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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a wind up Im pretty sure it’s a wind up
  2. We need to get a result in both games
  3. Don’t agree mate but you’re entitled to your opinion
  4. You’re a half empty type of guy aren’t you? 😊😊
  5. Same question. Surely it gives us a boost for Sunday
  6. Can honestly say it was never a problem even when we played them . He loved his football and there was more of an acceptance then by the small teams fans that the Old Firm were essentially operating in a different league. Most of these fans would openly favour either us or them and thankfully my old man hated them as much as me.
  7. Although a lifelong Saints fan he always had a soft spot for the Gers. He didn’t go to many away games so if we were at home and they were away we went to Ibrox. He’d also go to our European games as you didn’t get them at Love Steet😊😊😊😊
  8. Delighted but not surprised in the the slightest. My old man was a St Mirren fan but when he took me to Ibrox for the first time against Hibs (Steins first game at Ibrox) he knew I was lost to,them . I still feel that sense of magic every time I enter Ibrox and obviously Stevie G feels the same WATP
  9. Only had Livi in the cup.
  10. He was rotten last night but everyone has a bad game he’s not had many this season
  11. I think Bertent is right. When things aren’t going well we have nobody to take command and kick arses. Last night Jack was awful and Davis and Arfield disappeared for about 20 minutes
  12. Think collective sigh of relief is in order
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