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  1. Fucking fake news fud.
  2. Don"t hold back!
  3. The days when a Rangers player can do a few fast sprints in training then walk into the team are over.
  4. Laser pens that weren't invented pointed at players who weren't even in the country? Takes fantasy football to a whole different level. The record truly are scum!
  5. Ordered a tracksuit top for myself and a home top for the wife the other day. Will order a top for myself once manly size XLs are back in stock. Bought my 2 year old daughter the away strip. She will know wbat it is as she says "Rangers Dad!", whenever I wear our crest, then "Puma!" A Wee Bearette in the making. She's not getting a pet puma though.
  6. Think I will cry if Waghorn starts.
  7. The bookies has us at 1-16 to win mate a d 11-1 to draw. I know the taigs got beat away from home by a diddy team but their away record in Europe is abysmal. Thry also got raoed 7-1 by Barca ad I likr to remund them. Im sure our fans will be patient considering the circumstances.
  8. 1to 16 for us to win? Seems the bookies think we will breeze this game. I hope they are right.
  9. Just checked there. You would struggle to get 2 seats together in most of the sections.
  10. I Thought the game would sell out but am pleasantly surprised just how quickly it happened. What a debut this will be for our new players. A packed Ibrox singing loud and proud for our return to Europe. The atmosphere will be electric. Hopefully get a good win and get the season off to a flying start.
  11. Try getting a taxi from South Africa for an old firm game mate.... see how much that cost you!
  12. Answer the bloody question! Can't stand here with my trousers round my ankles all day you know.
  13. You not meant to be banned?
  14. Were you? Post a ticket stub as proof.
  15. Bad day when King goes to more games than you....
  16. The OP is a HUGE Rangers fan.
  17. Sounds a bit gay. You a giver or a taker?
  18. He will be over this thread like a rash. Standing up for the Rangers haters and trying to convince us big Jock never knew. Just hope he doesn't go on about how he only works for them to feed his five chickens and cat.
  19. Rangers have banned the Daily Record. Your very own good Proddie Rangers loving admin team have unanimously decided that all references to their articles on here be deleted and the offending posters banned for life. Reading your previous posting history you come across as a bit of a bore, so no great loss.
  20. You will reveive an oversized paper ticket mate, like those cheques they give to charities. Best book another seat on the train/plane/automobile so you have some leg space on the journey. PM me for more useful tips.
  21. Managed to get two tickets for the Sandy Jardine Front there. Happy days!!!!
  22. As far as i know tickets are on general sale for the home leg against Progrès Niedercorn on Sunday. So my question is, will I be able to purchase them shortly after midnight on Saturday or will I have to wait until the ticket office opens on Sunday and releases them for sale?
  23. I think it's hilarious. I doubt King really thinks they have won only two titles. He is winding them right up.
  24. Cheers mate.
  25. Fed up waiting more than a minute to buy a pie? Scared of large noisy crowds? Frustrated you can't park 10 feet from the front door? A bit anti-social and can't be annoyed with cunts? Then come support Dundee Utd, a local club for local people who can't be bothered with all the hastle.