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  1. Millers Agent

    Aye right ye are ya fucking roaster, you've got a cheek pulling any cunt up with the shite you post!
  2. Millers Agent

    Who the fuck would actually take him?!
  3. Morales Cardosa

    Naw ye didny, ye made a shite joke
  4. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    Naw mate I'm not on ff, too late now anyway.
  5. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    Only one hour left on this, get yer bids in
  6. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    Meant to add although it says collection only on ebay she would be able to send it if need be.
  7. Signed & Framed Barry Ferguson Rangers Shirt

    This is still going if anyone hasn't seen it. Up to £72 quid now.
  8. Forum activity.

    I blame FSM and Queen's highway
  9. Andy Goram

  10. Forum activity.

    Didn't realise, they ought to advertise that better on here
  11. Forum activity.

    Needs a facebook page
  12. Linfield fans not happy

    A wee imaginary fan dreamed up by the author of the article
  13. Linfield fans not happy

    One greeting faced wee cunt masquerading as a Linfield fan.
  14. Old news

    The press targeting us is the old news, they're cunts and we've known it for a long time.