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  1. islandblue


    I thought Halliday was excellent today
  2. islandblue


    Getting better every game. People have to give him time as he was out nearly a season with injury
  3. islandblue

    Goldson racially abused on twitter

    What do you expect from scum
  4. islandblue

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    On 8 points so got email confirming I have tckt. 3 mates also booked Indy got nada
  5. islandblue

    Gerrard should quit

    Stevie G must be getting it right cos the tarriers are imploding
  6. islandblue

    Worral get rid !

    Personally don’t think Goldson looks as good alongside Worrall. His partnership with Katic shouldn’t have been changed
  7. islandblue

    Barasic - what’s the script wae him?

    Hewas in hospitality at the Killie game and said he’d be back after the International break
  8. islandblue

    Worral get rid !

    Regardless of his comments I prefer Katic
  9. islandblue

    Optimism gone

    Poor performance and everyone gutted. Let’s not blow it out of proportion though. There was always going to be setbacks and today was one of them. Wednesday is another day
  10. islandblue

    Middleton Signs New Contract

    Brilliant news great prospect
  11. islandblue

    Lassana Coulibaly

    He’s been poor since he came back from injury but he wasn’t the only one today
  12. islandblue

    St mirren

    Didn’t know that mate. We did get 8 for Killie and Aberdeen so maybe I’m mumbing about nothing.
  13. islandblue

    St mirren

    Maybe didn’t explain properly. Our 8 books are split into 3 applications. 2 x3 and 1x2. Cup games are separate so I reckon no tickets for 6 league games in any of the applications is strange to say the least
  14. islandblue

    St mirren

    Yes and Semi ticket. We’ve got 8 season books and not one league ticket between them. Have emailed the ticket office asking what’s happening
  15. islandblue

    St mirren

    Didn’t even know the ballot was done for this one. Got feck all again. That’s no league games this season