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  1. It could be argued it was an independent frolic which is about the only out an employer has in regards to vicarious liability but that’s really in a case of negligence
  2. and if not on the day certainly after it’s continually reported in the media until the CO gets involved and then it’s a red.
  3. You just know they’ll add additional rules to dock points but it won’t be applied retrospectively and they’ll thank the scum for getting this idea and helping it get pushed through and agreed.
  4. The ET running with the story and our SLO confirming Police had made aware of the incident. this also gives them ammo to run with the Goldson stuff as well, scummy newspaper
  5. Then the spl was disbanded. what you heard on how long b was in Spain and the reasons?
  6. The mail reporting the spfl are rushing through emergency powers to punish the clubs but if they can’t use the existing powers then surely this is the final straw for the incompetent Doncaster ?
  7. I thought the membership was eventually transferred ?
  8. He would also have completed the UK locator form pre UK flight https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk/public-health-passenger-locator-form?_ga=2.142303922.1607764714.1597161814-837197102.1597006892
  9. Yes apart from match day when it’s usually on 1 hour before then it’s an after match show
  10. because he was their physician in 2017 which was the start of their cup run
  11. Thought this was Rangers related 🤷‍♂️
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