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  1. Wasting that amount of money, in most other industries, would be treated as gross misconduct.
  2. Pedro knew better.
  3. No players out training at half-time. Must be a revolutionary training method. Ran away hiding when the rain came on.
  4. Can"t control any ball passed to him.
  5. No Rangers players warming up at half-tme. All Hearts players. Must be a revolutionary tactic that we must blindl support.
  6. Moments...the moments...stimulations...blah blah blah
  7. We don't need all-round play and subtle contributions...we need goals.
  8. Keep it simple Miller.
  9. Don't we all?
  10. Fathers Advice 87 mins
  11. Hodson a wee bit shaky at times.
  12. nothing each 15 min in. Playing better but same struggles in final third.
  13. ???? Does that not mean that good players can't beat crap ones? Makes no sense. Maybe the quality midfielders aren't quality after all.
  14. Amen.
  15. Maleficent hairline more accurately.