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  1. This 2nd half performance is exactly why we have ended up drawing so many games and fucked the league you would think they would have fucking got this shit sorted by now.
  2. Far too slow in midfield just now over passing at times need to be more direct
  3. Tav Goldson katic Flanagan defence we started the season with and was solid, Although I wouldn't mind rotating the LB position don't get why we ever changed it.
  4. Darrenmt7


    I meant i don't agree he shouldn't play again😂
  5. Darrenmt7


    Don't agree his pass was poor yes but the resulting attack should have been defended better would be more concerned about why forrest was just standing totally unmarked in our box
  6. Wit the fuck is going on way our passing get a fucking grip man
  7. Dont know why the fuck wprral is trying to claim offside there wit fuck is he on
  8. They nearly score from their first attack shocking defending look all over the joint
  9. Crazy if look back at how optimistic we ended last year to then come back to this garbage, Chances to go ahead on points - shat it, Chances to reduce point deficit - shat it, Chances to progress in the cups - shat it, The fact we haven't even been able to get to a cup final is shocking. Team of shite bags.
  10. Defence has went from being reasonably solid at the start of the season to the same old pish we have seen for the last few years
  11. Morelos chance in the first half he has to cut in more central why he took that into a more awkward angle is poor, I know he has scored from similar angles in the past but in that moment it was the wrong choice its frustrating as fuck.
  12. Wtf is going on, We pass when we should shoot then we shoot when we should pass noticed this all season and it always ends up costing us! Players are not intelligent enough in the final 3rd.
  13. See if your gonna pass the ball about at the back gonaa at least dae it way confidence doing it far too slow fucksake man
  14. Jack has been horrendous Tav should have shot too many backwards passes taking too much time on the ball.
  15. Do our players actually practice shooting in training cause it doesn't look like any of them are able to hit a shot from the edge of the box or even inside it for that matter.
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