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  1. Walter Smith cleaned up Paul Le Guens mess with £18m and took Rangers to the UEFA Cup final in the process and won 3 in a row. The manager now will require a similar amount in the summer.
  2. If Rangers are to challenge for the league any time soon they're going to have to sign a centre back of a higher standard anyway. So if a club bids £2m it's better to use that money to reinvest in the team.
  3. I'm very sceptical of a £2m valuation of Kiernan, even in a market of inflated transfer fee's.
  4. The manager deserves time to get the side winning on a regular basis. But if he loses his job after too many poor results there's no better replacement than the guy who cleaned up Le Guen's shambles. Failing that, McLeish would be a good shout.
  5. I for one never once questioned Walter's style of football. Okay, it wasn't the best entertainment but in the eleven full season's he managed Rangers he won the league 10 times!.... That's an incredible achievement. If he took the Rangers job tomorrow I'd be absolutely delighted.
  6. Oh how much I'd love it if Walter took the Rangers job tomorrow. I said after Rangers' 6-2 victory against Hibs in the Challenge Cup last season that this style of football isn't the Rangers way for a reason.
  7. I think the fact Rangers went out and signed Senderos tells you all you need to know about Clint Hill.
  8. Is there going to be another league set up?
  9. I wouldn't say Tavernier, Waghorn and Warbs rejecting new deals is a non-story. I'd certainly like to know why.
  10. I believe it could work in a 4-3-3 if the RB and LB usually push forward to help in midfield which Tavernier and Wallace do.
  11. Haha, I wouldn't be surprised if he did score 10 penalties. Granted he was in the box a lot but he's not a goal poacher. (like an Ally McCoist for example). That's the sort of player Rangers need to go out and sign to complete the team.
  12. I think it's important we sign a proper goal poacher this summer. Thankfully Waghorn was able to notch an impressive amount of goals considering he does most of his work outside the box and the team chipped in with a lot of goals also but it still stood out that we lacked that sort of player. We definitely need that for the Premiership though.
  13. I think Vuckic and Waghorn would really compliment each others' style. Add Barrie McKay into the mix in a 4-3-3 then Rangers would have a fantastic forward line next season. Hopefully Rangers sign him.
  14. The management team aren't daft. I'm sure they know the defence needs improvement.
  15. Lost 5 weeks in a row and now won 5 weeks in a row. Making my way back up the table! All thanks to putting Ighalo, Vardy and Kane up front.