious ....
  3. Gutted !!!! Okay they win the first game, but we will meet them on more occasions and I do believe we will beat them... ( just wasn't our day ) The cunts will lose to other teams- so put this game behind us and move on- we are still in Europe and there is a long way to go in this league. Just wish we brought in 2 more quality players- hopefully Kent will still come to us........
  4. Good result away from home - they will crumble at Ibrox - 3-0 to the Rangers next week
  5. Huge game for the Gers - hopefully we get a good result tonight - so come on Rangers
  6. Thanks for posting this.....
  7. A lot of Buzz on the transfer deadline about Kent ! if we get him, we get him- if we don't, we don't - We have a team in place and we have a game tonight.. So come on Rangers- lets kick some ass tonight and get that result we need !!!!!
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