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  1. Martin Tyler talks some amount of fucking shite.
  2. Defo need to have an element of camping when playing the game, especially towards the end (and especially in solos)
  3. Delighted with that result in all honesty.
  4. Absolute state of the commentators there.
  5. Clearest red card you will see ­čśé
  6. Aye I really wouldn't be surprised if Kent was on 30k+ a week tbh.
  7. Bit odd. Can't make money from us atm so not willing to promote/actively associate?
  8. It won't be outlawed. Gambling isn't illegal and neither is profiting off it.
  9. Not massively no. The age rating will just be in the UK and it really won't stop people under 18 buying it.
  10. TheKingObv

    FIFA 20

    EA won't change the game because of one country's laws?
  11. What will change? Fifa will become an 18 in the UK? The pack system won't be changing.
  12. Griezmann absolutely flopping at Barcelona. Watched plenty of him at Atletico and he must be the most over rated player in the last generation or so.
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