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  1. 141 Years Ago Today.

    Willie collum the ref that day?
  2. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    Not as such. It isnt that often that teams look to loan a player out who is reaching the end of their contract, unless they know the player has no intention of renewing and it just saves the parent club wages for a period. We were very fortunate to land John the way we did. Many clubs looking to loan players to us likely have no intention of punting them free, or even cheaply, Goss being an example of that. Still, happy days for us, we got a half decent player for nothing. Hope he cracks on for club and country.
  3. The ultimate false dawn?

    but hes good enough to be top scorer in the league?
  4. Who should start on Sunday?

    Herrera and Miller all day...
  5. Play them all away!

    I'd worry about that next season as we chase the title
  6. Ian durrant. Michael mols. Lesdey king jack Wilshire

    and you get wastes of talent like sturridge and wilshere who wont play through cramp. boils the piss
  7. Callum Gallagher, Lewis Macleod.
  8. Moyes

    The hibs game, these sort of threads only open up when we get beat. PS moyes is dog shit, never won anything of note and wouldn't say he'd get us fighting again, not exactly done that in Spain, Sunderland or West ham.
  9. Moyes

    So everyone's bouncing in here til murty loses a game and then it's threads on new managers? Pathetic.
  10. Thats assuming we would manage to keep him beyond next season, which we wont.
  11. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Pmd you bud.
  12. Connor Lyon (Aviemore)

    Not his real name or Dob.
  13. Our massive squad, and wage bill

    Should've passed to Dodoo.
  14. Candeias

    Thought he was quality last night, he played a ball to morelos who headed wide, i thought hed ran into traffic but he still put in an inch perfect ball at 0-0 that had morelos took his chance wouldve been a great goal. Has his bad days but never gives up for the cause. Great player for us just now.
  15. Best place to watch the game in Amsterdam?

    I'm still fucked from last night mate, missus is tucked up in bed couldn't hack it haha. Days rest off it I reckon