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  1. Weird_Beard

    Candeias Red Card

    What's Chris McLaughlin got to do with it? This is getting confusing!
  2. Weird_Beard

    Bolt ya rocket!

    Very similar in style to Umar but with pace.
  3. Weird_Beard

    11 league games left this calendar year

    How about we start with the next 3 points?
  4. Weird_Beard


    Yeah, their not good enough. That's all everyone has been saying..
  5. Weird_Beard

    Gerrard and Jack : Match Reactions

    I agree with everything you said, you just went into more detail about it. My point was, as in the last post, nobody is performing! It's becoming worrying.
  6. Weird_Beard


    Would do well for Kilmarnock! Done well.
  7. Weird_Beard

    Gerrard and Jack : Match Reactions

    He started off taken the blame for Sunday, then went on to blame the players. he's now just continued to blame the players tonight. Nobody is performing! But praise Tav & Halliday!
  8. Weird_Beard

    Ryan Jack calls for Willie Collum to be demoted

    And this cunt is for the bin!
  9. Weird_Beard

    Ryan Jack calls for Willie Collum to be demoted

    Your all off your head. If, buts, maybes. Swore at the time, is was a free-kick, the the horror defending and all I could think about was that it was a freekick. On the flip side, Jack leaves the ground puts his arse into his hip and that can so easily be deemed a foul too. We're all aggrieved. Lad above defending McGregor because he got away with it, if he had been sent off, and they got a penalty, he would have been slated from pillar to post in here. Instead of blaming the ref, we would have been blaming McGregor. We're all going to see things differently. The main thing to take from the game, some players didn't perform, we held our shape well (Kudos to SG) but we were clueless what to do with the ball when we got it, that rigidness needs to go and we need to find more flexibility going forward between Al & Laff and the midfield behind. That's what cost us the game.
  10. Weird_Beard

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Job done, have a good day all 😂
  11. Weird_Beard

    He hates the IRA!!!! He’s Kyle Lafferty

    Did we come up with the Atomic Kitten song - You can make me whole again for Stevie G first? Don't know if I would be more embarrassed that we came up with it first or we just copied the Lustig song. Somebody needs their baws kicks irregardless.
  12. Weird_Beard

    He hates the IRA!!!! He’s Kyle Lafferty

    So... have we ever sang a song to the tune of OMD's - Enola Gay before?
  13. Weird_Beard

    Our New Additions

    Oddly the signing that worries me the most is the £2m pound we spent on Katic, a defender from a team that finished three places lower than Osijek in 7th position in the Croatian league. Somebody must have really done their homework to have this sanctioned. The quality of the loan and free signings is rather underwhelming but it gives an indication of how poor Stevie actually thinks the team really is. We know what McGregor is about ableit he's 36 but I don't see him putting as much pressure on the team as Fod can sometimes invite. Arfield, I think is a good signing. Ovie has a spark that is always needed. It will take a lot to convince me that Jon is better than John these days, still not seen it. Coulibally, Sadiq and Kent just look like numbers to me. That amount of additions to be added means that some of these guys are barely going to kick a ball just by default.
  14. Weird_Beard

    Ex-manager talks about Sadiq

    Can sometimes score wonderful goals but his head is not always in the correct place!? Sounds like a striker we already have. TBH, from the clips I have watched of him, he looks really uncomfortable on the ball for a pro but you don't end up at Roma without having something behind you. He's not a loan signing I got excited about but I do wonder how him and Alfredo could possibly work together, unfortunately, that idea seems to be off the table, which I find strange.
  15. Weird_Beard

    Club statement

    I'm not annoyed too much about the footballing side of what he's saying, afterall, it's looking like we will soon be making a tenth signing which is nearly a brand new team. it's the rest of the pish he's spouting with it, some of which, is down right lies. On another note, we don't actually know if the defence has been sorted yet either. Two clean sheets against a team 4th in the Macedonian league is hardly a great gauge.