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  1. Actually I'm just a Rangers fan who normally just scans RM for interesting stuff. I rarely comment as you'll notice. I don't blog, this is the only Rangers board I'm a member of, I bought shares, I haven't renewed my season ticket this year as work means I won't be able to use it. Thinking about getting one later and giving it to the forces thing. I was grateful for Green to come forward at the time. I think people miss the point with McColl, it is shareholders he is representing. The reason I'm not immediately after you is I'm working. The same reason I'll make this my last post. I do have a different opinion to you and I'm not scum. have a nice day.
  2. so you wouldn't intentionaly mis-interpret or twist anything to try to win your argument then.
  3. Which one are you.
  4. So for some on here we either agree with you or we're 'brain dead scum' nice
  5. wtf is this shite..
  6. He's stilled constrained with this fucking stupid embargo, what happens next week when he can't play Law n Daly and we draw or worse, I love the fact people are getting behind him on the back of a good (fantastic) result, but ffs get behind him if he falls a little too. This time of building is for the manager as well as the players. Sorry for being negative in this post but some of the shit I've read about Ally here recently you'd think it was fucking kerryfail st.
  7. not.reading.that.
  8. I've been wondering what to invest in with my retirement cash, I'm in..
  9. I want Frank Blin there to have a look at the books, make savings and steer us to financial safety, if the price is Mini gets on the board then so be it.
  10. It worries me that upward of 30% of the shareholding feel the need to try and take over the board, and I still have no clue who's fucking trustworthy. aye, well mibbe.. adunno..fuck.
  11. we don't want Rangers men in the boardroom but we do on the park, I voted Daly just to piss someone off.
  12. I dunno but if it's the same ratio as I earned this year and how much I've got left then we're fucked..
  13. Couple of points. If they follow the same procedure, the SPL chairmen could vote the stricken club to be allowed to stay in the SPL despite the fact they voted us out. But, this may not be necessary as the club, say hertz for example, may just cease to exist, that would be tragic, wouldn't it..
  14. I think there must be two Alex Thomson's, that's the only answer. Ones a mild mannered but stupid middle class houswife and the other is a raging paedo loving narcissist. Which one is the journo?
  15. Oleg, I didn't watch any Scottish match that didn't involve us before we went into admin so i haven't had to change my habits much at all. What has changed is my attitude to the national team. Before I wouldn't miss a game, now I couldn't really care less. It's not like the rest of Scotland cared for us is it so why should I care for them.