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  1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/Rangers/Rangers-alfredo-morelos-subbed-off-at-half-time-during-colombia-friendly-1-4895902/amp
  2. It does seem to be that our current team are sadly the bottlers. It’s got a draw all over it but would love us to win it
  3. Get well soon Gary but this has the smell of taig all over it
  4. Well done but where’s the clubs outrage over the catholic observer?
  5. I believe nothing has changed regarding corroboration and any witness statement would only be one piece of the corroboration. I’m unsure if the two police officers who viewed the original and now lost cctv footage could be used as witnesses for a charge
  6. I doubt it but I’m thinking the police must have viewed the footage and I wonder if them giving witness statements identifying the scum would be enough for charges and convictions, maybe BNB can answer
  7. I like the Royalty, had a few pints in it 👏👏
  8. The cunts are good at purposely destroying evidence but no one can tell me that they haven’t got a copy of the cctv kept, Mark Daly should be door stepping them with this question.
  9. Holyrood are washing their hands re celtic and all the nonces at that club so there’s no chance of this IMO
  10. and I supposing scum fc don’t have original copies kept 🤬
  11. I think I only read evidence but didn’t know if they said what it was
  12. Money grabbing prick, McCoist the man.
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