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  1. McCoist and Le Guen would be doing better at Rangers than Caixinha is right now, never mind Warburton.
  2. Walter Smith Okay, he probably wouldn't take the job but do you really think had the board given him the money they've gave Caixinha they'd be struggling to score goals?......
  3. In the few games Morelos has played so far he really hasn't done much which is disappointing given his goal scoring record. To be fair, when he was subbed on yesterday the opposition had brought off a midfielder and added another defender so he wouldn't have had much space.
  4. My guess is this bid is a tactic with two benefits... 1) It unsettles Aberdeen. 2) It makes Norwich think Rangers are prepared to go elsewhere. Mind games.
  5. I don't think Tavernier is one of the players Caixinha said he wants to sell but if an offer of say £1.5m was made then Rangers would certainly have to consider it. As for Kiernan (and Forrester), Rangers would probably let them leave on a free transfer, Unless Fulham still want to buy Kiernan for £2m. haha! :)
  6. I wouldn't say he failed at Rangers. Warburton's style just didn't suit Garner. He's rendered useless if the ball is always on the ground, never floated into the box, short corners. When Caixinha took charge Garner started playing better. He was scoring headers and winning flick-on's to bring others into the game. Had Caixinha been in charge from the start of the season he would scored a lot more goals in my opinion.
  7. Totally agree. He sets up quite a few goals as well and works hard up front. His influence on the team is huge. If there's any one player from the previous league campaign who needs to be in the Rangers starting line up going forward it's Kenny Miller.
  8. Caixinha's style really suits Garner and Miller. Only a prolific centre forward should be considered instead. Is that Herrera? Probably not.
  9. That's what I'd read as well. I'd be surprised if Rangers were willing to pay that much for one signing this summer, given the amount of players required.
  10. Anyone know what the transfer fee is?
  11. I shudder to think the state Rangers would have been in if all these "traitors" would have stayed. Didn't the club lose £14m in the 3rd Division with players on low salaries such as Kyle, Sandaza, Shiels etc?....... They've actually done us a favour by leaving. Also, don't forget the squad took up to a 75% reduction in weekly pay to help Rangers back in 2012. Plus, they might be fans but first and foremost they are professional footballers with their own careers to think about. Move on, (regardless of whether any of them rejoin the club or not)
  12. It surprised me when Warburton signed Garner because the style Rangers were playing was to keep the ball on the ground. That was never going to suit Garner. He was probably more frustrated than all of us when the team were taking short corners! He's arguably Rangers' most improved player since Caixinha has taken charge. I don't think Rangers should sell him. Unless it's true that Rangers have only paid a fraction of his transfer fee so far with further performance based payments part of the deal........ and that Rangers can sign someone better!... (debatable)
  13. I don't know if he's talking about Rangers but it's certainly believable he spoke to Caixinha and mentioned how he'd like to return to the club. But as much of a fan of Rangers as I am, I'm not giving up a great salary to go and play for Rangers for about £20k a week (at best) I would be surprised if he signed for Rangers, but he's definitely the standard required if the club is serious about challenging for the league.
  14. The most humiliating season has to be when we finished 3rd in the Championship with a budget that was probably higher than all the other teams combined. Raith Rovers also put us out of the Scottish Cup at Ibrox which was a disgrace. The current league campaign has been poor but it's been nowhere near as bad as that.
  15. I've only seen him play a few times so I can't really give an opinion on if he'd be what Rangers'll need or not. However, in response to your comment about how we're signing a player who finished ahead of Rangers, we'd also be signing a player from a team 30 points adrift of the league leaders. Are we trying to win the league or finish ahead of Aberdeen?.... I'm not saying I'm against him signing, but I'm yet to be convinced the players we're being linked with for the most part will get us anywhere near challenging for the league next season.