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  1. islandblue

    Share Issue. Significant result for us

    IIf you mean the Easdales , Somers and Green , yes they are the Spivs I’m referring to
  2. islandblue

    Share Issue. Significant result for us

    Maybe I’ve not put it well. Yes they can sell them for whatever anyone pays but this result means King does not NEED to buy them. In reality there isn’t anyone likely to buy a huge tranche of shares which would not give you control. Their position is that any further share issue will diminish the percentage they hold unless they take the option to take up the shares offered to them to maintain their percentage
  3. islandblue

    Share Issue. Significant result for us

    It is mate. It means those who hurt us will get fuck all . These Spivs cunts are going to be left with a big hole in their pocket
  4. The result of the offer is less than 50% took up the offer. This means King does not need to buy the shares of either the Easdales or Blue Pitch. Their 20p shares gifted to them are now worth fuck all. We can make another share offer and dilute their worth even more. They are left with a pile of shares that give them no rights and will,decrease in value . Get it right up you Spiv Bastards
  5. islandblue

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    The whole idea of a Compliance Officer hasn’t worked. Time to bin it entirely
  6. islandblue

    McGregor banned 2 games

    McGregor should tell the SFA that they can ram any International Call ups right up their hole
  7. islandblue

    Scottish Cup Draw

    We’ll be the early game on the Sunday
  8. islandblue

    Scottish Cup Draw

    4K tickets. In the 6 games at Aberdeen since we came back I’ve had none so must have a chance
  9. islandblue

    First Rangers game you attended?

    Same for me mate. My old man took me to the Main Stand and I can still remember the smell of pies, bovril and fags
  10. islandblue

    Compliance procedure unfit for purpose

    Not in the least surprised by today’s decision . Positive they are worried and typical Timmy reaction is to cheat. Thank fuck I was t born one of them
  11. islandblue

    Compliance officer .A total sham

    The whole Idea of a Compliance Officer is nonsence. What is the purpose of reviewing fouls which may not have been seen . If action is taken against a player it doesn’t help,the team he committed the offence against and in fact may hinder them if the player is subsequently suspended against one of their rivals. Why also only look at fouls. Why not offsides, shys disallowed goals? The whole thing is bollocks and should be scrapped
  12. islandblue


    Welcome to the Worlds most successful Club
  13. This is utter pish. Why was the ballot not done at the beginning of the week with e mails ready to be sent out today? Did the TO not think we’d overcome the mighty Cowdenbeath?
  14. islandblue

    ***Official Cowdenbeath v Rangers Thread***

    And you’re in a different post code from the pitch. Mind you the pies were good
  15. islandblue

    Docherty; What A Goal

    I blame Smirnoff mate