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  1. It was in the video and his Instagram post. His dad went to all of his matches and took him up and down the country to every game as a youth in a battered old focus and he wanted to repay his dad for it and he said he'd been saving since he got his first pro contract to get his dad his dream car, a Jag. Looked to me like an F type or something which is about 40 grand.
  2. It was a 30-40 grand Jag, and he didnt exactly go and chuck a weeks wages at it, he'd been saving for 3 years from his youth contract to buy it. Still a lot of money but youths aren't on as much as you think down there. Plenty of young guns in the premiership with appearances to their names earning a grand or two a week.
  3. Don't see how a DOF would work considering we got caixinha in as a manager and not a head coach. It's my understanding that a DOF is responsible for transfers and scouting leaving the coach to just select the team and obviously work the training. Because we brought him and his assistants in as manager and assistant managers, i really don't see the point of a DOF especially in our financial position. That 200k+ a year could go into other more practical areas, such as towards youth development, scouting, or paying rossiter's private medical fees.
  4. Only a domestic ban, big bastard let me down against rostov for £40
  5. I think most players deserve their chance under Pedro. Still 10 games to prove they can do something better to warrant being here. Considering we will be losing hyndman and total, hopefully crooks coming back fit with something to prove, linking well with windass and if Jordan rossiter ever kicks a ball again, we'd have a much beefier midfield. Hyndman is magic but he's got no strength, like a better zelalem.
  7. I saw Ally and Walter at a petrol station just outside of Glasgow on my way home from a game. Both very pleasant, this was before Ally became a gardener though.
  8. They actually piss me off something rotten. What are they actually doing that is of great benefit to our club?
  9. Not to mention their bargaining of players that they sign for 50p, play 3 games in Europe where they get humped all game then want 50mil for them.
  10. Rangers 4 Celtic 2, September 2011. Think Lafferty got 2 that day and maybe jelavic?
  11. I detest Barry fry for fucking southend united over and taking Ricky Otto and our best players with him to Birmingham in the 90s. That lad was the black Ryan giggs.
  12. i dont know why dodoo cant get a game, I know hes not done a lot, but hes definitely an option from the bench when we cant get a goal. two goals against partick i think, and not many chances since.
  13. Look at what that crooked bastard did to Portsmouth. Bought in players he couldn't afford and fucked the club over. Pretty much the same at Southampton as well. Pretty sure he never paid us the rest of the fee for Hutton either, and his accountant is even more bent than ours was. Avoid like the plague!
  14. I think if MW is sacked, or terminates mutually, I can see kenny being interim player/manager - like Giggs was for united. but to be honest, I think if he is let go, it will be later in the season, maybe after we lose to them again, or if we slip further down the table. I don't think we should bin Warbs now, I think we should see out the season as losing a manager mid season is too risky when we are trying to secure second place. Hodgson is a great shout, did really well with fulham, seem to remember him getting them to a Europa league final. Plus, I think he has that gentleman aspect about him, a bit like Warbs has, but he has a much broader knowledge of football.
  15. tom and kim skogsrud. highly thought of in man city's youth setup, we signed em, think they went back to norway.