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  1. Twitter poll who is the biggest British club

    Fuck me. If you don't want to vote then don't. No real need to be so negative though. It's always good to get one over those cunts.
  2. Guys get voting. There is a poll on Twitter to see who the biggest club in Britain is. Rangers have reached the final. Unfortunately the scum are also in the final. Poll closes tomorrow. Any of you on twitter then get a vote in. Make sure we win this. @welovebettinguk
  3. Nathan Oduwa Falling For The Club

    Guy was awesome today. Always get the feeling the opposition are dying to chop him down. Fuckers.
  4. Mark Warburton - Happy Birthday

    Jock Stein died on my birthday. 10th September. Happy days.
  5. Bets For Today's Game.

    Waghorn is 16/1 to score a hat trick.
  6. Bear friendly pub in city centre

    Was it not the state rather than the griffin that Walter owned?
  7. Favourite "Lurker"

    Big Peter in the bears den. Welcome daddy bear.
  8. Favourite player over the past 10 years?

    In no particular order Weir, Dado, Novo. Top three but can't put them in order.
  9. The VB website

    I was looking to read that article too. A mate texted a link to me but I'm on the other side of the world so don't want to open it on my phone. Stingy cunt me.
  10. Craig Whyte was too much of a coincidence for me.

    I agree with Oleg. It all seems to much of a coincidence to me. I think and hope in the future the truth will out.
  11. "Scotland might surprise you"

    Very well put D.
  12. Renew For Stage Two

    That's mine renewed. Here we go. Ready for stage two.
  13. Vanguard Bears - Statement / Article

    What a great statement. Well said.
  14. Nicky Clark

    Found this wee video about him. I like his style. http://skyliving.sky.com/styled-to-rock/copy-cheryl-cole-curls-nicky-clarke-how-to-video
  15. What I want!

    I'd quite like players who have a position that they are good in and not buying players who are versatile and can play anywhere from goalkeeper to striker. I reckon we've had to many jack of all trades, master of none in the recent past.