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  1. They couldn't afford 10% of his weekly wage.
  2. Fucking sitter that, all he had to do was pass it in the bottom corner.
  3. Barisic is woeful man. Capable of a top drawer delivery but he can't beat a man and can't defend.
  4. Throw a coin at the linesman because we've been shite? Brilliant idea! Fucking cretin man.
  5. £18million Swear he was worth £45million... If they had Champions League money then this may have been concerning. However, they're merely sticking a plaster over a haemorrhage.
  6. £150,000 a week, yet can't seem to pay for a taxi (chauffeur). Meanwhile, putting the lives of innocent people at risk. Throw the book at him!
  7. Well, that's lies. I've not gone a year without posting numerous times. Not quite sure how that's of any relevance either. Believe it or not, a world exists outside of this forum and in reality, the opinions of a lot of people on here don't represent that of the wider Rangers support. More importantly, try supporting the team. That is, instead of wasting your time attempting to generate tit-for-tat arguments on a forum. You're not worth a second response, enjoy your night.
  8. Best view in the house. Unless you're deaf, the atmosphere on a European night could be heard from a mile away. I'm not 12. Therefore, I don't want people jumping up and down in front of me the whole game (unless it's each time we score). Not that I'm knocking those that do, but that's what the Broomloan is for.
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