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  1. Right into this lot Rangers! Should have beat them away, If we can beat Porto at home then we are more than capable of doing these pricks!
  2. Watched the highlights nearly all of his chances he just goes for power that go straight at the keeper, He needs to be more cute with his finishing sometimes its better to just go for a wee side foot placed shot instead of just smashing the ball kinda like what he done against the sheep last season .
  3. Absolutely shocking that they won that from a offside goal.
  4. Need to be at least going in 1 or 2 up with a half like that missing they chances could haunt us gives them a chance to go in and reorganize
  5. Katic could easily slot back into the starting 11 not like he hasn't played with any of the players before.
  6. Makes you think what will it take for Gerrard to make big changes to the defence, Tav & Goldson being the 2 main culprits, Since coming back from the international break we have been giving away some stupid goals, Something needs changed and fast.
  7. Aye and a hope we do but if we defend like that at any point in the game then we wont.
  8. No bother mate 😂 being realistic here, You think that defence won't conceded at least 2 goals in the final ?
  9. Sorry but fucking a 2 goal lead against Aberdeen then you can forget the final
  10. How we can go from that 1st half to this? Absolute riot, Final at weekend if the sheep can score 2 then what will the final be like cmonnnn Rangers!!!
  11. Somebody want to tell goldson tae hurry the fuck up when it comes too passing he takes far too long
  12. Throwing away a 2 goal lead to this shite is laughable man
  13. We have got a serious defensive problem absolute joke
  14. I know but it's just frustrating we are all over them and then that happens which has been happening far too often recently just seems when a team gets a lucky break against us we look likely to concede
  15. To be that in control and still let them score is shocking this sheep team are terrible and we have gifted them a chance back into the game get a grip Rangers
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