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  1. What I take from those statements is Brenda is trying to use mind games on the refs, trying to remind Don that if he fucks up there will be hell to pay and he'll be expected to make a grovelling apology. Caixinha is essentially doing the same thing but he wants them on side, rather than scaring them with the potential fallout he saying these things happen, we're all human, no hard feelings. If I was a referee reading those two articles I'd be naturally drawn to our side as we're less hostile towards them. Caixinha knows what he's doing and just because their approach has worked for them in the past doesn't mean it will this time. I have to say so far that PC and his statement has really impressed me and not for the first time.
  2. What a shame, thoughts are with his family. Always love the big for man that goal. RIP Ugo
  3. Bring it back to what every cunt is arguing about
  4. Always a sad time when you lose someone so close to you, chin up mate. RIP Sandy & Joe
  5. 100% agree with you, JJ is by far the better appointment but had McCann been given it I would have been happy with it compared to some other names being floated around. I think it shows he has a good character with the help he's offered Dundee, nothing wrong with remembering your roots.
  6. To be fair I wouldn't have been against his appoinment as a coach as he seems to be pretty switched on but I'm happy with JJ, don't know what planet the folk saying he should have been manager are on.
  7. Clown shoe!!
  8. Not if you're that bitter rat Sutton, can hardly string two words together without looking a complete cunt.
  9. I don't think they did mate, their fans were far more understanding of our situation since they'd been victims of financial mismanagement over the years. It was the tramps down the road and that prick Thompson who were the main protagonists. If McCann keeps them up I'd be happy for him and them.
  10. Doesn't make him a manager though. That said I wish him all the best for Dundee, hope he does a good job and if he does well then you just never know.
  11. It will be somewhere up in the 900's after the scuddy channels
  12. I don't think it was actually him tho, one of those wee obsessed cunts thinking they were funny and then thought better of it cos of the backlash they would have got if they were outed.
  13. Very peculiar, maybe the wee rat behind it never expected such a furore and didn't want the backlash.
  14. Wouldn't at all be surprised in there was media cohesion in this, we all know they love a good anti-Rangers story and they'll get plenty of them from this if it plays out how I expect it to.