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  1. Manager of a club cares more about celtic than his own? Some deluded people on here man.
  2. He is 18 and making the odd appearance for the Chelsea first team and is receiving rave reviews in the youths whilst earning a fair whack. Highly doubt he has a single regret.
  3. It screwed us more than them. They should have been down to 10 men...
  4. Some people letting the last couple games v them cloud their judgement. Weird. Morelos has been on another level from him this season.
  5. He really isn't 'excellent'. I'm not one of these guys who just says all their players are shite as well, but he is not an excellent footballer ffs.
  6. Can't think of a worse description. 10x more talented than Papac.
  7. Best player in the league? Guy is a complete class act. Superb defender and genuinely has a world class delivery. Fucking love him.
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