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  1. Celtic are fucking garbage
  2. Two of the luckiest goals you'll see
  3. 1.55 with negative splits She has a sub 1.54 in her I reckon
  4. Aye it was a windy 8.91, my mistake.
  5. Unusual. But in saying that, 100m and 200m times have been awful all year. Seems to be a consistent pattern following Olympic years. The relatively cold weather hasn't helped either, though.
  6. Yeah I have no doubts both Powell and Carl Lewis were on the juice (they both broke the world record in that 1991 competition). However the winner of this world championship - Manyonga - is the most consistently jumper of 8.50+ jumps in history and could take the record one day. He says he's jumped 8.80+ in training. The guy is a former crystal meth addict as well
  7. Curious to what a fresh Van Niekerk can do the 200 in. 9.93 speed mixed with 43 over the 400 should mean 19.6ish at worst, and potentially far faster. The guy is a freak. If he makes the 200 final it will be something like his 6th race in 7 days which isn't ideal, though.
  8. You do far more work when front running.
  9. Cardoso looked atrocious? Fuck up
  10. Decent first half, awful second.
  11. I'm sorry but Candeias is pish
  12. Morelos already looking more lively
  13. Fuck knows how Herrera lasted so long