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  1. Nevertheless, Telegraph Sport can confirm that legal action will be considered by the current Rangers board. The club made no comment on Thursday but it is understood that they intend to undertake a forensic examination of tax and company law in respect of HMRC’s recalculation and its impact.
  2. You should be giving the link instead of the text so they get the hits https://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/article.php?i=292&a=we-deserve-justice
  3. Yes Clyde will be open again to all non footballing matters
  4. let’s not forget that this isn’t the biggest scandal to hit Scottish football but it is up there
  5. I’ve said all along we were victims
  6. Does anyone have any idea when we’ll find out if you’ve got a ticket or not ?
  7. He needs a brace against them as they’ll be nothing better than him breaking their hearts and giving us the 1st cup then the league. It’s going to happen but hopefully sooner rather than later
  8. The first touch by Davis was class as the ball was coming at speed from Morelos’s pass but the pass had to be fast.
  9. 48928A3E-286D-412F-BE02-9A569ACF38E2.MOV
  10. Tav needs a bit of credit for getting the ball through to Jack 👍
  11. I never realised it was that good 👏🏻👏🏻
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