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  1. If you look at his Twitter account it's a riddy. Full of that Geordie Shore, Ex on the beach pish etc and he clearly has a hard on for that Bear cunt. ^^ Him. Doesn't appear to stop talking about him.
  2. Still in denial I see... Nah pal, you fucked that one. Sorry.
  3. Well they canny be any worse than the players we're linked with around here. Fucking Ryan Jack and Andrew Considine...
  4. That's sound, at least I don't try and please people for likes (this was a general statement, not aimed at you). Too many people won't say what they really feel on here in fear of being ridiculed.
  5. It's @LeeWallaceRFC next time He put the most effort in to the game yesterday of any player as he always does, constantly chasing the ball down when everybody else stood and watched. Not his fault the rest of the team are shite and he's knackered when the time actually comes of having the ball at his feet. These are the people that think that Hyndman could be playing in the Premiership next season, he was the worst player on the park yesterday. All fine and dandy when you're a few goals up against shite opposition, but when the going gets tough, he's worse than invisible. It was him and Halliday that cost us the game yesterday, once again zero dig in the midfield.
  6. Fucking don't jinx us now.
  7. Agent McGregor gives them another goal, that's 2 the day
  8. Lemmon's face
  9. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/901057/rangers-no1-wes-foderingham-out-of-celtic-clash-jak-alnwick-set-for-old-firm-debut/?CMP=Spklr-_-Editorial-_-scotsunsport-_-News-_-TwImageandlink-_-Statement-_-TWITTER
  10. Not a fucking chance are they giving us Walker for O'Halloran.
  11. He's not. They'll leave their appeal as late as possible and it won't be answered in time so he'll play in the semi.
  12. Penalty Incident: https://streamable.com/dhw9l Penalty Goal: https://streamable.com/j26xy
  13. Sending-off https://streamable.com/kydvv
  14. Lucky bastards, he's shite.
  15. This. His bitterness is outrageous.
  16. Just scored the winner against Farmfoods away.
  17. He'll sign a new 5 year deal.
  18. It's nothing to do with the manager. They can afford to pay several cunts £50k a week, I'd be more worried who wasn't capable of strolling the league throwing money around like that.