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  1. islandblue

    Kyle Lafferty

    Loads on Facebook saying deal is done for £700k. No idea if true or just Chinese Whispers
  2. islandblue

    Was Arfield rested

    Hopefully just given a rest with Thursday in mind
  3. islandblue

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Yes mate you do, though they may let you join
  4. islandblue

    Travelling to maribor (hopefully)

    Had provisionally booked with Thomas Cook. Just checked their website and flight time showing as 3.30 in the morning. Fuck that
  5. islandblue

    Killie emails for the Cup

    Got one
  6. islandblue

    SportOptions To Maribor (If We Both Make It)

    Travel Club also running a plane though prices not announced. See that Flight Options only have a 128 seater so possibly if Thomas Cook have a bigger plane it may be cheaper
  7. islandblue

    Gaffer wants another two in before next week

    Was Windass injured today or just dropped?
  8. islandblue

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    I know what your saying mate and take youur point to an extent. For me it won’t be the same home or away . I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with the Tim’s before and maybe I’m coming down with something but this time I think they’re spot on and we have made a cunt of this
  9. islandblue

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    Yep, I take that point but what about the people who,follow us everywhere. The people who,want tickets for this and can’t normally go,aren’t getting an Old Firm game.I,was at the game when we banned them from Ibrox and it could have been St Mirren we were playing cos there was no,atmosphere. To,me the fans who,follow everywhere should not be denied the away game we really want to,go,to,for,kids who’ll get their chance,when they are older
  10. islandblue

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    Don’t agree at all,mate. It’s us that’s being fucked Sure the last few at Ibrox have been sore but nothing better than watching their miserable coupons when we’re pumping them. Going to the Piggery and humping them is what it’s all about . My best time following the famous,is,celebrating up,there
  11. islandblue

    800 tickets for the big jock knew camp

    Been going to the Piggery for 30odd years . Some brilliant memories and some not so. Always the games you look for first when the fixtures announced. I expect pelters but agree totally with the Mhankies on this.We have made a roaring cunt of this and for why. There is nothing better than being there when we win. Utter pish by us
  12. islandblue

    Kyle Lafferty

    I said he scored in big games. For us last time title winner at Easter Rd,Goal at Tannadice when we won it there, hat trick at Rugby Park and this season with Heartsscored against us at Murrayfield and twice against them.
  13. islandblue

    Kyle Lafferty

    I think Lafferty would be a good signing. All round he’s a better player than Moult and has shown he can score goals in big games
  14. islandblue

    Lafferty bid rejected by Hearts

    200k bid according to STV. I think we are just testing the water and hoping the player will do the rest. IMO he’d be a good signing
  15. islandblue

    Well done Alfredo

    Brilliant performance Alfredo