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  1. Aye he did, some Chinese mob when he had 6 months left on his deal. It's fuckin nuts in China, we should sell the whole squad over there, easy 30-40m
  2. If Hearts can sell Osman Sow for 1.5 million I'd expect Tav to fetch at least 8
  3. Aye that's the headline but you can bet his comments have been blown out of all proportion
  4. Well to coin a phrase, no one likes us, we don't care. I actually don't care, those years showed us despite every last one of them uniting to fuck us over they couldn't keep us down, we packed out Ibrox and continued to sell season tickets in numbers they could only dream of. The whole of Scottish football tried to kill us off and they failed, fuck them, they're an irrelevance. Let them sing their songs cos it's all they have, a few lyrics that for a few minutes makes them feel bigger and better than us.
  5. I don't understand why people get so annoyed by these things, it's nothing new and will continue to happen as long and people continue to get their knickers in a twist. They're an irrelevance and should be ignored.
  6. I hope you're proud of that one!
  7. Aw fuck sake dry your eyes, it's all part and parcel. This doesn't even deserve a thread, away fans taunt the home fans at almost every game, I know a few hearts fans and tbh they're all brand new.
  8. Aye well hopefully you're right, might see a championship struggler come in for him and get back some of what we paid for him.
  9. It's not your imagination
  10. I'd like this much more if MOH had also been given his matching orders
  11. Well if you saw it one twitter I'd expect him to be signed by Monday then
  12. Never knew Paddington Bear was from Peru
  13. Got to be a good thing if he's training with the first team, maybe Pedro sees something in him and we might see a few of the younger boys get a run out before the season ends
  14. That's enough for me, get him signed!!
  15. What am I supposed to be offended by here? This isn't the first time and it won't be the last time a newspaper goes with a sensationalist headline, there's far more important things to be worrying about than this.