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  1. Got 4 goals pumped past them at home yesterday
  2. Haven't seen that anywhere but I fucking hope so.
  3. Another outstanding performance from the big man today, needs to be signed on a permanent basis before other clubs start sniffing around him.
  4. 'Surely, suuurely Aberdeen will have one chance at goal.'
  5. This thread was always gonna end up like this ?
  6. You just know some wee obsessed taig spends all his time 'googling' the same thing over and over so it shows up as one of th most searched for questions relating us ? The last question especially, clearly a taig
  7. I would like to see us take him to court for serious misconduct and recover some of his wages from him.
  8. DennyBlueNose


    Hahaha what a comeback!!
  9. DennyBlueNose


    Hahaha what a wee fanny, I'm not a chuechter. And yes, when you jump about calling people nobodies you imply you see yourself as somebody. You're just an angry wee man coming in here to start fights, your first comment in this thread was to slate our fickle fan base, what kind of reaction did you expect?
  10. DennyBlueNose


    Typical response from a nobody with delusions of grandeur
  11. Fuck the children.....oh wait, wrong team.
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