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  1. Honkin defender. His party piece of free-kicks is well and truly out the window. Would still ask for £3million just to piss Warburton off.
  2. Season ticket seats don't go on general sale until Sunday. However every other seat was available prior, which have been sold out.
  3. Every ticket outside of season tickets are sold out. Season ticket holders have until Sunday before the tickets go on general sale. Hardly fucking rocket science is it So technically, yes it is sold out as there are no tickets available for purchase at present. However, it's pretty obvious that not every ST holder will purchase a ticket for the game.
  4. 13 have been sold since I posted that.
  5. Just checked the ticket availability. Around 30 left
  6. Fucking joke. Am I entitled to a refund for my season ticket? Defo going to finish 3rd again. Panic merchants in this thread
  7. Wrong forum, pal.
  8. Fuck paying Hearts a million quid. They would literally be ripping the piss right out of us.
  9. £1million quid with a year left on his contract... December will do.
  10. I don't think he's shit, he did score 10 goals for us. However, he couldn't possibly be any less of a fit for our system. He's a target man who thrives on crosses and long balls. He'll do a job for an average side where he can play alone up top. Never really going to ever be good enough to cut it for us though.
  11. 500k is pitiful. £1million loss, as far as I'm aware the additional 300k was performance based add ons. Which there's no chance he met...
  12. Naw, Navas is his middle name mate. Gonzalez is his surname. There's nae christ in it.
  13. Highlights for anybody who missed the game:
  14. Just lucky mate.
  15. He's winking at his best pal @ForeverAndEver
  16. Aye mate, just pissed at that lucky Mandzukic goal. You?
  17. Another wrong decision. Officials are shite
  18. Good god what a goal. Take a bow son
  19. Shouting fucking yass does not translate to the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when we smash one in against the smellies.