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  1. Good for him, shame he could never make it at a big club.
  2. No. /Close thread
  3. Poor man's Casillas.
  4. One of the very few in our team who appear to understand what it's like to play for Rangers.
  5. He's scored the same number of league goals as Miller this season. He's our top scorer this season by a clear 6 goals. Although there's no official assists stat anywhere, he must be comfortably the highest in our team. We'll just forget all of that. Do you use that season ticket of yours?
  6. Thankfully Waghorn has made his feelings clear regarding Warburton. Hopefully he's given the new contract he deserves, and quite clearly wants.
  7. Pedro's reaction after Hyndman's goal
  8. This thread, fucking hell... Mumsnet are asking for their members back.
  9. How would you know this if you were new? Long time lurker aye...
  10. You have received this message because you're banned from reading this forum.
  11. https://rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/gallery-rangers-unveil-new-manager-pedro-caixinha/ https://rangers.co.uk/news/galleries/gallery-rangers-unveil-new-manager-pedro-caixinha/
  12. We'll see. Even if they did wangle any kind of compensation, they can't make a serious claim for a loss of earnings now considering they're incredibly likely to be on more money.
  13. Islam Feruz is probably the best example of how quickly it can all go wrong. Appeared to have all the potential in the world, being touted as this and that, and now look at him. Failed in Greece, England, Scotland and Belgium, for a striker he still hasn't actually managed to score a professional goal yet. His contract runs out in a couple of months and I'd be amazed if it was renewed. Jumped ship at the sight of money (2.5k a week apparently) at a young age and proceeded to flop. If Gilmour is good enough, he'll still make it to the top eventually despite staying here. I actually think a lot of young players don't believe in their own ability enough to bide their time and knuckle down to hard work.
  14. Cheers pal, just cost them any potential compensation. So they did lie. Fucking deceitful snakes. Especially Weir, he should be ashamed of himself. I also think a hell of a lot of people owe the board an apology, claiming that they couldn't afford to pay them off etc so they fabricated a story.
  15. As far as first appearances in front of the Scottish media go...
  16. He most certainly appears to be enjoying himself in his new role anyway...
  17. I'm sure you've seen by now, however it's live on SSN in the next few minutes.