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  1. I know mate. Really should have scored 3 and set up 6 against Italy today.
  2. Ffs ­čśé Desperate stuff.
  3. It might have dated quite a bit but blood money is one of the best games ever made.
  4. Nearly an assist for oor Alfie but the guy hits the bar
  5. First time on the ball he bullied the defender and would have won a free kick but advantage was played
  6. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/43045/Japan_vs_Colombia.html For anyone interested. 51 mins in.
  7. Messi's 3rd goal was absolutely ridiculous.
  8. Messi with another double. He has been incredible this season. By far and away the best player on the planet.
  9. Choosing to develop a player, who is inferior to another in the same position, and isn't even our own asset. Odd.
  10. Incredible how little he appears to get involved in games. Even in games where we are dominating he somehow manages to hide from the ball. Criticise Tav all you want but at least he tries to get on the ball. Guy is mince.
  11. TheKingObv


    He's been shite since the Killie game in all honesty. His finishing, hold up play and dribbling have all turned to absolute shite. Needs to up his game quickly or we won't get anywhere near the money some think we will.
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