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  1. islandblue

    Lassana Coulibaly

    He’s been poor since he came back from injury but he wasn’t the only one today
  2. islandblue

    St mirren

    Didn’t know that mate. We did get 8 for Killie and Aberdeen so maybe I’m mumbing about nothing.
  3. islandblue

    St mirren

    Maybe didn’t explain properly. Our 8 books are split into 3 applications. 2 x3 and 1x2. Cup games are separate so I reckon no tickets for 6 league games in any of the applications is strange to say the least
  4. islandblue

    St mirren

    Yes and Semi ticket. We’ve got 8 season books and not one league ticket between them. Have emailed the ticket office asking what’s happening
  5. islandblue

    St mirren

    Didn’t even know the ballot was done for this one. Got feck all again. That’s no league games this season
  6. islandblue

    Jack's back

    Don’t agree mate.He reads the game well , tidies up any mistakes and is always free to take the pressure of our defenders.
  7. islandblue

    Jack's back

    Jack is vastly underrated. We look a different team when he is playing
  8. islandblue

    League cup semi moving

    Latest mooted is us v sheep at Hampden. 1.30. Bheggars v hearts. Murrayfield 4.00. Who knows though
  9. Unbelievable stupidity even for the SPFL
  10. We should have adopted your tactics Ally they got us a draw 6 years ago today. Ah just remembered that was against Annan. Fckn bellend
  11. islandblue


    Rancid bigoted wee prick. We love your pain ya fanny
  12. islandblue

    Murdoch Maclennan

    The maxim justice must not only be done but seen to be done is being disregarded by the authorities. Even if this guy was the most honourable person in creation his links with Desmond will always raise suspicions . His position is therefore totally untenable
  13. islandblue


    So far he’s looked like an epileptic giraffe. Stevie G entitled to one bad signing in 15
  14. islandblue

    Tav signs new deal

    Great news. If he does go now it will be for a proper fee
  15. islandblue

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    No need for paranoia here. The Case was fucked due to Crown incompetence .