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  1. I am currently a fat bastard so xxl would be ideal mate. What is it you've got?
  2. I'd love to mate but its finding one in good nick really. The oldest top I have is from 07-08 not quite retro.
  3. Going on a stag next year to benidorm so wanting a classic top for when I go to the ibrox bar benidorm. What's the best supplier? Just heard some are shite. Seen the 98 kit is available from score draw but I'm not sure if they are the best in terms of quality. Anyone got a replica retro kit they can recommend? Thanks
  4. wouldnt say grossly. Leeds were on the brink of signing him for 10m in january and they would have been right back in for him in the summer. They've probably paid a bit more than what Swansea would have accepted but it prevented a bidding war and was only a couple of million beyond what he would have went for, not like they cant afford to waste an extra couple of million.
  5. always said that when we went to div.3 we should have applied for div.5 or 6 of the english leagues. Aye, would have taken us longer to get to where we should be and we wouldn't have had the OF anymore but thats literally 1 game that would be missed. and by this point we could have been a strong championship side by now.
  6. he is absolutely rapid. He is a well balanced player that can beat a man and he has an alright finish for a winger. Regular gametime can improve his all round game and hopefully playing in a more open league rather than compact, 10 men behind the ball type defences. Hopefully he can be utilised in a no.10 role during his loan so we can see if he develops for us to use him there.
  7. Daniel James went on loan to Shrewsbury and couldnt get a game. Fast forward 2 years and hes gone to Man U for 15 million. Silly to write a player off so quickly when he has so much in his locker, he needs regular games and experience before he can be a regular with us and its pointless him kicking about in the unders, he left norwich for first team football anyway.
  8. stevemac


    Player played outside of his best position and folk wonder why he wasnt as good, and even then, he was better than a lot of the squad were
  9. Rangers have appointed Steve Doyle as Lead Technical Scout with the club aiming to increase the efficiency of its scouting process. Doyle joins from Derby County, where he has spent the last 12 and-a-half-years, with his most recent role being the First Team Opposition Technical Analyst under manager Frank Lampard. As well as Lampard, Doyle has worked with the likes of Gary Rowett, Paul Clement and Steve McLaren, and, of course, was a part of the backroom staff who this season helped Derby reach the Championship play-off final. Doyle’s new job at the Hummel Training Centre will have a particular focus on video scouting, and he will report into Head of Scouting Andy Scoulding. On the appointment, Scoulding commented: “Our department is based on three core principles; eyes, video and data. Essentially it’s about thinking and working in a smart, productive and modern way. “Our eyes are the scouts who go to games – guys like Bomber [John Brown] who know what it is to play for the club, who can spot talent and can use their network to help bring them to our attention. “Video scouting is a huge part of a modern scouting process and it allows us to be more efficient with our resources. We can watch more games in a shorter period of time, helping us to make quicker, more informed decisions. “Finally, we have data. Data is an increasingly important part of what we do. It’s about bringing a level of objectivity to our processes and it’s about supporting decisions both positively and negatively. Good scouting isn’t just about bringing in good players; it’s about filtering out the bad ones. Data allows us to do this. “The most important thing to say above all is no one part of the process is more important than the other. All three core elements have their place and all three can lead or support the process at any one time. “As a department our job is to provide the manager with options and the Director of Football with a body of evidence as to why an individual can come in and play and win for Rangers Football Club. “Steve’s addition reinforces and improves our ability to do just that. His skillset and experiences made him a standout choice and I’m hugely excited we have been able to secure his services. He will work closely with our scouts and data scientist and I’m positive he will make a big contribution to the club going forwards.”
  10. Despite the fact that celtic failed multiple bids for McGinn and now he's an 8 figure player.
  11. 2010, went to Jim Thompson's testimonial at Queen of the South's ground. got a ticket for the queens end as Rangers allocation had sold out.
  12. we shouldnt be looking to let him go but we are a selling club and if an 8 figure offer comes along then you have to take it. invest wisely and repeat
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