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  1. I know a lassie who works for Barrhead Travel. Will give her a phone.
  2. I think Lee would be a good candidate. Would he give up his current post though? I'm sure he'd put his name forwards if he was interested. No invitation required.
  3. No me mention of a tour guide then. Pedro has already had the Ibrox Tour. He also mentions coaching him in the way he puts things into practice and a knowledge of opponents. MW need not apply then.
  4. He isn't looking for a tour guide he is looking for an assistant coach. Where do you get shit like this from? How can anyone watch Pedro's interviews and conclude we are looking for a tour guide when he never mentions the phrase? English is Pedro's second language but some on here are coming across as if it's their third. We are looking for somenone to coach, not wear a red fucking blazer and point out to the management team where the Blue Room and marble staircase are.
  5. Easy for you to say. Nobody stole your wheelie bin. Probably covered in UB stickers and voted in as their new Chairman by now. First Charles Green then Wheelie Green. Will we ever learn?
  6. Who would be able to recognise him to present the award? Will the real Jordan Rossiter please stand up, please stand up...
  7. The youths haven't had mutch match time. Is that down to them lacking ability or the short sightedness of management? Dissapointing either way. We can't afford to buy our way to success.
  8. Hyndman and Clint for me. Says a lot about us that a loanee and an oap stand out unfortunately.
  9. That's my dream of becoming a pornstar fucked then.
  10. After all those long months of social isolation, checking meals for foreign objects, sleeping with one eye open and those horrible daily showers they make him take... MOH has someome to talk to at last!!!
  11. What's your thoughts on UB stickers defacing GCC lamposts? Take time to reflect before you answer as it is a decisive issue on here and you could make enemies for life.
  12. Sorry about that mate. Mistook you for BP9.
  13. Not my fault their parents can't afford some nice Nike 2017 trainers and a cosy Rab bubble jacket.
  14. Blew a golden opportunity to impress Pedro and get yourself in the starting 11 on Saturday OP.
  15. You clearly haven't taken the suggestions I made on an earlier thread on board. Don't know why I bother.
  16. I think the UBs have lost their way with all this ultra pish. They need to get back to basics and get a good old fashioned choir together. The generic North Face jackets and Adidas retro trainers have to go for a start. And don't even get me started on the weird hair cuts. Smarten yourselves up with some nice blue choir gowns and traditional short back and sides hair cuts. If you din't look the part nobody will respect you. Most of the lads can't sing either. Their voices are breaking and they go from squeaky to deep bass mid word. Need to get an X factor kind of audition and pick out the best 100 singers. Need a proper conductor too, with one of those baton things. The guy on the megaphone can't sing and is clearly holding yous back. As for the stupid big drum, it clearly isn't working. I know it isn't practical to get a church organ through the turnstiles, but you could make do with a wee section of lads playing those recorder whistle things you play in music at school. The song-sheet isn't getting the other supporters involved either. You have to target your audiance with something they can relate to. For example, for us oldies who like to remenice about our primary school days you could sing "Yes Jesus loves me", a wee chorus of "If you're happy and you know it" for the wains in the family section and maybe the "Hokey Kokey" something that everyone can join in with. Reach for the stars guys!
  17. Just as well. Acusing you of all sorts.
  18. Hope it isn't a 433. This team are shit at playing that formation. Soon find out. I'd have started Garner too. Hope he gets subbed on at some point.
  19. We should win this by a good few goals. Hamilton have been leaking goals and their away record is shocking. I think Pedro will be in for a pleasant surprise when he walks onto the sidelines and is met by a wall of sound! New manager and a fresh start. Every player should be trying to impress.5-0 plus scoreline.
  20. Got 2 free tickets for the game this morning. Think we will score a lot of goals Have bets on 5-0 to 8-0. We need to get the goal difference between us and the sheep down.
  21. "We will learn from this". Learn what? To accept mediocrity? That you have a shocking away record and that the team you picked failed to perform in big games? The guy learned very little from his time here and continues to use the same old patter to fool the support of his new club.
  22. Think of the money we:d save in bandages if we got rid? He seems to have had a bandage on his hand most of his Rangers career. What is that all aboout? Tav might jusr start to perform with Pedro in charge. There is a good player there imo, just asked to do too much by a mediocre manager. I'd make MW pay top dollar for any player he wanted btw.
  23. Doesn't Neil have his badges?
  24. Hope to fuck she doesn't write a song about him. Her music is enough to make your ears bleed. I'd ride her btw. Video it and send Ricky a copy. Show him what a real man can do.
  25. Those headlines totally twist what Pedro said in his interviews. Pathetic.