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  1. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    I don't think you understand English. Of course it's made up, or else there'd be a quote. The guy is the most wasteful player I've ever seen at the club and single handedly lost us the last Old Firm. Certified shite bag.
  2. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    And you are? Glad to see you know how to check somebody's profile. First, not posting doesn't mean you can't read. Second, some people have a life outside of the internet - not everybody's life revolves around four walls and a computer. Third, fuck off. The fact that you've tried to create some form of tit for tat really says it all. Sayonara.
  3. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    He won't be. If you watch him, he's not actually very good. Scores 1 for every 10 that he misses. He'll be gone in the summer if any half decent bid comes in, which it probably won't.
  4. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    People suggesting that he's not a very good player, especially given the quality of the league. We practically gave away Waghorn and Garner, both of whom have been very good for a bang average Championship club.
  5. RIP Ray Wilkins

    Genuinely don't know what to say. A complete shocker. Still hasn't sunk in. What a man. Such a genuine, down to earth guy. Rest in piece, Ray. I hope you are at peace now and get to relive your time at the club with the laughter and joy that you described.
  6. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    Hopefully, far and beyond the ability Morelos will ever reach.
  7. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    You can't say that ffs. He's shite and at fault for everything.
  8. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Yellow card for that? Thompson is a fucking cunt.
  9. Waghorn

    Good to see him doing well in the Championship, despite being at a mid-table club. Quality player.
  10. http://neolive.info/live.php?id=9
  11. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Fuck sake, nearly spat my drink out!
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Imagine actually wasting days of your life forging screenshots and coming up with shitey wee rumours. Fucking hell.
  13. Billy Gilmour - Living the dream

    Best of luck to the boy.
  14. This is how it feels to be Rangers

    Man City started it in 2011 when they signed Aguero.
  15. Has Murty already failed?

    This thread is a travesty, fucking hell. He's the only manager we've had since Walter left. He's managing a squad full of shite brought in by the previous management. Wouldn't be surprised to see him recall O'Halloran in January and get performances out of him. There's not one single option out there better than him, that would want anywhere near the club. Accept it or continue in denial. We're a shambles from top to bottom. The whole club needs a clear out from the boardroom to the dressing room. Let's continue to nitpick and sit in bitterness about a few measly comments, as opposed to appreciating and enjoying the result for what it is. Nobody, nobody, expected us to get a result today, let alone put in a performance deserving of all three points. You can't help but wonder what planet some people exist on. We've got a hell of a lot more to worry about than post-match comments made by our manager. We're in a crucial time for the club. We need the board out, some investment and a bit of wise movement in the transfer market. The money we've wasted this year is nothing short of fucking criminal. At the moment, we're nowhere near a team capable of winning the league, regardless of how pish the team at the top of the league are. To say that without a change we're further than ten years away from challenging is frightening. However, it's true. The usual replies are expected, although you do hope for some realism.