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  1. That's what I'm getting from the current events that it's being left opened on purpose thet the ball has now been passed to the SFA albeit any actions are limited.
  2. I'm not being pedantic here but when and where as it's certainly not in the sfa statement in this thread?
  3. The 'final legal decision' is only in reference to the SC but when writing about the role of the SFA they are stating 'limited chance' and 'sanctions available being limited' which reads to me as being left open. We can't trust these cunts and maybe the club need to engage with the spfl/sfa and ensure the terms of reference of the spfl review includes closing the the chapter on us by the sfa.
  4. While most of us are happy that the spfl have put this to bed, we also need the SFA to do the same and get them also to release a final statement. The club need to exert pressure on them as do as fans as the words 'at this time' leaves this open which gives them an angle to come back at us at anytime in the future. The leader of the pedos has manoeuvred himself across and I don't trust him one bit and we need to ensure we don't get blindsided.
  5. Cheers and although I don't doubt it was closed for the cunts supporting the enemy, the paper clippings doesn't say it was.
  6. I've heard about the pedodome being closed down during WWII a few times on here but is there any news clippings anywhere or an official source?
  7. and dont forget they identity crises some clubs and fans have
  8. It could be argued that this is an innocent mock up but the upside down cunts added another two banners which gave you no doubt what their double message was
  9. So what happens if they add a 'at this time' caveat and the sfa/spl/spfl review indicates that the LNS review was flawed which? To me the gate should have been bolted shut but this allows the haters to keep the momentum going 😡
  10. Your sarcasm is getting to predictable 👍
  11. Has the cunt answered that question yet or even apologised for his club allowing this to occur
  12. After Manchester no quarter should be given to any cunts who want to bomb our British citizens. Uefa need to send out a very strong message here also or we might aswel fly some fkn Isis flags
  13. We're up to our knees in fenian H*** should be the reword
  14. I can't believe you've been suckered in to believe that some of them don't care as your better than that 👍 Every single one of them are desperate for these titles no matter how much pish they will talk to your face. Its the liewell cunt that's been leading the charge all along. Previously he was stealthly in the background pulling the strings but the cunts outed himself and their rancid club are head on with and now have no apology regarding their wish for our titles. Our club really need to have no mercy and put the boot into these cunts as soon as all their pedos start to get convicted or reconvicted