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  1. Murtys 'Presser'

    Good to know Walter still takes an avid interest in us and is in and about the club, if Murty were to get the gig having someone like Smith to offer some advice would be a master stroke. I don't particularly like the idea of someone having a 'mentor' cos it sort of belittles and undermines them. However Walter popping in with the kids for a chat seems highly beneficial and as a true legend of our club his presence can only be a good thing.
  2. Murty and these December games

    Not just on here, your actual name!
  3. Fitness

    100%, his engine is outstanding. Said this the other day but he has come in and really staked a claim, McCrorie has taken the limelight but Holt has been fantastic these last few games.
  4. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Fod would have saved it anyway the game he was having
  5. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Nice try mate but it was 100% a penalty, he made a distinct motion towards the ball, aye the flick caught him off guard but he had time to react.
  6. Hardcore porn

    Ripping the heed aff it as we speak
  7. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    Never a penalty!!
  8. Fod

    I've been highly critical of him in the past but credit where credit's due, he was outstanding tonight
  9. Pena

    The Kranjcar situation really pisses me off, guys a complete waste of a wage and a good wage at that. Pena, for all his faults, has at least contributed something, just not enough to justify the money spent on him.
  10. Josh Windass & Murty press conference

    They're trying to undermine him, desperate to take away from the fact he's giving a good account of himself they want to point out some blindingly obvious facts about the role of a DOF. For the little experience he's had speaking with the press and playing their games he always handles them really well.
  11. This year being a write off

    For me he's a risk, he hasn't had to manage with the same level of expectation as he would have here and until he's under that sort of scrutiny we don' know how he'll react. I just don't see him as this messiah like you. Aye he was a good keeper but to he honest I didn't know he was a manager until he was linked with us, I don't tend to keep up on the Belgian or Saudi leagues. I don't think it's case of well Murty is here so let's just go with that, what I said was that I hope he gives the board a dilemma and makes the most of his chance, if he takes us to the new year and keeps us winning then I don't think the board can sack him especially if he does a turn on the tims. If he doesn't do well then he'll go back to youth coach or leave. I will as always be willing him to succeed and I don'y anything wrong with hoping he becomes manager because essentially I'm hoping he and we keep winning. Let me ask you this, let's say he keeps winning and gets a result against the tims and closes the gap further, do you think it's fair that he goes? Writing him off because he's a youth coach is as daft as writing anyone off cos they're foreign
  12. This year being a write off

    Or perhaps the Grim Reaper would be more apt with all you merchants of doom in here. Most of the opinions expressed in this thread are of disbelief that we've somehow found ourself within a couple of victories of top spot, that a few weeks back it looked like the manky mob had it sewn up, for a change there's a bit of positivity in the air knowing that if we can sort our shit out (which is a big ask) that there is a chance we can take the fight to them. I mean fuck me it's a long shot, we know that and no one is in here saying our woes are behind us and life's all good again. Simply that for once and for the first time since we returned to the top flight it seems there's a chance here that we should capitalise on it. Aye if we get beat tomorrow and the gaps goes to to 8 and we drop from 2nd then it's an even longer shot, but as it stands, right now we are a 5 points off top and that is something that didn't seem likely earlier this season.
  13. This year being a write off

    What about MPH makes you think he's the right man for the job? Not trying to be smart I just don't see what people see in him. I think he's never really had a job as big as us, he's overachieved with some clubs but the weight of expectation at Rangers is different to any club he's been at in the past. Whether he's foreign doesn't matter one iota to me and it shouldn't.
  14. This year being a write off

    So who's the alternative? I said in an earlier post that we needed to strengthen and appoint full time a manager. It certainly isn't McIness who was humbled by Murty twice in one week. I don't know if that's Murty but as he's been given til the turn of the year I hope he gives the board a dilemma. If he can keep us winning then he makes it hard replace him. The experience argument doesn't stack up for me, aye he's got limited experience of first team management but he has an abundance in experience of Rangers and he more than any manager we've had for the last 6 years gets what it takes to manage our great club. At the end of the day all managers have to start somewhere. Look in an ideal world we'd be debating which former world cup winning manager we wanted but the reality is none of the names being banded about fill me with great optimism. Murty has an advantage being caretaker, effectively having a trial run, if he continues to do well and is given the gig then I'll be right behind him cheering them on as ever.
  15. What's their problem?

    They're miserable bastards who will never be happy