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  1. Wonder why many dont share the opinion of fans being fucking mongos that sing from the big bad songbook fully knowing FARE or other cunts are listening?
  2. Didnt want us to, would have considered it if he passed a trial. Clyne in ability terms would be the best full back in the league by some distance, whether he can handle the physicality is another question.
  3. Bockaj who was sacked by osijek? Absolute nut case. No injury problems and an affordable fee wont be an upgrade on tavernier.
  4. Injuries and wages are probably off putting. That and they are relegation fodder.
  5. Lallana is another example I've seen folk slate on here, because hes not good enough for liverpool. He is one of the most technically gifted players in the league it's just whether his body can cope with the demands of a physical league that should be questioned, not his ability at all.
  6. Because liverpool didnt have any major injuries in the past season and a half maybe? He was their number 2 right back, but TAA got the position and hasnt lost it since.
  7. Hardly a journeyman playing backup to the best attacking full back on form in the world at one of the strongest teams in the world with 14 caps for england. And I'm not saying never play him, it's just pie in the sky if you think throwing in an academy player at the pressure of our club and support in this current situation would be a good idea
  8. Dreaming if you think a young lad with less than a handful of games under his belt is ready for the first team full time. Other way around, we need someone more experienced that can be replaced if teams are taking lumps out of him or if he is having a stinker. Especially to stop them reaching 9 or 10IAR
  9. Aye what a waste with his 77 goals in 134 games...
  10. Big ifs and buts here but I think if tav were to move on (Newcastle and villa touted) then Coyne would be a good upgrade if kept fit. Hes a very good attacking full back and they may outweigh his higher wages somewhat against the fee from tav.
  11. Met ally at a petrol station in 2011 after a game. Nice bloke.
  12. does anyone know if the english lower tiers (levels 5-10) have had their games cancelled? could put a lot of them out of business this. That said you would be majorly pissed if you are a Bury fan, booted out the league for failure to fulfill your fixtures then leagues getting cancelled anyway in the same season.
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