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  1. 15/16 in public
  2. You definitely took this off Twitter
  3. In all seriousness lads, I'm hearing we won 4-0.
  4. Funny that the cue takes place when you enter the thread.
  5. Create your own thread then
  6. Deanofshite
  7. Pena snorting an unknown white substance off the dugout roof. Crushed up paracetamol I assume for his headache.
  8. Pena refusing to come on as he's hanging out his arse after a tequila session in the savoy
  9. Jack with a slight knock so Pena is coming on it seems
  10. Sauce?
  11. Screamer from 25 yards mate
  12. 1-0 Herrera
  13. We have a shit load of shirts ready to sell. Wouldn't make any real sense not to get some revenue from them.
  14. How would that be a new puma strip when we're literally continuing to sell an old batch?
  15. You regularly tuning into the Portuguese second division?