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  1. Got my 2 up in the boonies CD 4 AC Hope theres a defibrillator and oxygen here ?
  2. To be honest i thought in the second half we played well. But we are lacking somebody to just have a poke. Too much tippy tappy around the box. Great football being played. As an earlier poster" said work in progress". It will come good.
  3. Official statement from Rangers web page. "The club is considering options regarding its shareholding in the club" So things may be on the move at last
  4. In the Aberdeen JJB beach store and no Rangers merchandise at all except for some trinkets. no Tops , T shirts, training tops Nothing. I thought they were supposed to be promoting our kit??? Loads of Mhanky gear though
  5. MyOhMy, all of the dafties are out tonight... Get a grip and grow up, time to move on. Sometimes I despair about our support, I remember when Souness was taking over and the stoochie about "We canny have him he's married to a Tim", then No way Maurice Johnstone will sign for us, then "Whit' Amorouso captain of the mighty Gers no way". so what if he played for Celtic, if the management deems him good enough then thats good enough for me, at least if he does sign, give him a chance, as I would any player. This is the 21st century not the 17th century, don't you think we should drop our baggage and move on, after all life is too short. Oh by the way, just in case you think I am sticking this in to cause a din. Naw. I hate Celtic big time, but, I would love to see us move on and ditch the religious bigotry side of ourselves. Cheers, waiting the onslought. :gallows:
  6. Why don't we sign him and leave him at Killie on loan for the season ?? :ves: Just a thought, keep him for the future
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