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  1. Have to say was expecting this
  2. No way he’d go,to Derby and they know it. All being well hopefully he’ll stay another 2 years and if all,goes well he’ll get the Liverpool,job with our best wishes and thanks
  3. Was due to start a friendly in Belfast but managed to get injured on the bus between the team hotel and the ground. True story
  4. How can he finish the season fit and get injured close season?
  5. Not seen enough of him to make a decision. Seemed to do well on loan last season and importantly stayed fit.
  6. Yip. I agree. Can see no reason why he is not in Portugal if in Stevie G’s plans
  7. I see what you did😊😊
  8. Can’t see him in any training photos. Anyone any info on him
  9. Not been on here for weeks and know why now. Tuesday was sore but for fucks sake. In Stevie G I trust
  10. Ridiculous idea. He needs time and anyone who thinks otherwise is buckled or a Tim
  11. Sausage sausage fingers but a good response
  12. I also am a founding member of Club. 1972 for your info
  13. Don’t get the aggression. For your info I lost a fair sum when we went into admin but despite that and for the sake of our Club like many other bought another package. The cost that time was £500
  14. IIf you mean the Easdales , Somers and Green , yes they are the Spivs I’m referring to
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