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  1. There's a long season ahead and Greg will get his chance to prove himself, way too early to write him off like your post implies
  2. We're 5 games into the fucking season, give it a rest
  3. Before the season started I would have thought Goldson and Helander would have been the preferred pairing but with the way Katic has been playing I can't see how he can be dropped.
  4. I would like to see us take him to court for serious misconduct and recover some of his wages from him.
  5. DennyBlueNose


    Hahaha what a comeback!!
  6. DennyBlueNose


    Hahaha what a wee fanny, I'm not a chuechter. And yes, when you jump about calling people nobodies you imply you see yourself as somebody. You're just an angry wee man coming in here to start fights, your first comment in this thread was to slate our fickle fan base, what kind of reaction did you expect?
  7. DennyBlueNose


    Typical response from a nobody with delusions of grandeur
  8. Fuck the children.....oh wait, wrong team.
  9. Let's spread the word far and wide, people need to know about this injustice, I may even take out an advert in a swiss paper to bring it to UEFA's attention. Sporting integrity is at stake here and something must be done
  10. Mate a fucking simpleton wrote those rules, it's mathematically impossible for a team to share the same goal differential and goals scored and not share the same goals conceded
  11. This doesn't really make alot of sense, the only eventuality that would see number of wins rule used would be everyone draws both games, losing the penalty shout out once and winning once while one team wins a game but loses the other. Same as the goals against rule, there is literally no way it can ever be used to decide the tournament winner, no eventuality could see it come into play. Seems crazy to have a tournament rule that can literally never be used. Although the Americans are a bit behind with 'soccer' it seems the wording of this could be misleading, I wonder if goal differential is the final deciding factor and the goals scored and goals against is clarifying what goal differential is.
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