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  1. hes a good player, and a huge upgrade on bain for them. Gordon had barely kicked a ball when he went to them and he (was) a really good keeper for them, for a time. a keeper relies on his defence though, and they are absolutely honking at the back so hopefully wont make too much a difference.
  2. weve got to do a proper job on them this week. need to go out and play like its a cup final, so we can rest our best for the scum game just after the second leg.
  3. not a big deal or anything, but was watching a youtube video when a google ad popped up. It was the one of the young lad running round the living room shouting goal after jack scored against the scum. Then it pops up with "Leicester 1 Wolves 1" as an ad for adding your favourite team to your google searches. What a cheek!
  4. Absolutely fuck all will happen. Which is a joke, because his comments are shocking.
  5. I'm not sure if we did or not. Dont get me wrong, hes developed into a good player, but its 7 years since he left. Would he have developed that well under ally? And in the lower divisions in general? Absolutely not imo. Probably the best for his career that he moved on in the end. Shame for us though.
  6. John fleck is a premier league starter at Sheffield united. Didnt see that coming.
  7. couldn't lace simonsen's boots.
  8. didnt know he was canadian tbf
  9. hes played over 30 games in 2 years. whilst not a huge amount compared to some, its a myth to say hes barely kicked a ball for 2 seasons.
  10. hardly. Maybe Lafferty, Ejaria had his loan spell cut short but tbf he was good enough technically. Just a shithouse. Grezda and Barasic weren't exactly SG's top picks, those 2 were down to poor scouting, hence why both didnt play as much as they should have last season. Mcauley was a 4th choice CB, didnt really pan out well but can see why someone like him was brought in.
  11. scott arfield was at burnley for 5 years, in the championship/premier league like king at leicester, and in almost 200 games he amassed 22 goals. hes played 51 here and got 14 already. Ill trust the manager and hopefully he can produce in a more attacking role.
  12. we need to score first, and score early. Control the game then.
  13. take nothing for granted though, out of both sides id rather we faced the greeks.
  14. this is why we need to bring in kent. he ripped into them. him and jones could be devestating.
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