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  1. POTY contender in my opinion
  2. Dunno if it's been posted elsewhere but seems there's a few outlets claiming Warburton is after Wes, wouldn't be a huge loss imo and certainly replaceable if we get decent money..
  3. It was on Rangers rumours too so there could be something in it
  5. And his command of his area, huge gaping holes in his game but he pulls off a few saves here and there and people think he's amazing. If he goes then we need backup or someone to challenge alongside Alnwick for number 1 spot. Would be slightly nervous to start the season with a boy we've only seen play for 90 minutes. I remember when Alnwick came in a did the usual bit of research on him and he seems to have the potential to be a top goalkeeper.
  6. I just don't see it that way, I'd be happy to see the back of him. He's massively overrated by some in our support. Of course it depends on the fee but if offered £2 mil + then that is a good deal to me.
  7. Why can't the Queen wave with this hand? *waves left hand* Cos that's my hand.
  8. If they had got McInnes in and backed him the way they have with PC then ST sales would be healthy. I think the board brought him in because they thought he could take the team to the next level and for all of our sakes I hope they were right.
  9. Some already are lol
  10. Anno mate, I can understand people questioning it after progres but writing him off this early is a joke. I think the 5-6 years of bullshit we've had has made some of us eternally pessimistic about our future. I'm actually looking forward to the new season, seems like a good few players coming in are a massive upgrade on last year.
  11. And Forrester is much the same imo, sooner he's gone the better
  12. And if Senderos is still hanging about why not give him a few games to win a new deal
  13. I'm an optimist, it's hard to know just how good or bad this group of players are but the way I see it we have a better squad this season than we did last.
  14. No, just realistic, still a month to go to the season starts and when it does I reckon he'll get at least 10 games which will take us up to the timeframe I mentioned. I sincerely hope he gets longer and pushes the scum all the way,, granted we've not been given much cause for optimism but it's a bit premature to start looking for a replacement when the season still hasn't started.
  15. Well he's not going anywhere for at least 4-5 months the way the board have backed him and until then we ought to get behind him and the players.
  16. Love your enthusiasm, you just never know. The way some people on here go on you would think they want him to fail
  17. Pedro is our manager and until he isn't I'll give him my backing. Aye he's had a rough start but cunts throwing the towel in already is a joke.
  18. Get him to fuck anyway, waste of a good wage imo
  19. Don't underestimate the amount he wasted on wages, don't think Barton, Nike & Senderos came cheap. A good few mil wasted there easy.
  20. No Joe Hart is a donkey, might have had the potential early on and could have been one of the greats but imo his major downfall was his attitude, he thought he was better than he was and believed the hype that surrounded him. I also think Dorrans will be a standout this season, also quite hopeful that Morelos will bag a fair few goals. I love Kenny but I just hope we're not so reliant on him this season.
  21. Ok so let's back track then. Yes plum, I am aware Joe Hart was England number 1 and won the league at city, why do you ask?
  22. There's a difference between a typo and a nonsense post that made zero sense.
  23. I just don't get your point, it's doesn't really make sense in the context we had been discussing.