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  1. Always the way, folk tout mandzukic and we get lyndon dykes
  2. Get yourself a lotto ticket pal.
  3. Would have mandzukic all day. But doubt we could ever afford him
  4. Waiting a few seasons is how you get priced out of a move. We went for him due to his contract running down and his potential. Some work out and some don't. Its the risk you take. If he had a blinding 2 seasons at motherwell a Premier league team would be in for him.
  5. FWIW I thought halliday came back a better player after his loan abroad. Just a shame he still wasn't quite good enough overall.
  6. We always start hard then go floppy midway through to be fair
  7. he didn't fail the medical. There was something that came up on a heart scan which they wanted to investigate further but because it was a deadline day move they didn't have time to run further tests and pulled out. Which is understandable tbh
  8. Song was excellent but is a money man and thats the last thing we want. Over the hill cheque merchants are the last thing we want.
  9. Am I imagining it but weren't we linked to him before he moved to bologna? Just the name rings a bell.
  10. Just Facebook pish I've seen but apparently he's trying to negotiate out of his contract with them (Aluko-esque) Wouldn't be bad if he paid out his contract, we paid him 100k sign on fee. So they spoon burner cunts get zilch from us and a fraction of their already cheap asking price from him.
  11. Aaron lennon? Still got pace to burn and a decent wide player that can play either flank
  12. My first ever OF goal I was at a game for. Absolute peach. Few years ago i went full blown fangirl and tweeted him on one of those RT for best goal you've seen live and he liked & RT me. Was pretty chuffed with my 23 year old self ­čśé
  13. He wouldnt go there, racist as fuck in Russia. But point in case, he is worth 6m even post covid market.
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