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  1. stevemac

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    750k tops. He was quality for them last season but they are a league one team and he doesn't really have any previous experience either. That said, I think he'd be a good signing. And at that price, quite low risk and wouldn't be earning a great deal.
  2. stevemac

    Players out

    please dear god just give the cunt to them
  3. stevemac

    Curtis Tilt (Blackpool)

    See a few folk saying that he's far too good for league one. Just because that's where he's at doesn't mean he's a league one standard player. Just means a bigger club hasn't taken a gamble on him yet (Morelos being a good example of this)
  4. stevemac

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    What I am getting at is we don't need to sell him. Why should we pay anything to terminate his contract other than maybe a paltry 100k or something, we can still use him so it's more in his interest if he wishes to leave, therefore we don't have to pay out his contract for him to go, pay him peanuts or keep him and use him and run the contract down.
  5. stevemac

    Lee Wallace - Livingston?

    Hardly, final year of his contract, we don't have to sell him, if he wants to leave he terminates or Livingston pay out his final year. Simple. Knowing our board they'll pay him out though.
  6. stevemac


    I wonder if the OP is a Millwall fan? Are you from jockland?
  7. stevemac

    Glenn Middleton

    And that's why Rooney was burnt out at 30. Michael Owen was the same.
  8. stevemac

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    See it's a kick in the balls cos if coulibaly plays a blinding season here we will never afford him. Loan with buying option is the best way to go.
  9. stevemac

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    honestly have a read of their forum, deluded as fuck hahaha. https://millwall-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/Rangers-and-cooper.31250/
  10. stevemac

    Jake Cooper (Millwall)

    I don't think we are necessarily lacking if we sign cooper. Our biggest issue last season was defence which will have been addressed with 4 defenders coming in. We scored plenty last season it was a lack of fight in midfield and defence that was the key issue. Coulibaly and arfield could provide the strength and creativity to move forward and put more balls in to our attack with Sadiq hopefully linking well with Morelos. Think we would only bring one more player in after cooper, another striker for competition. Still a few need to clear out but.
  11. stevemac

    Umar Sadiq

    Waiting for a Getty image of him in a Rangers top.
  12. stevemac

    Umar Sadiq

    end of discussion.
  13. stevemac


    I've seen the goals and I have to say they were shite (bury) but it is only a friendly. Hopefully he is like that in competitive fixtures in the upcoming season.
  14. stevemac


    Never saw the game but how effective was a lone striker yesterday? I was under the impression that Morelos would be more well suited in a 2 up front formation, having some support up top.
  15. stevemac

    Tav captain?

    People losing their shit at the thought of tav as Captain and seriously suggesting that a player that had played all of 18 games at senior level for us be captain. Fucking lunacy in this place at times.