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  1. Same here, I have loved Holland for years, since I was a kid. Growing up Van Basten, Rijkard, Gullit and Koeman (the good 1, not the shit 1) were my favourite players. I even supported AC Milan also coz 3 of them played for them.
  2. Does these Rangers fans boo when any player from Rangers gets a game.
  3. Never interacted with Football Scotland, but they have blocked me.
  4. geronimoo


    My cat is getting punched the next time I see it, I'm fucking livid right now.
  5. geronimoo


    I'm fucking raging, I expect to be more raging when he explains it.
  6. Ive seen songs suggested on here that are worse than that top.
  7. You just need to keep believing.
  8. geronimoo

    Jamie Murphy

    I thought he looked decent enough when he played, but like others he played with dross at the start and IMHO they were holding players back. Arfield and Tav are 2 examples, at the start I didn't rate either that high but this season they have been amazing, you can toss Kent in there also.
  9. TBH I don't really care that we lost, I always want to win but the sheep missing out on Europe has softened the blow, and we fielded a team which was made up of players who at times struggle to make the bench anyway.
  10. geronimoo


    Guys a legend in the making.
  11. geronimoo

    Paul McStay

    There was no celtic boys club, separate entity an aw that.
  12. I'm guessing it was the guy who started the post.
  13. Was thinking earlier that since there is less of them roaming about matchday violence has went down. Only real troubles was when the game was held at Parkhead and there were loads of them running around.
  14. Earlier on he was dire, think he has been really good the last few times I've seen him.
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