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  1. you’re that fkn raging you need to come to a Rangers forum as today you know it’s just ended you sado cunt 😂😂😂
  2. Failure next season in the league is not an option for us and a cup win won’t sweeting anything less.
  3. Thanks Dave King and as much as we seemed to have improved and going in the right direction, we’ve won fuck all and they have a clean sweep three years running under your watch.
  4. I was at the SPAD protest and really there should have been 1000s there so hopefully whatever next is planned more get off their arses and attend instead of being slactivists on the internet. Make no doubt about it an attack on whether it’s Rangers or the PUL community is an attack on us all regardless of the minority view of our support. Im in no way religious anymore but I grew up in a flute band and around the orange halls and I’ll stand by those who still are from being attacked by extremists and fanatics such as the fenian call it out. The numbers need to start rising to show that as much as we prepared for peace we will still be ready for war.
  5. Seen that earlier and yes they really do have the finest mentors on the planet for the way they deny and deflect their shared and secret sordid past. As some other poster said, they should all be put down like the dangerous animals that they are.
  6. I tried to separate it and got bottled on the head for my troubles, that’ll be the last time I wear my Rangers tap doon the gallowgate 😎
  7. They still have their own school leagues and it must have being going on there also on a massive scale but many of the victims are probably too full of guilt and shamed to speak out as it will be speaking out against their own or that’s how they’re made to feel.
  8. The thing is we’ve always known what they are and how they operate and their recent statement and timing speaks volumes. Unfortunately the country is plagued by those who don’t want to see the shameful truth so they will happily ignore/ bury it and make believe their conscious is clear as they can’t and don’t want to stomach the reality. Sick in the fkn head.
  9. Seemingly lawyers are now taking the rerouting to court. I never opened the ET link as they are everything which is anti PUL/ Rangers
  10. neither was her tweet that they were going to the highlander 50 handed
  11. his wife clearly loves the spotlight of being a footballers wife along with all the internet likes similar to likes and attention but no I’m not saying that and you know that
  12. Right Maguire the gloves should now be off so serve the court citation
  13. mind the 50p flute 😂😂
  14. It’s all about associations and risk but batter in with a childlike look on the world
  15. The sooner your ma cuts your internet for the night, the better 👏👏
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