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  1. I wouldnt bother risking him. If he is back I'd only bring him in for the last 5-10mins just to freshen him up a bit. We should be battering them without him
  2. Any highlights or full replay of the game? Fucking missed it didnt I. Gutted.
  3. stevemac


    What's the deal with him? Last season he was solid and dependable, doesnt seem to have had a sniff at all this season.
  4. Anyone got a video? Trying to get that and today's goals. Cheers.
  5. Really hope everything goes well tomorrow and theres no bother. Hopefully even their mob will allow us to say our goodbyes without any fuss. The last thing his family and we as a support need.
  6. legend when/if hes here when we secure 55. Iconic for how much we have improved under him, especially individual players. Jack, tav to an extent, even halliday.
  7. stevemac


    aye im sure gerrard and his team are trawling RM for tips on improving our players. The coaching staff will try to improve him as a player.
  8. that defensive run back to close down their striker was exceptional. would have been a tap in otherwise, late on around 85 mins iirc when shagger pulled that save off.
  9. stevemac


    why would we take 15m in january or the summer when we refused to take that at the end of last season? hes not leaving for a penny less than 25m IMO. which is probably why he didnt leave in the summer. He needs to perform to last nights levels in european competition for one of the premiership teams to come in for him in january/the summer.
  10. stevemac


    And to think folk wanted shot of him
  11. Most under rated comment of the day. Exquisitely played
  12. aye knowing us we get 10k when he makes his 500th appearance and 25k when he scores his 1000th goal for them, not forgetting the 100k bonus when he wins the balon d'or.
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