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  1. http://epetitions.di...petitions/42143 Come on folks lets get another push on this.
  2. Dunny I'll not marry you, pump you or cook you dinner but I'll buy you a pie at the next away game if these three sign.
  3. Bogtrotters rocks. Fact. Monica is stunning. Fact. I'm a pervert. Fact.
  4. Did she not say she lived in Tenerife? White bits mmmmmmmmmmm!
  5. Thank fuck. We can get back to playing football. This might mean those cunts in the SPL now get enough money and they don't all go into administration.
  6. I've already offered to by her the away top in small if she's going to do some more pics for the bears. God knows its worth the money to cheer up the lads after the shite that's still being flung our way.
  7. He was too slow on the draw and got shot.
  8. I'll buy you the away strip if this is true. Bogtrotters
  9. I know dunnys source and he is usually on the button.
  10. Awesome. Bogtrotters for Rangers Media president. Does anyone know how to get to be one of the bluebelle girls on the official website? I reckon we should try and get the gig for bogtrotters if she's willing to do it.
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