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  1. Wish I was as cool as the OP
  2. Says a lot about Barton that he was utterly average for us when he played, and is now winning MOTM awards in the EPL...
  3. When I think how fucking thick the people from my school who went on to do journalism were, it's not surprising that a piece as brutal as this gets published.
  4. Fucking hate Penny Arcade
  5. Should be effective against any team in Scotland. Better European teams is a completely different story though, could probably cut through us easily.
  6. How come it's always mongos they get to do these things? Same back when the crossbar challenge took place.
  7. I'm a bit worried we'll lose him to Arsenal after Wenger leaves.
  8. They weren't though, were they?
  9. Let's compare Senderos' career to that of Cunty Foster...
  10. That's been spun like fuck. Joke of a paper.
  11. Shite song, shite video.
  12. Some people getting awfully worked up over this. Bit weird.
  13. You're an absolute rocket. Firstly you were saying Barcelona are cheating bastards, then it was PSG lying down, and finally the ref threw the game. So which one was it? Or were all 3 parties conspiring?