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  1. ive been to luton, there is absolutely nothing to enjoy about that shithole. the only good thing about it is the airport to get you the fuck out of there.
  2. stevemac

    Ryan Kent

    5m is realistic, £10m I think we could do a lot better. We need 3 players for 10m tbh though. Not that I think we will spend that in the summer though.
  3. We need an attacking midfielder that will supply him the opportunities. Sadly, I think that thick mongo windass would have been useful with scoring and supplying.
  4. It's shit like this that makes me wish we had fucked Scottish football off and joined the English conference and worked out way up there. The games fucking dead here.
  5. We are fucking toxic to watch. It's like punt it to Morelos and hope for the best. When he's not playing well we are dross.
  6. not if your hibernian fc there isn't.
  7. any updates on the pre contract front? seems to have went a bit quiet
  8. Honestly Kris Boyd in his prime just now. Quite a lot of the time our problems have been us not being able to finish chances off against shite teams. He would bury them for fun week in week out. (I unfortutely never got to see laudrop, gazza etc) plus I wouldn't be too fussy right now tbh
  9. What's the score here pal? Not too clued up on this...
  10. We have sent barjonas and rossiter to bury in the last 12 months - a club that without the friendly link with SG would be obscure to say the least, I suppose good working relationship is more appropriate than feeder club.
  11. think he would benefit hugely from a loan down south - bury seem to be a bit of a feeder club now, what with SG being pals with the Bury boss. could be good for us, loan players there, in div2, if they perform but still arent ready for us, loan to a lowly championship/good league 1 side. Especially with the wingers we have/coming in/are targeting. I think he is a good player but will need to toughen up a bit if he is going to make it here.
  12. Screenshots please mate?
  13. Bizarre how sow has joined they cunts, thought he was terrific for hearts when he played up here and I honestly would've taken him if he was on offer.
  14. Nah, he wanted to play for Rangers, so would not have been on warbs radar.
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