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  1. I heard it was because he was punting kit!
  2. Think that boy is not to long out the pokey!
  3. I think it's a penalty every day of the week. I wasn't sure at the time, but when I saw a replay it looks like Sinclair's right knee is on Tav's left calf and an arm on the back as they both go to ground.
  4. Neither booted him all over the park either and that's the point I'm making.
  5. One and one off the ball battles is and always will be a party f the game. If someone flicks at your heals, pinches your side, tugs your hair off the ball, you don't swing an arm, you do the same back and try to be even cuter.
  6. Do you know why? It's because Messi accepts that the treatment he receives as part of the consequence of being blessed with outrageous talent and when you can pick yourself back up off the ground and say to yourself, this only happened because I'm the best player on the planet it becomes so much easier to control your temper.
  7. I'm not saying Morelos doesn't get a raw deal in Scotland but FFS mate?
  8. It probably hasn't been discussed because Alfredo was responsible for Alfredo getting sent off.
  9. We should sell him and buy Diego Costa!
  10. They only need to look at the scenes in our end after his celebration to be able to fine him or whatever punishment they can dish out for inciting fan trouble.
  11. There is every possibility that it was 2 fans who support the same club involved in an attack that has left a guy fighting for his life in hospital. This makes it less football related but you want to point out that you would feel more or less sorry for him depending on what team he supports? Can we not just condemn the attack without stereotype?
  12. I wouldn't! I don't want anybody stabbed in the neck either and to end up fighting for their life in hospital. And that mean's anybody. It has nothing to do with football.
  13. Have you ever played a right tough game of football in your life?
  14. McGregor Goldson , worrall , katic , Tav Jack , Kamara, Davis Arfield Laff defoe Filled in the blanks for ye.
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