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  1. Fucking sitter that, all he had to do was pass it in the bottom corner.
  2. Barisic is woeful man. Capable of a top drawer delivery but he can't beat a man and can't defend.
  3. Throw a coin at the linesman because we've been shite? Brilliant idea! Fucking cretin man.
  4. £18million Swear he was worth £45million... If they had Champions League money then this may have been concerning. However, they're merely sticking a plaster over a haemorrhage.
  5. Well, that's lies. I've not gone a year without posting numerous times. Not quite sure how that's of any relevance either. Believe it or not, a world exists outside of this forum and in reality, the opinions of a lot of people on here don't represent that of the wider Rangers support. More importantly, try supporting the team. That is, instead of wasting your time attempting to generate tit-for-tat arguments on a forum. You're not worth a second response, enjoy your night.
  6. Allan McGregor was and is a world class goalkeeper. If he can be that good in behind our defence, imagine what he'd be like with the top clubs in the world. A lot of the best clubs have had shit goalkeepers. Look at Barca's success with Valdes in goal. If you don't think McGregor is a legend, you're full of shit. Echoing the above points, what a tactical masterclass from Mr Gerrard. The whole club can be proud of themselves this evening. What a joy to be a supporter of our great club. No fucking surrender.
  7. YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS Refs a cheating cunt. McGregor again
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