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  1. The standard of players stepping off bench didn't bring anything to the team. Dean Shiels had no drive and looked liked a player who knows he is gone. Nicky Clarke would like him to excel but he isn't even championship class, only ever a bit part player played in whatever position there is a hole in. If even half the team showed the energy and enthusiasm as Miller would have stood a better chance of maintains the lead or pushing to kill them off.
  2. Finish them off give them no hope
  3. Some cunt forget to set the alarm clock
  4. Sky TV seems better SDOW just on there showing his class
  5. Good signing, tons of experience and still all the ability hence player of the year for championship winners.
  6. Salim kerkar released from charlton the day !!!
  7. I was 9900 so looks like there has been a lot of bids
  8. What package you got ?? Was in tennents lounge for Montrose game loved it Colin Stein was the greeter/host. Suited and booted too much trousers/shirt smart jeans/shirt will do
  9. Well played sir well played
  10. SWEET !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Haha quality statement
  12. Yeah I kinda figured :rolleyes: