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  1. islandblue


    Jeniffer Lopez can get in my bath
  2. islandblue


    Change feinian to peado and job done
  3. He got 4 stitches above his eye but seemed ok at the airport
  4. On the whole they were fine but one old guy on our flight ended up in hospital and missed the game. Got punched in the pub by some roaster trying to nick his mates jersey. He was an old boy too and was wearing the fucking shirt.
  5. They are on sale for those with 4 points just now. After 5pm I think it’s 3 points maybe 2
  6. Good price mate but it’s an extra day off work. I can’t do that
  7. Fecks sake mate ur joking . Certainly doesn’t seem as long ago. Main thing I remember is going for a pish and missing Big Berts goal😊😊
  8. Deffo won’t be as friendly as Denmark. Went there when we played that Russian team in a one off and locals were growling and we weren’t even playing them
  9. That was a reply to fanatic CR
  10. Take your point mate just think Thomas Cook take the pish. Been with both and think Sports Options are more clued up and make more of an effort
  11. Sport Options for me. I see Thomas Cook our travel partners have eventually crawled out their hole but they ain’t getting my money. Trip is a bit pricey but day trip,suits me best. Can’t wait
  12. When you take in time off work and hotels the day trip is usually a good option
  13. Did my head in over there. Too old for these new songs🤒🤒🤒
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