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  1. Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    I've not seen much of him, but I've heard his hold up play is good. Good at wearing teams down in a similar fashion to Morelos. However, it doesn't matter what a bunch of people on the internet think about the lad, it matters what pro coaches at Liverpool and Chelsea think of him. He's obviously got talent that they can see and Gerrard will have worked with him in the youth teams and seen what he can do. So if there is a genuine link for us and him, it could be a good thing for us. Plus, getting links with a big team like Liverpool for players is always a good thing, especially going into the future.
  2. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    Not every player has to be young with sell on potential. I'd rather we signed physically and mentally strong players and winners than kids, stop 10 and then blend in more and more youth from there.
  3. Kyle Bartley

    Onuha won't have been on 80k a week recently, will of been on that when QPR first got him. Ex England international too, I look at him in the mould of Clint hill, not fast, but a brick shithouse and a good pro, old school centre half. No nonsense.
  4. Youssouf Mulumbu

    I think him and Caulker would be excellent signings, considering they have both done well since coming north of the boarder. plus, with a combined total cost of about 1.5m, in 2 areas we need depth in, cant grumble.
  5. Martin

    harsh on mcgregor, thought he was half decent for us at the time.
  6. Dallas

    I missed the game today. Found BBC highlights which conveniently miss the handball, the Allan tackle and every other poor decision, but had the time to show the Holt red! W⚓'s
  7. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    the comparison with senderos is ludicrous. Senderos had talent as a youth and never fulfilled it, Skrtel is up there with the premier leagues best ever centre backs. He was a scouse vidic, an absolute bastard of a player.
  8. Let’s go!

    does anyone know what will happen to JJ and Nichol come june 1st then? Be a shame seeing JJ leave, think he has an eye for a player and is a decent coach, don't know enough about nichol's coaching abilities to pass comment but would be sad seeing as he only come in so recently.
  9. Rangers youth

    probably not going to play kids as hearts could realistically be our easiest chance of picking up 3 points in this run in. With Hivs and the sheep being so close to us, we cant take the risk and play youth. maybe one or two on the bench for the run in but cementing second is too important now. for financial and european reasons (simply getting to start european games much later, giving more time to rest and hopefully rebuild the team)
  10. Most important OF game for decades

    For me, the semis year before last were bigger. Although we've been pish this campaign, in the grand scheme of things we are much improved compared to then, and back then we were obviously still in the championship so we were expecting to get stuffed, but we didn't. Shame we chucked it in the final.
  11. Most important OF game for decades

    Today is a big game but not the biggest. It would do us the world of good beating them, giving us a good chance of winning the Cup against Motherwell in the final, and I think it will benefit the club going in to the new season knowing they are capable of winning trophies.
  12. Paddy McNair

    its not his fault that wilshere is made of glass. he makes rossiter look fit
  13. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Willie collum the ref that day?
  14. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    Not as such. It isnt that often that teams look to loan a player out who is reaching the end of their contract, unless they know the player has no intention of renewing and it just saves the parent club wages for a period. We were very fortunate to land John the way we did. Many clubs looking to loan players to us likely have no intention of punting them free, or even cheaply, Goss being an example of that. Still, happy days for us, we got a half decent player for nothing. Hope he cracks on for club and country.
  15. The ultimate false dawn?

    but hes good enough to be top scorer in the league?