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  1. Hope you all enjoy! Never knew he scored so many for us.
  2. Cardoso, celebrating winning a tackle or a header, everytime, merits Bates starting ahead of him.
  3. He was also good in the Championship in England, for Boro and Bradford, a far better league than the SPL it's fair to say. Always remember his goal against Chelsea in the FA Cup, utter belter. It's fair to say also that our whole midfield was outdone by celtic most of the time, not just Halliday. Like I said, I hope he goes out there and proves the 'haters' wrong. ;)
  4. Off the top of my head, my two memories were his cracker against Hibs in the 2-6 game..and his schooling of Scott Brown in the semi final against them. I hope he comes in at some point and shows his quality. Always love a player that is written off proving the haters wrong.
  5. A few people have short memories. I hope he comes back playing in his favoured position and smashes it. He's one of our own.
  6. How are the roads around the ground looking? I'm driving over shortly in a rear wheel drive... I brick it driving in the snow :S
  7. I hope the current squad are watching this! Get them fired up for the scum!
  8. Gutted at not being able to watch this!
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