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  1. I believe Man U to a similar thing where you join with an annual membership and it’s gets you into a draw for tickets for different games which is mainly due to the current number of STs and the demand. I think they thrown in some stuff like pens, key rings, mouse mats etc. A good idea as it’s another funding stream.
  2. that’s just the first 7 but yes I want us winning every game beyond 7
  3. I just want to get through the qualifiers and kick on in the league with 7 wins out of 7 just to show this team is capable this season.
  4. I think that Ojo and Jack played the full 90 tells me none are starting on Thursday. It was a good test today although we should have won it with overall chances. last week when we done 4 subs the other team had most of their possession and we lost today’s goals not long after the 4 subs so that tells it’s own story I expect a higher tempo on Thursday
  5. I don’t use wallets but I’ve sent you a tenner regardless and hopefully someone else can take it from you 👏👏😊
  6. Maybe they’re good guys but the stuff still isn’t official with no cash going to the club unless they do donate a small percentage
  7. True, never been a wallet guy anyway, cash and cards in the pocket 😎
  8. I’m in, spent my spare cash in this rather than a wallet 🥴
  9. As good as they probably are, I don’t agree they should be posted on here as they’re not official merchandise
  10. It was just the clubs https://Rangers.co.uk/fans/help-faqs/travel-club/
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