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  1. Tbf greegsy was always going to displace him, hes the best keeper this country has seen in a long time. And you cant blame his attitude; hes disappointed that he hasnt got a sniff but acknowledges that's down to the form of our number 1. McGregor is at an age where he needs to be playing to stay sharp, I doubt theres any malice in what fod says, it's a leading question to fill page space in a newspaper.
  2. i know he let one in, but honestly i was buzzing when he came on against kilmarnock (i think?) to go from barrow to playing for Rangers first team is some feat, even if he never plays a first team game again, he'll be able to tell his kids he played for the famous.
  3. I hadn't made a game since div.3 until this season due to financial issues (and a bit of a fear of travelling alone, id only ever gone with a friends dad) but thanks to the generosity of a local bear, i made the killie game on boxing day and will be going to aberdeen at home next month. Thankfully there are generous bears that due to them not being able to go, give folk like me the opportunity to.
  4. anything to back that up? its shameful, and ridiculous that we aren't fighting back
  5. Evidently the 2 backups we have aren't considered good enough if tav was to get injured. I'm not saying Hutton is the answer but it's an area we need to strengthen for depth. One shocking challenge from a hammer throwers and we will be fucked.
  6. That's what bounce games are for 🙃 theres a difference though, Hutton was a mainstay in a flying championship side at the end of the season. He'd never be expected to start any games anyway. Wasnt Gareth mcauley brought in in similar circumstances? Played a whole 9 games the season before we signed him.
  7. As a backup to a player that hasnt had a major injury and played over 240 games in 4-5 seasons then aye, I probably would. Jack rodwell hadnt played since the end of last season and just signed for sheffield united. If the player has kept themselves fit, and the management team think he is fit enough and good enough for a place as emergency cover, what's the issue? On a 6 month deal.
  8. Aye they do but 😅
  9. Subway's PR have got game.
  10. I'm serious. If he trained with us so SG could see if he still has the legs for the way we play, I wouldnt be against it if the management team wanted him. Shifting polster, doc, murphy, Herrera on loan again amongst others, hed be ok as backup IMO certainly better than Flanagan.
  11. deal until the end of the season definitely. as backup to tav for the rest of the season, and from the very limited times i saw him in the championship watching villa highlights, he did like going forward, something flanagan (and yet to see) polster dont do. surprised if he hasnt been considered at least.
  12. Honestly death would be too kind to that fat xenophobic oxygen thief
  13. Who would have thought though that out of the 3, with sandaza doing alright in the spl and cribari being a Brazilian that kyle was the most successful hahah
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