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  1. News on Alves

    It's on the Rangers website
  2. Pedro: Time to go?

    and lots not forget the ongoing propaganda against us, the drip feeding of hate against our club
  3. Pena

    I'm just waiting for him and the manager to be unleashed on Scottish football
  4. Pedro: Time to go?

    One shot on target says it all. A nice guy but a shit manager and picked by fk knows who from a league of camel shaggers. If the board cant find real investment to win this league (not compete), then find someone who can and step aside as you're embarrassing our great club.
  5. Pedro: Time to go?

    You write some pish at times but your right when you say our fans begged to get put down the league yet I don't think it crossed their mind how shite we would be as we tried to get back up and how many titles the peados would be accumulating
  6. Five Captains On The Field.

    Not read the post but not one fkn captain on that field 😡
  7. How Many Managers?

    The board have sold us out
  8. I think it's too late for Glasgow and Scotland as these irish catholic descendents have been breeding like rabbits, similar to what the muslims are doing. It's a long game but a fkn numbers game.
  9. SPFL statement

  10. Semi final dates

    Oct 21/22
  11. No Board Statement Yet?

    If the spfl put out a final statement today then I think our board should follow suit with fat pete from the peados mentioned
  12. Alnwick

    Pedro made it clear before match that he was the goalie for this cup
  13. Mccrorie...

    better than Bates. Pedro just saying the future of the country 🤔
  14. The 4th sub won that for us.