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  1. Motherwell semi-final

    Anything can happen in football mate, I'm hoping they do an an Arsenal and turn to horseshit as soon as this run ends.
  2. Dave King

    I think along the same lines, Dave King isn't perfect by any means but at the moment he's our best option. His biggest problem is that he let's his mouth write cheques his arse can't cash. Ultimately he doesn't mean us any harm, I'm not sure he's got deep enough pockets though. I don't exactly think it will take Al that much in the grand scheme of things, if King really wanted to challenge this season he should have made another £8-10 mlllion available and Mark Allen should have been allowed to bring in 2 or 3 first team players. I mean he's missed a trick really, if he'd the extra funds available then he'd have a good chance of seeing a return on it. Anyone could see we were short of a couple of players and with fuck all done to address that it shows you where Dave King's boundaries are, unfortunately at that rate we will take years upon years to return to the top, countries like Italy, France and Russia have a one team league and that's where we are and and will be unless something is done about it.
  3. We need an enforcer

    Is John Eustace still available?
  4. Am I watching a different game

    Only time you'll be under any fanny unless it's yer auld dears
  5. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Hopefully this is the start of the media love-in with them coming to an end, I mean it's all well and good when they go unbeaten for so long but when you have scummy pricks like Griffiths showing utter disrespect to everyone, not just Rangers, the wiping his bogeys on the corner flag, the attempt to tie the scarf again and his overall demeanour is not that if a professional footballer. He genuinely feels untouchable, the fact he tried to tie the scarf shows you how little respect he has for his fellow professionals, a few weeks earlier and he was suspended for acting in such a way but yet in his own country he's doing it week in week out with little or no repercussions, the only difference between his antics in Europe and domestically is UEFA aren't scared to punish him whereas the SFA bow down the them at almost every turn.
  6. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    Should have been used like that the whole season, what a servant for the club over the years but at his age he should be an impact sub at most similar to how Totti saw out his last few years at Roma.
  7. ***New Sub-Forum, Please Read***

    You don't
  8. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Hopefully we will do, would have been a huge boost to have him in the squad now tho.
  9. Jardel against us

    I actually believe that, he's a fighter and he'll keep pushing to improve. The performance the other night showed the work rate on the guy, he's going to the very top IMHO
  10. Jardel against us

    Bring back the dislike button
  11. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Should of signed him
  12. SPFL statement

    Everycunt was underhand mate, the whole thing was driven by Liewell and his puppets. I think what we're seeing now is the rest of the club's waking up to the fact they were led down the river the c****c, sold a fairytale about how they'd benefit from Rangers absence, extra tv money and placement prizes to go round and if that's not enough it's all in the name of sporting integrity. The fuckers have all realised now that the only ones to benefit from this were the scum and all of a sudden they all want to be pals again, fuck them, I hope they never find themselves in a position like we were, I seriously doubt their 600 season ticket holders would be able to keep them going.
  13. SPFL statement

    Aye cos he wrote it
  14. SPFL statement

    Ooft mate the misery, the shit we've had to go through as a support, it's not til you sit and think about it that it starts to sink in. The worst of those days will only make 55 even more sweeter. Not that I'm under any illusions it will be this or even next season but it will come and when it does Glasgow is never going to have seen a title party like it, trust me the streets will be awash with blue, Manchester will look like a wee get-together in comparison. That's one good thing I take away from all we've been through, it has solidified our support, we've been to hell and back and we've came out singing.
  15. SPFL statement

    Shame they don't like soap and water