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  1. geronimoo

    Andy Little - Video

    Nice guy but wasn't a very good player.
  2. geronimoo

    Daniel Candeias Appreciation Thread

    I find him to be a decent all rounder apart from his crossing and shooting, in the position he plays both of these are vital skills but.
  3. geronimoo

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    I think goalpost may be his natural position.
  4. geronimoo

    Could Docherty be converted to RB?

    Don't talk utter pish, Sadiq is a Goalie.
  5. geronimoo

    Hard not to get carried away - Barry Ferguson

    I tried not to get carried away, but, fuck it I'm enjoying it and will love every bit of it regardless of how much blind faith I need to put in. The dark days are over boys, let's start enjoying it.
  6. geronimoo

    Grezda injured

    It might not be that bad and only put on as a precautionary measure.
  7. geronimoo

    Coincidence or not ?

    It's comical enough for the Off Topic section.
  8. geronimoo

    Defoe chant...

    Stick something about a magic hat in and I'm sold.
  9. geronimoo

    Defoe chant...

    Stop acting like a bunch of pricks with the guy, this song has potential IMHO.
  10. geronimoo


    Up until I seen the Sadiq YouTube I would have agreed with you.
  11. geronimoo

    Morelos agent.

    Lol I couldn't think of a team down the bottom so guessed them, I don't follow English football much.
  12. geronimoo

    Morelos agent.

    We rejected a bid from China and he had no interest in going there so I doubt rejecting a bid would have been the reason. He has stated that he wants to play in England and fair play to him for coming out and saying it. I just hope he isn't stupid enough to want a move to a lower premiership club like WBA or 1 of them.
  13. geronimoo

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    Killjoy was here.
  14. geronimoo

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    I'm happy with this signing.
  15. geronimoo

    Left Back Position

    From whipping boy to fans favourite, the boy is doing well and deserves it.