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  1. Mum says great things about the place. Recommends the chicken box for a fiver.
  2. That's it mate, we need to borrow the saville calculator from the stinky bunch across the city, much as I detest those scummy bastards they can sell mediocrity for big bucks.
  3. Just because they've not been great for us doesn't mean they wouldn't easily find teams down south to take them on. Crooks did a good job for Scunthorpe and windass would do a good job down south as well. Even 750k each, we will still have made a decent turn on that, considering the pair cost us around 250k iirc.
  4. Aye, considering Liverpool wanted 5mil for rossitter, and 1.5 mil is sod all even in league one nowadays. And crooks had a decent run with Scunthorpe, helped get them up I believe. Hopefully he can take windass with him down there
  5. Sorry, would "it's not unreasonable to expect" be a better sentence to use?
  6. Windass and crooks would make it in league one no bother. 3 mil for the combined two, Waghorn and kiernan the same, maybe 2.5 for those two. Halliday, Forrester and MOH 1.5mil (500k each is realistic imo) We seem to downplay the player values a lot, when you just have to look at some of the deals other teams have had for players of lesser quality.
  7. Apologies if this thread has been done to death, but I never really see these two play. However, I don't need to see them play to know they will do a better job in the middle for us than the shower of shite we have. What's people's opinions of these two? I've been told McLean is the best player in Scotland that isn't wearing hoops and jack is a solid improvement on us but some of you guys maybe see them play a lot more than me. Also, thinking of a bin list for our squad, I come up with Waghorn, MOH, windass, crooks, Forrester, kiernan, halliday, hill, senderos, and the two loanees. Being optimistic, for the ones we could flog, I reckon if we worked hard on selling instead of giving them away for peanuts, like sellick do, we could reasonably expect 7 million for the lot of them, mainly to teams south of the border. (This would be a decent return considering what we paid too so not all bad) What do you lot think and who do you think we could get in for that as replacements? I thought of jack, McLean, Bruno, maybe at a push Weiss if he is willing to take a big pay cut, that's what I have so far.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing more rotation of the keepers, or even a leagues/cups keeper rotation like we had with shagger and Alexander. Alnwick is a good keeper and deserves more minutes, I just think he hasn't come in with much chance as fod hasn't been injured and for the most part has been decent this season, influential in some games so it's hard to drop him because of that. But with a new season and new cup competitions id like to see alnwick getting a few games
  9. People miss the fact they they gave him a giant sign on bonus, probably appearance bonuses and huge bonuses for goals and obviously immediate champions league football. And they probably sold him on the platform of a big money move down south within a season or two. Something we can't do right now as we are a shit selling club and our team is dross.
  10. Should've called the Titanic waghorn, would've missed that iceberg nae bother
  11. They showed over exuberance that's all.
  12. if, big if, we sign naismith, whittaker and lafferty, would naismith and whittaker not count? we had naismith in the academy and whittaker was at hibs as a youth. so thats potentially 2 out of 3 squad improving signings that would fit in with this policy.
  13. Joey did.
  14. It was in the video and his Instagram post. His dad went to all of his matches and took him up and down the country to every game as a youth in a battered old focus and he wanted to repay his dad for it and he said he'd been saving since he got his first pro contract to get his dad his dream car, a Jag. Looked to me like an F type or something which is about 40 grand.
  15. It was a 30-40 grand Jag, and he didnt exactly go and chuck a weeks wages at it, he'd been saving for 3 years from his youth contract to buy it. Still a lot of money but youths aren't on as much as you think down there. Plenty of young guns in the premiership with appearances to their names earning a grand or two a week.