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  1. FOOTBALL Rangers Fan Makes 5k Retweets and a Friendly Deal With Bournemouth For Emerson Hyndman Loan Extension STUART HYND APRIL 25, 2017 A Rangers fan has started a Twitter campaign after agreeing with Bournemouththat Emerson Hyndman will stay at Ibrox if the account gets 5,000 retweets and can get a friendly for the English club. A Gers supporters account has shared a screengrab of an exchange they claim to have had with Bournemouth’s official account yesterday. –– ADVERTISEMENT –– The conversation starts with the Rangers fan asking how many retweets they’ll need to get for Hyndman to stay at the club for another season once his loan ends this summer. Embed from Getty Images The supporter probably didn’t expect a response from the Cherries social team – but one came, with Bournemouth saying that 5,000 retweets and a pre-season friendly would do the job. And now the account has one week to meet the terms: Of course, this could be a very impressive Photoshop – but we’re willing to believe that Bournemouth really have got involved in this funny social story. We doubt Eddie Howe or the Bournemouth board will let Twitter retweets impact their decision on Hyndman’s future. But a return to Rangers might not be such a bad idea considering how well he’s played for the club since moving north in January. Hyndman has scored four goals in 16 games for the club and was rewarded with their Young Player of the Year award on Sunday. Let’s hope Rangers fans can rally to get the necessary support to keep him at Ibrox next term.
  2. Today the Evening Story about Cairney had slipped right down to news article 46, sickening
  3. If our players line up at the tunnel then the stadium needs to make it very clear on how we feel about this. No respect should ever be given to a club like Celtic who pandered too and covered up sex crimes against innocent children.
  4. I was embarrassed by his starting 11 and then it just snowballed from kick off.
  5. So the English FA give him 18 months for 1260 bets and the SFA give him a one match ban for 44 bets. The number of bets are both excessive but the SFA just look either toothless or incompetent. You just wonder if this was all done in his own name and if so, why the fk would you ? Crazy by JB and any addiction should be laughed at.
  6. Lee Charnley the MD from NU arrested and let's hope MA gets some comeuppance
  8. The £50M is a dig at DK. The squad that played Barcalona got pumped 7-0. No one will buy Sinclair from England and Dembele is now injured so no real assessment can now be made in him. I believe he got a massive signing on fee so averaged out he's probably one of their top earners. They won't be able to match those wages again especially if they fail to qualify for the CL hence the reason they're flashing their skirt to anyone whose interested. Im sure Roberts is due back or are they going to pay the £12M they were shouting about, I doubt it. Brenda, well he just shags trannies so enough said there and again they've came to a compo deal with Liverpool. He's signed a new contractor as no cunt is interested and once it all goes wrong, he's the protected with the long contract. What we need is a team built that can be consistently match the results of the savcos all the way through the season. We then need a manager who can outfox them on the head to heads. We don't need a massive budget for the above but we certainly need to spend some money and also hopefully find some gems. I believe they're there for the taking but not while we continue down the road of chance and unknowns.
  9. The only way out this seems to be a move to England but that's got a 1% chance of happening.
  10. and through in a divorce 😂😂
  11. I dont mean us pressing in attack but pressing when they have it which can force mistakes to regain the possession but we sat back and invited them onto us which foolishly played into their hands.
  12. No, the league cup performances also
  13. I've not seen it proper to question his feet but Gilks was the man for me.
  14. I can't understand why we never pressed them similar to Murty as they don't like that. It was just all wrong especially the first 60 odd minutes. Baffling.
  15. It's not something I'll be looking at anytime soon. Roll on Saturday to try salvage some pride for this season,
  16. The Aberdeen was really irrelevant as even mccoist could get us a Euro place, this game was massive
  17. From tv he looked like he passed it in but with accuracy
  18. Looks like the joker in the pack
  19. We were being pushed by the sheep and it looked as if we were going to lose a goal and as football goes the game turned very quickly. I never seen any great decisions that turned that game
  20. His first big game and he totally fucks up his starting 11 and the love-in at the end tells me, he has no fkn idea
  21. This post is spot on regarding Pedro as I've not seen anything enough yet to suggests he deserves funds but he does need to be backed as we're in a no win situation. His appointment is another massive gamble which we really shouldn't have been taking at this juncture IMO.
  22. Aye thinks he's made the big time by the look of that photo, fkn sickening
  23. Has he attended a savco game this season ?
  24. and we still need to wait and see if we've got another dud as a manager or not 😡