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  1. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Haha! We did play terrible. But still was a great memory. Later became a season ticket holder which after that performance was doubly stupid 😂
  2. For me, it was Rangers vs Liverpool, August 2008. we got beat 4-0, Torres, Alonso, N'gog and I can't remember the other scorer, maybe Benayoun? I was 14 at the time. Missed 2 of the goals going for a pie and bovril haha. Feel free to post your first experience and some memories of it. WATP
  3. Derek McInnes

    better than walter i suppose.
  4. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    I was on a work training course in Carlisle, jumped in a cab with my Rangers top on for the cabbie to tell me how he'd beat us the weekend before for Annan. Embarrassing haha
  5. A genuine list

    would you rather fetch your kids up in sunny glasgow or australia? he'll be on a comfortable salary out there, his family loving life out there, I highly doubt he'd come back to this circus, constantly under the microscope. I'd rather have a stress free life over there myself.
  6. Ange Pestecoglou

    Argyriou's cousin?
  7. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    I dont think any of us tolerate taigs mate.
  8. ***Suggestion Thread***

    maybe he would play better under McInnes, was a cracking wee player when he was there.
  9. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    Dunno, that cunt k.a.i is a judgemental prick ;)
  10. ***Suggestion Thread***

    youve never heard of him? was a quality player. I'd never seen his managerial record but again, nothing that excites you, a bit like pedro. would rather a brit personally. Mcinness or maybe, maybe Moyes are the only scots id be looking at, de boer/koeman if they were willing to take a BIG drop in wages.
  11. Pedro Caixinha Sacked

    youd think de boer wouldnt charge us much being an ex player and already getting a cushty payout from palace.
  12. Anybody gonna try and defend Pedro now?

    Aye its totally Pedro's fault that scumbag clubfoot egged jack into a booking (that the ref then 2 mins later thought warranted a red) and its totally Pedro's fault the ref chopped about 2 minutes added time off. The red changed the game and other calls in the game were shocking. The foul on dorrans was easy a yellow, possibly a red. But aye, cos a result goes against us its the cunt sitting in the stands fault.
  13. Pedros Four Pillars comment

    oh aye he is, but he doesnt tend to shy out of a tackle, and he can occasionally be strong and clean in a game. I'd hate him a little less if that was a lot more often though. I'd love to see him get smashed by one of our players and after hallidays performance in the semi that time, I'd hope it would have been him. shame it wasnt meant to be.
  14. Kenny McLean

    haha. 15k a year sadly. I suppose so aye. I suppose I look at the likes of Dorrans, who was probably on better money at Norwich, and he wanted to come here and hes the same age as Mcarthur. similar situations. both at nobody clubs. Id get it if they were at a big club but. Just my two cents anyways. hope if we ever do get him hes not past it and just there for a last payday and to appease us fans for him "coming home".
  15. Is it now time for SPFL refs

    see how was just the first big name I could think of. I watched a program about the implementation of VAR in the bundesliga the other day. the room had a group of analysts watching the screens of various games across the division, and going over ref's decisions etc. I'm unsure if they were actually match officials or just analysts following the refereeing procedures or whatever. but you could have that, just video analysts with one or two actual match officials overseeing them kind of thing. I think mainly it would be a premiership thing, to see how it works out on a trial basis, and if successful, then roll out across the divisions. that way, initially, less staff/refs needed as theres only ever what, like 5 or 6 games happening at any given time in the SPFL premiership. RE your second point, thats why I think a main ref being responsible for overseeing the analysts needs to be someone from somewhere else - absolutely no chance of a bias or any reason to give dubious decisions. hence my how suggestion initially.