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  1. :mervan: Thats what its all about, passing on the knowledge to your kids, I think Rangers is one of the best clubs for knowing its history. When im lucky enough to have kids their gonna get fucking sick of me talking about Lovenkrands, Novo, Boyd, Prso and all other Legends whilst I've been growing up with them, this current team too
  2. Slightly random but any Italian speaking bluenoses on this forum? Reckon he/she should have a wee perve on AC Milan forum, see what they have to say about that blue sea of Ibrox tonight
  3. Bet you absolutely loved that Dave, the guys you were brought up loving. Amoruso has always been an idol of mine and seing him march upfield late on just brought back memories, i was wanting him to drive it from 40 yards though. We are easily the best fans and club on earth.
  4. I cant say just how proud i am to be a Rangers fan tonight, caught the last 20 mins on a cough cos i was at work, amazing atmosphere for what looked, not the most competeteive match on eartth. Credit to our legends and the A.C Milan legends for organising such great teams and committing whole heartedly. More importantly credit to every single person who went, we have a match tomorow, its a recession and people payed money to support the team they love.
  5. If any of use dont mint a tip i've been having a lot of success on the tennis this week, alot more winners than losers on outsiders, even if only small outsiders. Juan Monaco looks to big against Monfils tonight at 2's and tomoz Dimitrov is too big at 5ta2 against Tipsarevic... i suggest 2 singles and a double.
  6. Used to be RM or CM. Then I started playing for the school lassies a wee bit, got moved to LB. Never really seen myself as a defender tbh. Now, I just play anywhere for the banter!

  7. Yeah entries like free but accomodation etc is like a hura money! Ah, I sometimes can't go due to shifts, get every 2nd Saturday off unless I shift swap like. Used to play football myself, now it's just a wee kick about with the lads. Hahah!

  8. I can't even afford college or uni! Won't get like help with money either. Actual runnish. Yet there's folk my age who have never worked and get new houses to stay in. And get those paid for them. Silly really!

  9. Folowed back :) Yeah it's so addictive, think it's great though! You get much more freedom of speech than you do on FB! I'm fed up stacking shelves tbh (n) I've well went off it!

  10. Just use Twitter mostly now tbh - @wearethepeoplex :)

  11. Are you fucking kidding :| never done it. am about 30 up on the day from betting on different Davuis Cup tennis matches.
  12. I'm not watchuing the game, are City good value at 6to5 now in play?
  13. If any of use are watching the Davis Cup on Eurosport then James Ward is fairly decent betting at 2's.
  14. Unreal how Kerkar can't get a start infront of Papac/Wallace at left wing He is so composed and comfortable on the ball.. not even a joke post
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