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  1. Just popped on to say Falcao and Van Persie up front
  2. He has made no secret of his support for Rangers in recent times.
  3. City fans singing we shall not be moved what from second? Well done!
  4. The ball had went out of play. He wasn't going to catch it, even if by some miracle he did, a guy was on the line and he would have been at an almost impossible angle.
  5. Some save but why the fuck was he charging out in the first place?
  6. Strange old team, every season they seem to have a fantastic half of a season and a below average half. If only they could combine them.
  7. They will never make cuts to your role mate. Without you this site would be doomed. The man who solves all our problems. Just one more thing!
  8. Fucking Columbo has joined the spelling police. Big step up for him
  9. The problem with United being so awsome this season means the Man U haters have nothing to go on about. This means I have no one to argue with
  10. Reading lost 3-0. Stick to solving crimes mate.
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