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  1. Absolutely deluded if you think it's one of the the biggest jobs in football
  2. Surely you can work out his point?
  3. He stated why
  4. Caught a bit of the Chelsea game and he looked good against one of the best teams in the world. Makes it even more frustrating what happened.
  5. Disgrass
  6. Best co-commentator in the business.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if he was. Struggling to see King pay two sets of managers' wages at once.
  8. Always thought he was an annoying cunt
  9. Can't even bring myself to read it tbh
  10. 3-1 down and we take off probably our biggest goal threat. Laughable.
  11. Halliday stays on the park hahahahahahha Fuck off Warburton
  12. Free kick taken about 7m from where it should have been
  13. Waghorn is awful