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  1. The optimist in me wants to think Pena will come good but the longer this farce goes on the more unlikely that becomes.
  2. Would take more than King is willing to spend to put something like that together.
  3. The good thing about O'Halloran doing well is if it continues we might get a few bob for him from an English side.
  4. Fair enough mate, ultimately I hope they get what they want just not how I like to see things done. Based on the statement it doesn't look like the board has handled this well either. This could go one or two ways, either the club fold to the pressure or they dig their feet in and remove any other offers they've made. I sit to the right of the dugouts so have a great view of them, without them there most songs wouldn't make it past the first verse.
  5. I don't know the ins and outs mate, just don't like to see this sort of thing unless it's absolutely necessary.
  6. Sorry but I feel they should have sought more dialect with the club before running off greetin. We've enough enemies without our own having a go at us, watch how the media spin this as a fans revolt against the club. I completely back their goal, I'm all for it. I just don't think going public is the way forward.
  7. Who really gives a fuck, couldn't score in a bucket of fannies for us so they're irrelevant
  8. I think he thought he was being clever, it really is a horrendously written piece. Guess he is just writing in a style that the cretins who read this nonsense will understand. /How some still believe there is no media bias against us us beyond me.
  9. I thought the same mate, usually his fan club are all over these types of posts. Maybe the realisation has hit.
  10. One of the scum ran half the pitch to confront Jack, the was a bit of a grapple and that wee prick went down like he'd been hit by a sniper. Couldnt see who it was who went down but he knew exactly what he was doing the wee prick.
  11. Been saying this for a long time, not even close to Rangers class. Was made to look better because of the absolute charlatans we had last season. He's a decent shot-stopper but the rest of his game is absolutely god awful. Don't know if Alnwick is the answer but got to be worth giving him his chance.
  12. Was there today and they're selling 2015 shirts and plenty of folk were buying them, mostly for the wee yins tbf. Heard a guy saying to the staff he'd been all over glasgow trying to get one, the big guy working in the shop said 'save yourself the bother, you'll no get one.'
  13. Prso wasn't exactly prolific for us either, he was tireless workhorse who worked for his team mates and came up with some really important goals. If Herrera can do that for us then we're onto a winner, if Morelos can be our Boyd then 55 here we fucking come
  14. I reckon that was PC's plan when he brought the two of them in. As you said Miller comes too deep too often to benefit from a big target man. Hopefully the cup game tonight will he a chance for the two of them to get a start together and see how things gel.
  15. My wee boys 16 months at the moment so a bit young to go but I've got him the towels, teddies and plenty of other stuff to plant the seed. I've already thought about the first time we go, we'll go with her dad cos he's a good bluenose too and will love it cos so far he's only had daughters and granddaughters and hasn't really had the chance yet. My missus used to go when she was younger but hardly goes these days. I used to go with my mate and his da and he used to put a wee bet on for us even when we were 7/8, I'd love to do the same for the wee man but don't know if the missus would be too happy