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  1. I was all for giving him a new contract as long as he was used sparingly as a sub. Sadly he has started every game. He is becoming the new Jig. Starting every game, played in positions he does not feel comfortable in and losing any pace he had whilst the fanbase gradually turns against him. I'd start young Hardie before him or play one up front and pack the midfield.
  2. Because of last weeks refereeing farce Pedro introduced poor refereeing decisions into training. Next week he is going to have the team train in the shower room.
  3. Agreed. That result was bad enough without all the bunny boilers swooning over duds that couldn't make the grade with us.
  4. Because Kenny trains well?
  5. Brass neck. 65% possession,10 shots and only 2 on target. Too many chances wasted and nobody to convert any of our 13 corners. Truly pathetic!
  6. Anything to stand up for your pal King!! Should maybe pull down Stirling and Edinburgh castles too. Well past their sell-by dates.
  7. Fucking drama queen!
  8. They are an eysore and a waste of money. Like a beautiful woman going on a date but putting on too much make-up and looking like a cheap whore.
  9. Piss poor attempt.
  10. Which blade of grass is he?
  11. Stay off the lager shandies. We should seek justice, just no need for a statement from the board eveey week. It was that way when we were in the lower divisions and being fucked over. The level of referee hasn't improved much. 3 red carfs were rescinded yestaerday. 3 potentially match deciding deciscions. It's not only us who notice it.
  12. I do not see what good a statement from the board will do. We won the appeal. The standard of refereeing in Scotland is atrocious. The board should take the SFA up on for example, why Stokes can commit multiple assaults and stay on the pitch. It should be left at that though instead of feeding the media yet another story. Seems as if some aren't happy unless we have a weekly statement. Can only assume the Boredroom section regulars need a wee fix to tide them over.
  13. I think Pedro has brought in some good players and knows how to inspire them into training hard and giving their all in matches. The concern most of us have is wether he is tactically astute, because if it turns out he isn't his good signings and motivational techniques will count for nothing.
  14. I'd rather our players and manager were thinking positive and trying to improve every training day for the next match. We need our team to be confident for the fight ahead. Players thrive on confidence. We are rid of guys who were just here for the big salary. We have a team who train hard and want to achive things. Surely better than last seasons team who would tools and hide when the going got tough.
  15. I always try to make this match. Will be off work before my holiday so should be a goer.
  16. The OP has a juniors season ticket. Hope his mum can make the match. 2-1 to the mighty Rangers.
  17. You need a very good midfield with defensively reliable wingers and back ups on the bench to pull a 352 off imo. It's a good idea, but we lack the depth of squad to pull it off. Imagine one of our CBs were injured or sent off. Imagine our wingers were shite defensively..... I think we should stick to a simple 442 until we have a more adaptive squad. We are at least 3 or 4 signings away from that just now.
  18. These days is two words btw. Pedantic loyal. Doesn't now days sound better anyhow?
  19. Miller should never wear the captain's armband again. He should have been protesting to the referee not standing about like a shitebag then giving their scummy players the benefit of the doubt afterwards.
  20. Shows how biased the ref was that he punched Tavs and wrapped his arms round his neck and only got a yellow. The prick probably only gave him it to avoid a future ban. Sickening.
  21. Terrorist supporters like their child murdering idols never attack from the front. Surely this video evidence should be used to get the inbreed a ban.
  22. You will all look like mugs when Alardyce wins us the treble!
  23. Aye, they are stacking up and he is under constant pressure. Our players will have to step it up a notch or we will end up trophless again.
  24. We could have finished the game off in the first 5 minutes, the sending off put us on the back foot and the refereeing was abismal. I do see improvements though. To name but a few Windass is starting to look like a footballer and Tavs has scored in each of the last two games. Something he failed to do all last season. If Pedro can improve the new players to a similar degree within the next month then we will have a solid team.
  25. His dad should have shown how to mark wee ginger junkies and to aim clearances towards his own players. Very dissapointed in Bruno today.