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  1. Defending corners.

    We defended 16 corners successfully agains St Johnstone on Friday. This time last year we would have conceeded at least one goal from them, more than likely 2 or more. Refreshing to see some progress being made in that department.
  2. Millers Agent

    Miller's agent is only making things worse for all parties concerned and should shut the fuck up.
  3. Ashley

    He wasn't the only one. Lots of Ashley supporters in the Boredroom section have been saying for years that; our board couldn't alter the retail deal (wrong!), that he would take us to court and win (wrong!), King would go to prison (wrong!), Ashley would starve us out (wrong!), he'd run rings round the sfa (wrong!), and he'd sell Newcastle and buy us (wrong!). All because he is a billionaire. There were times when I thought Mikey was paying people (less than nmw of course) to post in there.
  4. Ashley

    How can he sweep Club 1872 away? Is he going to eat them?
  5. Ashley

    He can't own 100% of our club.
  6. Ashley

    Aye, he did so much for us first time around.
  7. Ashley

    Fat mess won't be buying shares in Rangers.
  8. Butcher's Son.

  9. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    Hope it isn't literaly a pie or we are doomed!
  10. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    He's already on a zero goals contract. Let's not confuse poor Josh any more than need be.
  11. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    That they will still only last 2 washes.
  12. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    More likely to eat Burger King out. Apparently every stone you lose in weight adds a year to your life. If Mikey were to go on a diet he could potentially live to be 200.
  13. Fat Mike puts Newcastle up for sale: thoughts?

    Tough crowd. People in the Boredroom section love him.
  14. Defending corners.

    Fair point. Hopefully that will come with time.
  15. Defending corners.

    Agreed. MW usually had 10 players defending crosses with very little outlet for the clearances. Bruno might not be the fastest on his feet but is confident in the air and reads the ball well.
  16. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Don't fight it big boy.
  17. McInnes- is it now or never?

    You are right. Don't want you wee bitches scratching my perfect skin.
  18. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Stop arguing or I will have to knock both of you out.
  19. McInnes- is it now or never?

    We would only be second best under him. He simply isn't good enough to match the taigs. There isn't a vacancy anyhow, and I think Pedro will come good for us. His team is starting to gel and he can strengthen further in the January transfer window. Derek can stick with his beloved sheep and settle for third place this season.
  20. 6 points, 7 goals - no Miller

    And breathe.... You are safe Kenny's wife won't retweet that incoherent jumble of words. Kenny was a good servant to us but age has caught up with him. I'm glad Perdo finally realised it.
  21. Pedro - recruitment.

    Pedro didn't sign Windass. Josh was tripping over his own feet for us a season before Pedro met him. Pedro got him to cut his hair and bin the Alice band though which was more than MW ever did.
  22. McInnes- is it now or never?

    Sacked for winning an away game 3-0. Mental!
  23. Nemane

    Waste of a jersey. A piss poor MW signing who shits out of tackles and runs really fast in a straight line when in possession like a retarded irish setter with a tennis ball in it's gub.
  24. The position of goalkeeper

    😂 Great patter mate.
  25. The position of goalkeeper

    He clearly isn't a world class player. Time is on his side though