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  1. I'm reading that line up as a 4-3-3, which is good but if that is the case it seems Papac has been chosen in a CM role which is a nonsense. Either way here's hoping for a positive reaction from the players and the fans today! 2-1 Gers WATP!!
  2. I'm sorry as much as Iove the guy....what the fuck is mccoist doing taking aluko off when mock loch, Davis and Wallace have been anonymous! Joke!
  3. Above all else tomorrow regardless of the result, I just hope we are positive and go for it, they are good middle to front but pin back their wide players and full backs and they lose alot of threat. With that in mind I would love to see a line up of; Mcgregor, Whittaker, Bartley, boca, Wallace, Davis (rm), edu, McKay, Wylde, aluko and jelavic. Give aluko a free role up beside jelavic and use our energetic full backs plus Davis and Wylde to restrict Forrest, cha etc. he may crumble but I think in a stereotypical old firm where you need someone to put their foot on the ball McKay could make the difference. Don't get me wrong I doubt mccoist will play anything like this but either way I rekon itl be a tough watch for 90 mins. No surrender though! As big Marv would say Keep Believing!!
  4. I really didnt want my first post to be a negative one, but this is brutal...10 men or not! Although the red was a bit harsh the fact is even with 10 men we have to be playing a bit better than this. The most worrying aspect for me is Mccoist, I dunno if anyone else heard it but about 10 mins after sending off Steve Davis says to him we need to push up and Mcoist clearly said no "we'r a man down".....That mentality of sitting so deep has cost us this game. Im so disappointed in the way things have been going recently and unfortunatley I am starting to believe that Mcoist doesnt have the tactical know how to take us forward...hope im proved wrong!!
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