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  1. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    Should have been used like that the whole season, what a servant for the club over the years but at his age he should be an impact sub at most similar to how Totti saw out his last few years at Roma.
  2. ***New Sub-Forum, Please Read***

    You don't
  3. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Hopefully we will do, would have been a huge boost to have him in the squad now tho.
  4. Jardel against us

    I actually believe that, he's a fighter and he'll keep pushing to improve. The performance the other night showed the work rate on the guy, he's going to the very top IMHO
  5. Jardel against us

    Bring back the dislike button
  6. Have a giggle at Aberdeen thread

    Should of signed him
  7. SPFL statement

    Everycunt was underhand mate, the whole thing was driven by Liewell and his puppets. I think what we're seeing now is the rest of the club's waking up to the fact they were led down the river the c****c, sold a fairytale about how they'd benefit from Rangers absence, extra tv money and placement prizes to go round and if that's not enough it's all in the name of sporting integrity. The fuckers have all realised now that the only ones to benefit from this were the scum and all of a sudden they all want to be pals again, fuck them, I hope they never find themselves in a position like we were, I seriously doubt their 600 season ticket holders would be able to keep them going.
  8. SPFL statement

    Aye cos he wrote it
  9. SPFL statement

    Ooft mate the misery, the shit we've had to go through as a support, it's not til you sit and think about it that it starts to sink in. The worst of those days will only make 55 even more sweeter. Not that I'm under any illusions it will be this or even next season but it will come and when it does Glasgow is never going to have seen a title party like it, trust me the streets will be awash with blue, Manchester will look like a wee get-together in comparison. That's one good thing I take away from all we've been through, it has solidified our support, we've been to hell and back and we've came out singing.
  10. SPFL statement

    Shame they don't like soap and water
  11. SPFL statement

    Only they would still be able to see themselves as the victims, demoted to bottom tier, player & tv payments withheld, lost over £30 million worth of assets, passed from one unscrupulous owner to another. This last 5-6 years has cost us anywhere from £50-100 million and you still have these fucking cretins crying foul like we've been part of some conspiracy. Fuckwits the lot of them.
  12. Mccrorie...

    I hope that was sarcasm
  13. Herrera as lone striker on Saturday

    What's the actual point of these
  14. Saturday, the manager and the season ahead

    I sincerely hope I am proved wrong but things aren't looking great for Pedro, the two Mexican boys seems a strange one considering they're our biggest outlay and we've not seen much to suggest it was money well spent.
  15. That's a nice wee story, sounds like shite to me. Sounds like you just made that up to imply Rangers fans were singing songs that broke the law you put as the thread title.
  16. Mccoist on BT

    He's trying to show he's not biased towards us and fitting in with his new Rangers hating buddies. He's a fucking sell out but we already knew that.
  17. Morelos Goal

    Genuinely excited to see how good this boy can become for us, he's easily getting 20 plus goals this season and will only get better as he matures.
  18. New Songs To Sing

    Are you flirting with me?
  19. New Songs To Sing

  20. New Songs To Sing

    Sarcasm isn't witty and it isn't funny. Of course it's been suggested, plenty of folk don't still sing the real words though, I see it every other week, the songs fade off and will continue to do so until something changes. Are you trying to tell me FF & the BB still gets the crowd going the same way it used to in years gone by? I'm not particularly keen on changing words but if we can slightly adjust it to have the same meaning and it means we get to sing them then why not.
  21. 3 x U20s Pushing Close To First Team Action

    I heard he posts under BlueMexican now
  22. New Songs To Sing

    The syllables are all over the place, the lyrics are atrocious and show absolutely no imagination. On a side note I do think there isn't a song that truly has the place bouncing any more, I sit in East enclosure and what I see every game is a song being started by the BO, the crowd gets behind it up until about 'you'll know us by our noise' then a sort of mumble then most people start to sit back down. I actually think having some of most iconic songs reworded would massively improve the atmosphere at games. I don't particularly like the idea of changing the lyrics but if it keeps the club out of trouble and keeps some of our oldest traditional songs going then surely that's a good thing. I'm not suggesting making wholesale changes to songs but Billy Boys for example , has had the place bouncing over the years except now if we sing it we could face being arrested and the club fined, the 'offending' word fenian could easily be substituted without really affecting the meaning for example celtic/timmy/micky. Surely this keeps the purests happy, the PC brigade happy and keeps telling place rocking. Probably gonna get roasted for it but it's either adapt or these songs will fade off and will eventually stop being sung.
  23. FIFA in the Stands

    That's what I was gonna say mate, weans these days are fucking sharks on fifa. My two wee nephews run rings round me and they're 7 & 10.
  24. Seems slanty eyes is losing his grip on Scottish football, cue the outcry from all the usual suspects. The Scottish FA has written to member clubs advising it will not participate in any independent review into the game's response to Rangers' use of Employee Benefit Trusts. The governing body's stance would appear to rule out any football-led review into the way the Ibrox club's use of the tax scheme was handled. The Scottish Professional Football Leaguecalled for a review in July. That followed a Supreme Court ruling in HMRC's favour in respect of EBTs. More than £47m was paid to Rangers players, managers and directors between 2001 and 2010 in tax-free loans. However, HMRC argued the payments were earnings and should be taxable, eventually winning their case after two tribunals in 2012 and 2014 previously found in Rangers' favour. Rangers tax case - what does it mean? Who were the EBT beneficiaries? In a letter to member clubs, the SFA said they received correspondence from the SPFL on behalf of all 42 league clubs with "an invitation to participate in the proposed review", and that one unnamed club had also written individually to the SFA calling for the review to take place. "After careful consideration, the Board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review," the SFA said in their letter. "The Scottish FA is currently examining the detail of what was said in the most recent court cases and you can be assured that the matter will be dealt with by the Compliance Officer if there is any suggestion that the organisation has been knowingly misled in any of the matters that came before it. "However, the image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by 'raking over the coals' of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time. Image copyrightSNS Image captionSPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster wanted an independent review of Scottish football governance "No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club. Nevertheless, the Board of the Scottish FA is resolute. "It has acted with integrity and in the best interests of Scottish football at all times." SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster revealed in July that the league had taken legal advice following the Supreme Court judgement, which ruled out any further sanctions on the Ibrox club by the league. The SPFL chairman Ralph Topping supported calls for an independent review and said the league would "seek to agree terms of reference with the Scottish FA". A 2013 Scottish Premier League commission had found that Rangers were in breach of player registration rules during the EBT period. Headed by Lord Nimmo-Smith, the commission fined the Ibrox club £250,000 but resisted calls for them to be stripped of titles won during that period. However, following the Supreme Court ruling in favour of HMRC, celtic said they expected the SPFL to review the 2013 decision that their city rivals "did not gain any unfair competitive advantage".
  25. SFA refuse to reopen case against Rangers

    Aye neither do I mate, not on the scale of it but in the context of the last few months since the BTC was finalised and they started their strip the titles pish this is most definitely a victory.