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  1. Gallows high


    We will win nothing with Tavernier as captain he has no balls and you can see him bottle it in big games shits himself against the bheasts Fucking about when we conceded penalty where they scored
  2. We will never win the league with Halliday as a pivotal player in the team. As long as jack , coulibaly , airfield , mcrorie are fit there should never be room for Halliday . Runs like he’s on the beach and spends half the game on his arse
  3. A decent beating from murderwell on the cards , 2 or 3 -1 , Murty and the team seems to enjoy the taste of gun metal in their mouth now
  4. Too many bears voted for the Jacobite party , there wouldn't have been such as swing since the referendum otherwise . Saw on another forum poll just how many were voting for the scottish nazi party , can't believe so many would vote for those manky republican cunts
  5. No fucking chance we will be get promoted . Shower of fucking bitches .
  6. Everyone at the club needs to get to fuck right now . Can't beat the bottom fucking team and not for the first time . Fucking gash . Sick of the fucking lot
  7. Couldn't give a fuck , detest our shite bag team just now . Will go through the motions and go to the game on autopilot and put up with the torture . No enjoyment at all until the fucking crooks running the club are booted out
  8. I don't think McDowell wants to even be there , fucking joke
  9. Where the fuck does Stevie smith disappear to , fucking waster
  10. The Board are shit bags and there be no sacking until promotion prospects are fucked or until they hear the support telling mccoist to get to fuck
  11. Not surprised at all at this . Same shite we get served up every week .
  12. He'd score for fun . What about him and givou up top
  13. Do you go to games ? You happy with the resources we have and seeing us outplayed by these teams ? After watching a lot of these games I have more respect for a lot of these teams and their management than I have for my own team and I say that without any bitterness . Never felt that in spl games and we are spending like a labour government
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