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  1. Fantastic post TB. Gave me a small smile on such a shit day 👍
  2. There's a high chance our club will be victims of a fraudulent takeover but every other team took glee in putting us where we are and the kicks are still coming in
  3. because the cunts have weakened us that much but your missing the real point that they've got this under kings watch
  4. because the cunts led the charge to put us down the leagues in a situation of guilty until proven innocent
  5. So those cunts have got one tainted treble under Dave Kings watch 😡😡😡
  6. Tainted
  7. A shit and probably fake list which totals around £3M now im sure that figure was mentioned before
  8. It's going to be spectacular
  9. Never even mentioned the tragic event until the commentator prompted him
  10. Same cunts that say people are too old. Rangers tops are the first thing I pack 👏👏👏
  11. Unluckily Linfield got beat with one goal in the second leg and got put out in the quarters.
  12. I don't know when it's going to happen but I cant wait to put everyone of those cunts in their place. Then we have most of the other ones who also took a kick and a laugh while we were down and these cunts are due it aswell.
  13. Hopefully they'll be burnt out and pumped out during next two games as the set up is heavily weighed towards the premiership team.