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  1. Alfredo

    Disgusting thing to say
  2. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    Holloway's a wank!!
  3. Alfredo

    Honestly thank fuck that time in our history is over.....Sandaza, Daly, Cribari, Faure to name a few. Pisses me off to think how much money has been wasted down the years.
  4. Alfredo

    Faure? He was shite anol
  5. Alfredo

    Don't rate him at all
  6. third lanark

    Apart fae Tav, he could lace aw their boots in one go
  7. Just imagine for a moment Walter made a return for the 3rd time, probably never happen but how amazing that would be.
  8. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

  9. Cummings Reaction

    Ties a scarf round the post on the way out
  10. Cummings Reaction

    Cos you know he will get right under the skin of the opposition, cocky wee shit but he's our cocky wee shit
  11. Scotsman article

    Too many cunts waiting to he offended by the press, he used certain parallels to try and make the story relevant and get more hits but he also mentions how successful CM was here, winning 12 trophies, I'd say on a whole the story was positive about us. Don't get me wrong, some of the press will use every opportunity to have a dig at us but this wasn't one of them, people getting all worked up about this just looks like paranoia.
  12. Scotsman article

    The first sentence 'bit' where it tells you CM wasn't the manager of Brisbane Roar. I know it wasn't meant to be serious, I would have just preferred if your poor attempt at humour was factually accurate. Had you said 'Mark Allen better hope we never see a number peeling off....' I wouldn't have minded,
  13. Scotsman article

    Reading the article before commenting is so overrated
  14. Scotsman article

    He isn't the manager
  15. Scotsman article

    I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be offended about, if what happened was caused by Moore's negligence then he deserved to go.
  16. They'll cite the enviable transport links and recent regeneration of the surrounding area as the reasons castle greyskull was chosen over other options. Nothing to see here, move along....
  17. 100% they will get a stadium revamp out of this
  18. Mark Allen

    Pena and Herrera deals were done before MA joined, as were most of PC's signings
  19. Jamie Murphy

    Different class to what we've had over the last few seasons
  20. Tavernier take a bow

  21. Keeper and defence tonight

    This window better hurry up and fucking close
  22. The Board

    We're also unbeaten in 3 including a dominant performance against the tims that we were supposed to lose
  23. Tav

    Hahaha what a comeback!!
  24. Tav

    Hahaha what a wee fanny, I'm not a chuechter. And yes, when you jump about calling people nobodies you imply you see yourself as somebody. You're just an angry wee man coming in here to start fights, your first comment in this thread was to slate our fickle fan base, what kind of reaction did you expect?
  25. Tav

    Typical response from a nobody with delusions of grandeur