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  1. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    because the word fenian isnt offensive, it’s the context with the word blood, thought we’d already changed it to big trophies 🤪
  2. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    As far as I’m concerned it’s an anti British Irish Republican cunt but the courts along with the RC church have ensured it’s interpreted as a Catholic. I want TBB back and think we change it to Fenian H*** which also turns H** back on them
  3. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

  4. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    To tell you the truth I wouldn’t stop singing BMG or FA in front of the police although I’d stop at the add ins, the famine song and TBB different story although I’ve no issues singing the TBB minus the fenian blood line
  5. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    No don’t personally know anyone whose been lifted under, used to read about people being charged or sentenced in the rags but I’ve not regularly read these rags for years. I know enough about it by not to be charged with it.
  6. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    The internet’s changed everything
  7. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    Because hundreds of Bears will get dragged through the court under all other laws while the fenians walk on political grounds. If you don’t realise that shouting fuck the pope or fenian bastards out in the street or in a stadium is going to get you Police attention then I give up. Don’t give the police the ammo to lift you, it is quite simple.
  8. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    A breach was always jailing people at the game and in reality, it’s not getting repealed anytime soon
  9. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    and a breach of a peace should also be repealed ?
  10. Clyde Superscoreboard

    The tranny man’s stock will be in the shitter after he fks up an 11 point lead to a development coach. He’ll have no option but to stay another year to fight to get the title back before being sacked mid season during 18 / 19 👍
  11. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    So are we not then better keeping so there’s parity ?
  12. Do you want the OBFA repealed ?

    Im not saying it’s a reason to keep it but you could get done for that before this came in.
  13. As the title says, and this is multiple choice so those undecided can either not answer or click on yes or no.
  14. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    Sorry missed it but I did read it before but only came to the last page today and only misinterpreted your last post and yip we’re saying exactly the same thing. The problem is we don’t have people in positions fighting our corner on this whereas they have their corrupt church and MPs, councillors etc and the rest of the victim brigade. Maybe Club 1872 should be vocal on it along with our club especially the club as it would be a good defence for them the next time the club gets done and that will happen.
  15. MSPs recommend repeal of OBFA

    Do you want it repealed ? If your answer is yes, do you not see that we as a support and a community are playing right into their hands? As far as I’m concerned, if you get caught shouting fuck the pope or fenian bastard then you’re just not been smart enough especially when the Police are about. To repeat most on this thread, this act was brought out by them for us and any repeal will take the spotlight away from them, again so it’s a big fat No from me.