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  1. Sorry I disagree as all verbal abuse is wrong. What about abuse on someone’s sexuality, age, hair colour, body size, lack of hair? Is this all just banter and way down the list of abuse?
  2. Do do we get SG to stop the game at the piggery when our players are verbally abused or is abuse based on your race worse than abuse based on your perceived religion ?
  3. I can see them getting booted out especially after their manager denied it.
  4. We desperately need to win this as losing a lead again after one game would be such a kick in the balls
  5. He outdone Silva with his quick feet in injury time but Silva took him out otherwise he was one on one with the keeper. Silva got a yellow but I believe Aribo would have won it for Nigeria.
  6. It was the sign of the times and all a bit mental but it’s not football imo and I’m glad you can’t get away with it these days however I do like a good 50/50 or any other hard challenge aslong as you’re going for the ball
  7. Maybe mate I’ve just put it on and looked as if he was on but I don’t speaka the lingo lol
  8. I think the manager just got a red 😂
  9. The wee mans just been put on 50 mins in. Sorry not got a stream link as I’m watching through William Hills which needs a log in but maybe someone can post a link
  10. I don’t think he’s a legend either and the word legend certainly gets banded about too cheaply especially in the footballing world. All footballers are sadly now mercenaries for cash and yes it could be argued he’s exploiting his privileged position but that’s where we all have a choice to fund ex players and there’s plenty I wouldn’t spend money on.
  11. I wasn’t even thought about in 1969 😂😂😂
  12. I was there and remember like it was just yesterday. Me and the lads had celebrated my 30th and decided to get mwi so hit the town then a horse and cart along to the stadium. Gutted and soaked but what a day, and yet we still talk about it in the care home. As for Peter Marinello, who knows but probably opened up a cafe or a barbers somewhere in craigmiller😋
  13. Yip and everyone of those players would probably be classed as legends. That’s the annoying part I suppose that all they goals in the first half then nada and all that history why could have been made.
  14. Legends is just a branding to sell and it doesn’t actually mean every player is a legend. I wouldn’t pay but I would listen to him if I was in a situation to learn about his character and his footballing insight, I also know he is a mad shagger lol Would you have classed him as a legend if we had won the league that season? Do you know of any ex players who don’t get involved in these types of games as plenty sadly don’t even kick a ball?
  15. I don’t get the utter contempt for him
  16. It’s just been missed and I believe they’re communicating with PS to get it sorted
  17. Insurance job due to dwindling cash through the tills plus it’s right up their street to blame others which keeps the victim narrative going along with their aim of division.
  18. Even fifa know the cunts don’t wash with all the manky black faces in the crowd 😂😂
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