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  1. Best place to watch the game in Amsterdam?

    I'm still fucked from last night mate, missus is tucked up in bed couldn't hack it haha. Days rest off it I reckon
  2. Afternoon bears. Sorry if it's in the wrong place just wanted to know the best bar to watch the game in dam. Nae chance I'm going to a bloody Irish bar for it, just haven't seen any bear friendly bars here yet. Thanks Edit:I'm staying on Apollolaan for reference.
  3. Photo request

    Aye I get what you mean mate, there's a decent winter pic on Google but it looks like it was taken in about 2006 on a camera phone so the quality is pretty crap, which is a shame because it's a cracking angle and the winter makes it look magic.
  4. Fod

    Could win a league with him no bother. Look at septic, I'd say he's on par with Gordon, we just need a better more organised defence and midfield to protect him a bit more. Better full backs that actually back track and defend to relieve the centre backs would be good, players like tav and dj would be better as wingers, or to throw on as sub wing backs to make an impact when we are struggling to break teams down. Fod does make mistakes, but a lot of them aren't just down to him, shite defence and midfield leave him exposed. Least of my worries moving forward at the minute
  5. Photo request

    Anyone have any 1080p photos of ibrox? Wanting some wallpapers for my phone so hoped someone had some good photos of ibrox. Preferably winter with snow but anything considered. Thanks
  6. Good Old Popcorn Teeth

    thought it was the caddie from happy gilmore getting a new gig
  7. home top 15.99 Kitbag

    Mate I felt like we'd pumped the Tim's and got took over by an oil tycoon haha. Buzzing. More money for smokes now 😂
  8. home top 15.99 Kitbag

    not so true. I'd booked a hotel for Almere near Amsterdam, 29.12.17 - 03.01.18, 400 euros pay on arrival. Anywhere central Amsterdam was 800 euro plus. Had a look on Booking.com while bored at work, spotted the Hilton central Amsterdam price error. supposed to be 1350 euros, over 90% off, 150 euros for the 5 nights, in a King Suite with Breakfast included. Booked, paid, rang booking.com who told me it was a price error, they contacted the Hilton, they honoured the price, swiftly changed the price back up to over 1200 euros on Booking.com. So I'll be staying at the Hilton and eating 5 star breakfast for the vast sum of £26 a night, over the New Year. And to top it off, got free cancellation on my other hotel too.
  9. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    why is it whenever we get someone decent at the club, they are always absolute honking for us? Alves, Barton, Toral are the most recent that spring to mind. Alves, speaks for itself. 100+ caps for the european championship Portugal side only last year, still playing at respectable club level in Italy, played all over the world, so none of this doesnt know the game pish, hes played in tough leagues. Barton, championship team of the season the year we got him, loudmouth twat but a more than capable player who should have walked it here. played in the prem for years, france, and in a very good championship side. Toral, end of the day, you dont stay at Arsenal's youth team for as long as he has, via the Barca academy, if you dont have talent and ability. yet they all come here, and were (or currently have been to date) dreadful. I dont think it is necessarily the player that is the problem, I honestly think we could bring ronaldo in and hed be shite as well. So theres absolutely no point going for marquee signings because of late theyve never pulled through and been great for us. Thats why I reckon Mciness would be the best for the managers job. because at the sheep hes never had a big landmark signing - but he seems to get the absolute best out of what hes got and thats what we need. overperforming players that we can maybe actually get a decent fee for (god forbid we learn how to market and sell a player). the club needs to be looked at top to bottom to see why this is going on though, because i fear that even a manager who can get the best out of what theyve got wont be able to make much difference with how the clubs being ran, from a footballing perspective.
  10. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Haha! We did play terrible. But still was a great memory. Later became a season ticket holder which after that performance was doubly stupid 😂
  11. For me, it was Rangers vs Liverpool, August 2008. we got beat 4-0, Torres, Alonso, N'gog and I can't remember the other scorer, maybe Benayoun? I was 14 at the time. Missed 2 of the goals going for a pie and bovril haha. Feel free to post your first experience and some memories of it. WATP
  12. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    I was on a work training course in Carlisle, jumped in a cab with my Rangers top on for the cabbie to tell me how he'd beat us the weekend before for Annan. Embarrassing haha
  13. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    I dont think any of us tolerate taigs mate.
  14. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Dunno, that cunt k.a.i is a judgemental prick ;)