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  1. Another hater but in the SPFL

    Lifted from the twitteratti
  2. Another hater but in the SPFL

    No, you’re thinking of Anthony.
  3. Anyone guess or know what’s coming ?
  4. The show wasn’t meant to return until the seasons start but the guys have put on a special so a good wee distraction from everything else that’s going on all around us: http://www.rangersradio.online/?m=0
  5. down-to-a-tee

    I prefer these to the ops 👍
  6. Rangers Radio in just now with a special show

    ps your nearly at 1690 likes 👏👏
  7. Rangers Radio in just now with a special show

    Not sure maybe if we get a signing or two hopefully, I normally get an email notification when it starts 👏👏
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Seen this today and had to take a photo of the rag but the delusion continues with the taigs, they must have forgotton about PSG 😂😂
  9. I can only presume this is for cases in Ireland so does anyone know if Police, Scotland are pursuing lines of enquiry in regards to Scotland ?
  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    As much as he’s rotten to the core, we can’t just sack people for shit like this as it’s an unfair dismissal claim right away.
  11. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    You should have punched the cunt for calling you a H**
  12. I don’t know but I’m sure we could have argued to keep the titles as well as been demoted out of the spl if they really wanted it but unfortunately liewell and the rest of the haters were in the decision making positions and all wanted us dead and buried.
  13. If people look back at the posts I also said it was crazy and more or less handing them 9 or 10. Most thought we had to take our medicine even when at that point the legal battle regarding the EBTs was in its infancy. Crazy stuff by us but it’s been a perfect storm for the pedos with all the arseholes who’ve been running us since then.
  14. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    Dave King has put us in this position with his incompetent board. Back to back trebles under his watch and more than enough embarrassments to last us a life time.
  15. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Defo but after the shit us fans have been through putting out that pishy cryptic tweet was bang out of order. Mention the parking or say fuck all.
  16. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    Nothing wrong with it or the source but he could have tweeted ‘long statement about parking coming’ rather than what was tweeted. The tweet was pointless IMO
  17. A long club statement coming according to SLO

    What a pathetic statement and build up from the SLO 😂😂
  18. BBC Article

    It was said live on video also.
  19. BBC Article

    They don’t have a choice when it’s the law and there is no smoking gun here with the text deletion.
  20. BBC Article

    I dont know why your keep on labouring the point of this removal as it’s irrelevant and the law still stands whether sections are cited or not.
  21. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    I read that site yesterday and while it’s not an easy site to read, it is alarming that Henry is leading the abuse inquiry
  22. BBC Article

    The cunt fled the USA fast enough when Daly caught up with him there and I’m presuming he never declared his previous pedo convictions to get his visa so pleading not guilty is no surprise from this lying deviant cunt.
  23. BBC Article

    I’ve been drawn in on the moral argument from the guy with the allegation and that’s also why I said ‘kind of’ and I also said no one was found guilty so the club are really stuck in the middle.
  24. Reporting Scotland Leading Story

    Im thinking that’s the same slo who can’t answer tweets from supporters