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  1. Im gonna go check his FIFA ratings before I make an opinion.
  2. I have always thought Ferguson was a prick and so is his brother. As for McCulloch, I never really bothered with his opinion as he was an average player when on top form and at times looked out of his depth in Scotland's lower leagues for us.
  3. I'm not saying McCrorie is a world beater, but by fuck he deserves a chance to start before both Davis and Coulibaly.
  4. I know he is still young but he should be scoring more goals and for the possession we have his goal scoring is embarrassing.
  5. 1 of the few players I've ever seen who can't get a cross and a shot at goal past the first man on most occasions. Guy does try and has occasional moments where he is brilliant, we need a player who is consistent and has more than the occasional moment. Is a decent squad player at best and would suit a team on the level of Hibs or Aberdeen.
  6. I like Gerrard but he must be asked about some of his decisions. Coulibaly and Davis, FFS that's a joke. Candeias and Tav drag the team down that much it's like playing with 6 players, nearly everything goes through them yet not 1 person can see how useless they are.
  7. Candeias us a useless lump of wood, never seen a guy struggle to get a cross and shot past the first man.
  8. If you are at the game can you boooooo for me.
  9. It's because we don't have any players with brains to break teams down.
  10. We need forwards who can score goals on a regular basis.
  11. With Coulibaly and Davis in the team, was anyone expecting a win today.
  12. Jack is just 1 of many 1 dimensional players we have who does the same thing over and over and over and over again even when it's not working.
  13. Tav and Candeias are 2 of the most brainless players we have ever had. They do the same thing the whole game even when it isn't working. The 2 of them especially are oblivious to what is happening around them. After they have done playing the ball back and forward to each other 1 of them will whip a high cross in despite the fact we have nobody to head it. If they had even 1 braincell each they would realise this and start heading to the by line and pinging in lower crosses which gives us the advantage.
  14. Our free scoring team only free scores against Hamiltion, Dundee, St Mirren or the pissy wee teams in short.
  15. 9 shots on goal, 1 on target, there is a big problem for a start. We need players who can be more clinical in front of goal, our forwards all have the shooting ability of Waghorn. Said it before, we have to many brain dead players and not 1 has a clue how to do anything. Right now if a decent bid came in for Alfie I would take it and try to move Tav on for a few million also. Use the money to replace Alfie, Candeias and Tav for a start. Buy a decent midfielder with an eye for goal and someone who can shoot 25 yard plus.
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