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  1. Ojo is a terrible player, I have the feeling he is on the the "must play so many games a season thing".
  2. For Porto I feel we need a defender who is more solid, I would go with Flannagan and let him play for the spot, give the captains armband to Davis.
  3. I honestly think he will cost us 2 goals against Porto.
  4. Sometimes the stars and planets align, tactics are perfect, average players become good players, good players become great players, and great players become class players. Sometimes the complete opposite happens and you play shit, we got the opposite when we played them.
  5. Not a fan if Tav and never have been. But this he has carried team for years is rubbish, we have been rotten for years and only last season under Gerrard did we even start to look a decent team. We have won nothing so he hasn't carried the team that great. If you want to look at a guy who carried us, look at Dado Prso, I remember years ago we were playing pish and he was winning us games and cups, that's what carrying a team is, not 3rd in the league, semi finals and 1 cup final we lost.
  6. I don't fancy Ojo or Aribo.
  7. Like Candieas your lucky if 1 in 5 of his crosses are even decent, like a few others we have he lacks a football brain and will make the wrong decision time after time.
  8. It was the same with Candieas, he was a terrible player but people seemed to cream themself over him.
  9. He is average at best and I have never seen the big thing. His penalty taking is a joke, he can't cross a ball, and his defending is dire. Out with the occasional free kick which he shouldn't be near I just see him as a weakness.
  10. I never seen the thing with Tav, he is an average player who has a good game now and again. Like every season, he will cost us points.
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