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  1. I was criticised on here by fellow fans because I said Toral didn't deserve a start. What did he do today, apart from constantly pass the ball to the opposition? But my main concern is Caixinha. Rangers have been embarrassingly awful since he took charge. I really want to support him because if he does well we do well but it's not going to happen.
  2. Name a game, other than the initial 6-0 victory against Hamilton at Ibrox where Rangers have played well with Caixinha at the helm?..... And Murty was directing proceedings against Hamilton.
  3. I think that rumour is nonsense. But other than one good game (if memory serves it was the 6-0 game against Hamilton at Ibrox) he's been poor. I'm not Halliday's biggest fan but I think he'd be better in midfield today than Toral.
  4. How does Toral keep getting a start? Does he have a clause in his loan contract that he has to start because that's the only way I can rationalise why he keeps getting games.
  5. So the fastest growing economy in the Western world "can't get any worse than it is now"??? So when a currency union is denied and Scotland starts using the pound with no central bank and no lender of last resort, forcing many businesses, especially UK-wide businesses to leave the country, ensuring the economy declines, investment declines, jobs decline and inevitably the Scottish budget declines... how daft will your "well it can't get any worse" comment seem then? If Scotland votes Yes it will already have a £6bn+ hole in its budget so things will get worse before they improve, if ever. Salmond intends to lower corporation tax also. How will all that be paid for? Public spending would have to be reduced or YOUR taxes would have to be increased. What would an independent Scotland have done during the banking crisis in 2008? Who would have provided the bailout funds? What would the interest rate have been? Would they have even been bailed out at all? Who would have saved the Grangemouth oil plant in 2013 had the UK not provided £150m at short notice? The great thing about being part of a wider union is that if one bit fails, it has many other parts to back it up until the failing bit gets back on its feet. It's like an insurance policy. An independent Scotland wouldn't have that. Of course the United Kingdom is better together.
  6. Rangers fans supporting the break up of the United Kingdom? I just don't get it. And I say that as a former Catholic who chose to support Rangers so I totally get the club has a diverse group of fans. Anyhoo, I have voted No. And if you're a No supporter you should make sure you vote too. Don't just hope No wins. Every vote counts. I HAD to vote. I owed it to my country.
  7. 4-4-2 formation - Rangers to win 2-0. 4-5-1 formation - Hibs to win 2-1.
  8. I was disappointed with MacLeod. He gave the ball away far too often.. but to be fair he needs a run of games after being out the game for so long.
  9. In the 2nd half Rangers were actually alright. Could have scored three or four goals.
  10. Is there going to be a RangersMedia fantasy football league again this season?.. I've got my team selected already.
  11. This match and the match against Brora have been an utter embarrassment.
  12. About 6 centre forwards at Rangers and McCoist goes 5-4-1 against a team far weaker than Rangers. Hopefully this is simply to give players a game.
  13. The funniest thing about that Portugal goal was fans saying things on Twitter like... "That goal was on 95 minutes... Aren't soccer games 90 minutes?"....
  14. If Kevin Muscat, Tony Vidmar and Craig Moore were in that defence... it would still be 0-0.
  15. Games released so far for each console.... Playstation - 63 Xbox One - 39
  16. Definitely different mentalities. As I would not defend a console that was weaker and more expensive than its main competition. That would be daft and would defy all logic. And only the most dedicated of Xbox gamers would do that.
  17. Wow, my dislike of the Xbox must really bother if you. Its only a games console, no need to defend it as ridiculously as you insist. I'm quite sure I have mentioned WiiU sales have I not? Remember when I said they weren't that far behind the Xbox One in Europe..
  18. I had a PS3 and 360 (amongst many other gaming consoles) as well. I am not loyal to any particular brand. Which is why if something is shite I will tell it like it is.
  19. Aye, you had already mentioned Forza was 1080p about 1000 times by that point, as well as it already having been reported in the media also. The demanding games will always struggle in terms of resolution and even a not-too-demanding game like Titanfall (the boring game with the bots and auto-aim) can't do 1080p Okay, I was incorrect about Battlefield but unlike you I will not defend my console of choice at every opportunity. The Playstation can speak for itself, hence its destruction of the Xbox One in terms of sales.
  20. lol, "Xbox One has incredible sales"... Brilliant! My Call of Duty 1080p prediction was based on a combination of rumours along with info regarding the capability of the hardware. But no, you insisted it would be native 1080p.
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