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  1. We had a big skinny boy who played midfield, always looked as if he could go on to be a good player if he put a bit of weight on.
  2. I like Goldson, good player.
  3. I think him and Hagi could build something good.
  4. If we insist on hitting high crosses in, I would like us to sign someone who can head a ball. Tav can go, his defending is gash and his attacking us mediocre with a few flashes of brilliance throughout the season. I would like a Midfielder who can and isn't scared to shoot from 20 yards plus.
  5. True, their Euro 96 team (Which some considered the best team there, even thought they didn't win it) had Casiraghi, Chiesa, Del Piero (Alex Cleland is still at Ibrox park as we speak looking for the ball after his turn), Ravanelli, and Zola. They even left Vialli at home, the whole Italian team back then was frightening to look at.
  6. I like Negri, fantastic player.
  7. I like Umbro football strips, hope we do have Umbro.
  8. I prayed for her, everyday.
  9. Tbh I wouldn't mind Umbro, at least I know I will be getting decent quality that will last, when you get the bigger brands like Nike and that the quality is piss poor and start falling apart.
  10. Big Dave McPherson had his moments.
  11. I always remember he came in for a while because Goram got injured, he was rank rotten at the start but got a bit better as time went on, wasn't a great keeper, average at best but passable as a rating.
  12. I don't care who they hire TBH so long as they can do the job, the fact it upsets them so much is just an added bonus.
  13. I really do hate him, he is totally brainless.
  14. Because all our players are brainless, if he hadn't have done that Tav would have passed it to them or slipped, or Goldson would have thought he was Pele and fucked it.
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