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  1. Who would play right back when Tav is left back?
  2. Quicker to list their players who would get in our team, as the list would be smaller.
  3. Is it the same as last, where if we beat them, they need to sell us their best players.
  4. I could tell Ojo was gonna be piss the minute he opened his mouth with the "Rangers are the best team in the league shit" Barton thought the same and look how mush a loser he ended up, expect Ojo to be the same IMHO.
  5. Oh well, always next season. Same shit but with a few diff faces.
  6. geronimoo


    No, I dont think he ever said he was Barton. If he does I will PM you but.
  7. geronimoo


    He talks a good game, I can see him being like Barton where he believes everyone up here is that gash he will stroll it through.
  8. Gerrard oot, sack the board, Tav and Morelos must go.
  9. I said months ago that I wish Arfield would just change his name to Airfield. Just makes it easier on the mobile.
  10. She can spit on my face any day.
  11. Barisic looking decent. Hopefully a decent run and we will see Barisic the Croatia international, not the guy we had last year.
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