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  1. geronimoo

    Strange shirt last night

    Now I see where the the rabid tim who tweeted eufa got the idea from, he must be 1 of the timmy lurkers on here.
  2. geronimoo

    Andy Halliday

    Was never his biggest fan but he has improved his game, I rate him as a half decent substitute player.
  3. geronimoo


    Would play him in front of Morelos also.
  4. geronimoo

    They really are obsessed

    To be fair on the boozer, it's money in their pocket if their stupid fans want to watch another team. I always thought that the pubs down that way weren't Rangers/celtic pubs.
  5. geronimoo

    Rangers 10/1

    TBH at 10/1 they seem to have more confidence than anyone connected with Rangers, Villarreal are a good team and I think we are going to be backs to the wall whether we like it or not. If we get a draw I will be over the moon.
  6. geronimoo

    Villarreal away - wits the plans?

    My plans are more or less just BT Sport 3.
  7. geronimoo

    Fucking media at it again.

    Lol, girl from original post. As for Angela, I have "low standards" not "no standards".
  8. geronimoo

    Fucking media at it again.

    Is she single???
  9. geronimoo

    Rangers scarf in the coffin

    My cousin had a union Jack over his coffin and a flute band marching in front of the hearse into the crematorium.
  10. geronimoo


    Looks like a player who has been told his role in the team and plays it. Was never his biggest fan but he has left whipping boy status.
  11. geronimoo

    A proper farewell for Kenny - Barry Ferguson

    Someone should tell Barry that we don't dislike him for what happened with Murty, we don't even dislike him for being overated and not that good, we dislike him for telling his mates in the press everything that happened behind the scenes which he knew.
  12. geronimoo

    A pint with Novo

    I think it really boils down to what a legend is TBH in someone's mind, IMHO he gave his all for the club and loved the club and everything that comes with it including the fans and will defend the club and everything that comes with it so to me he is a legend, another person will consider a legend someone who played so many games, won so many trophies, scored so many goals and so on.
  13. geronimoo

    Darren Bent

    Used to play up front for me on FIFA 12 with Sturridge.
  14. geronimoo

    Your lifetime Rangers squad

    hard to pick, but I would add Trevor Steven to that original list.
  15. geronimoo

    Pre match entertainment

    Transport museum and tall ship are near by and will kill a couple of hours, both are free.