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  1. Tav is a bottle merchant
  2. Doesn't look like Walker in that pic
  3. A thread for those that like it in the rear...
  4. Andy Little????? Can we afford all of these coaches? Dear me.
  5. The OO Boyne celebrations in Glasgow is my favourite parade.
  6. They will score right after halftime.
  7. Former St Johnstone and Sunderland star.. poor, poor attempt at fishing.
  8. Still misses too many sitters
  9. Listening to it on the radio ....first half totally subdued commentators, second half they could hardly contain their delight at Hearts playing better.
  10. Gordon Smith talks too much.
  11. As he is known in China.
  12. KJ is vile. We don't need him.
  13. He has no fucking plan. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We need doers.
  14. Its good to see Arlene Foster there with the scarf on.
  15. Keeping us safe from wee Abdul.