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  1. Jim thompson's testimonial, queen of the south vs rangers, July 2010. 1-0 Kenny miller (and I'm sure he scored against Alexander who'd come on for their goalie after he picked up an injury? Could be wrong) Me being 16 at the time, bought a ticket, only to find it was in the queen of the south end. Haha! Still, wore my gers jersey and got no bother at all. Was a good day
  2. Update: first bout of chemo done, she was very tired and a bit out of it today but she is fighting. Page has another week to run so any further donations are massively appreciated. I reduced the length of time as we hope to have her home next week so would be ideal having the money for the Car there. Thanks again to all, and her next lot of chemo is in 3 weeks time. WATP no surrender
  3. Amazing haha.
  4. thank you to all who donated - unbelievable support from everyone, especially you bears. You have made a massive impact on the life of someone very close to me, and I will never forget that. as soon as I can get to a PC to write down all the users that have commented on this thread for donations, I will draw the names for the signed shirts and pm them. on a side note, do RangersMedia do car stickers? Don't know if a mod can comment on this, I planned on putting a few stickers on the back, funded by the generous donations of and list the various places that people have donated from. Thanks again all, and further donations are welcome to help us make a donation to the palliative care suite that cared for my mum at my local hospital. We are the People!
  5. Update: she's still in hospital but seems to be better than she was the other day. Got her memory back for the most part and feels a lot better than she was. Thank god. Her work had a collection which I'm donating today and we are almost at target! When I deposit this today we will be £50 short of our goal - spread the word please lads, so so close now. WATP
  6. Confidence. Or lack of.
  7. Update lads. My mam had a fall yesterday and was taken back into hospital - unfortunately the inflammation of the metastases has grown, thankfully the Mets themselves haven't. But she's suffering with dementia like symptoms at the moment which doctors are hopeful is reversible as they believe it's just because of the tension on the frontal lobe. Praying things are going to be alright. Thanks for all the support so far. Been unreal. WATP
  8. No problems at all mate. Unfortunately my dad is still working (although on long term sick, he gets 12 weeks full pay 4 weeks half then statutory, he is claiming sick until he commences statutory then quitting to become a full time cater for mum as even if the chemo is successful she won't regain full mobility. Due to his current salary (despite only being part time work) he is ineligible for carers, income support and housing benefit. I should think that when the benefits system get their arses into gear after he has left and sorted benefits out for him, he may well be eligible for those, but currently we still pay full rent, rates and the absolute mountain of debts they have. Thankfully they are dealing with a charity debt consolidation company (recommended by Macmillan) that are trying to get their debts cleared as there is no way they could ever repay them, but currently they are still paying the bills. That was another reason why a PIP mobility car was out of the question, because of the cost while we are still paying full rent and everything like that.
  9. 76% now. 3/4 of the way there 4 days in! Unbelievable. Not long til we are over the line now lads, spread the word and spread the love. Thank you all. WATP
  10. Cheers mate I appreciate it. It runs for another 26 days so it'll just keep going up as long as the support is there from further donators :) Thanks a lot bud its appreciated hugely and enjoy your holiday! WATP
  11. We have mate yes, got PIP through a DS1500 form but unfortunately with the level of bills we have going out we simply cannot afford the motability scheme vehicles. They cost around 50% of the higher rate PIP total which we can't afford to lose, and to be honest we would be more than happy to have an older vehicle anyway, doesn't have to be flashy, just one that's fit for purpose. Thanks pal :)
  12. I can't believe how well it's done - over £1,000 in just 3 days! Seeing so many bears donating is unreal. Came home last night after the live shave and mam and dad were in tears telling me how proud they were of me - but that's all down to folks like you guys. A magical moment ❤️
  13. cheers lads - I think if we haven't got enough supporters by next week I'll just go through the names of my original thread and raffle based on that - not sure I'll get 30-40 bears to be honest but who knows! Thank you for your continued support 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  14. Annoying seeing shite like this. I certainly wasn't around during our greatest years but for fuxake, how can you call Smith the cheque book manager? I'm sure advocaat and big Eck were also responsible for that. Our most expensive player ever, Flo, was a dud signed by advocaat. Not only that, the board were responsible for that too. They were the ones sanctioning the moves. Just because we had world class teams in years gone by doesn't mean you can't appreciate good trophy winning teams of a more recent era. We can't keep living in the mentality that our team should be a pinnacle of British and European football. The lack of money leaves European and English teams lightyears ahead. Look at them for example, consistently in Europe, making a shed load more money than we have done over the past 6 or 7 years, and they are still absolutely shite when they play a half decent team. I'm not defending edu, when I seen him play he was a passenger a lot and very frustrating, but it fucks me off the amount of abuse our players get off their own fans, especially players that aren't half as bad as some of our more recent players. People need to stop living in the past thinking we are going to get world class talent again like klos, gazza etc because it simply won't happen. I'll settle for the best team in Scotland and surprising a few teams in the champions league.
  15. I'd be satisfied with walker and McLean and a couple of loan full backs, maybe with purchase options. I'm more concerned about shifting players on at the minute though. Will party when we shift MOH windass crooks Forrester and the likes.