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  1. Does anyone believe ?

    No doubt the next manager will come from a middle table club in somewhere like Azerbaijan or Kuwait.
  2. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    That Bates offer is embarrassing, no wonder he left.
  3. He did that himself by being piss poor.
  4. Dorrans

    Playing players out of position so they are shite as we have brain dead managers is what we do.
  5. 11 imposters wearing our famous top

    I think he was shouting "It's no ma falt they wouldnae let me kick the baw"
  6. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Tbh I don't think this team has the mental ability to turn up to a big game.
  7. Bates is off

    Good luck to Bates and I hope it goes well for him, this is another situation just showing that our board are clueless and don't know their arse from their elbow.
  8. Murty Presser

    The job was his to lose and unfortunately for him the players lost it for him with poor performances against teams we should have horsed by a few goals. He would need to get 2nd place and the cup to stand a chance, but celtic will put us out the cup and players being to inconsistent will see us get a sloppy 2nd if we are lucky.
  9. Fernando Torres

    He away back to KerryFail street for a bit.
  10. Kenny Miller vows to play on next season

    Not a fan of Miller but knowing our luck he will move on and have the season of his life and play immense.
  11. There Would Only Be One Winner

    Saying that for weeks.
  12. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    We should find out what Nottingham Forest paid for him then knock a few 100k of and offer that.
  13. This will Never be Forgotten Brother.

    1 of the most smoothests and silkiest players I have ever seen, made everything look effortless.
  14. I like Murty but TBH the players have got him the sack/demotion at the end of the season.
  15. Carlos Pena - 'A Shameful Disgrace'

    To be fair he was always pissed when he played for us and you can't really judge a guy when he was playing with all his senses in top working order.