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  1. stevemac

    Umar Sadiq

    Think he'd be a great addition. Pace and height and hopefully some aerial ability, all of the quality's Morelos is lacking in which would hopefully make a good partnership.
  2. stevemac

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    Yet still managed 5 goals in 17 games in a decent Sheffield united side
  3. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    So McAllister said when he was discussing him. Said he's extremely versatile, can play in a back 3 4 or back 5, pretty much anywhere in defence.
  4. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    in the stomach, not the head. Neither is right.
  5. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    Love this excuse about people didn't slate gazza because it was a different time then, what so beating a woman was ok because it was in the 90s? Both are unacceptable but both players have to be given the opportunity to show in life that they deeply regret what they have done and are genuinely remorseful. Hopefully if we sign him he can prove his doubters wrong.
  6. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    Risky. Id of opted for a 1 year with option of extension based on appearances, clean sheets etc. I'd like to see him sign but acknowledge it's still a gamble.
  7. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    But the fact that he was deemed good enough to be back up at a team like Liverpool and to stay contracted to a team like Liverpool for this long is absolutely clear that he has talent. He's lost his way certainly but I think he will be a good signing for us. Gerrard clearly rates him and knows him better than most.
  8. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    Aye I'm sure that's why klopp named him captain in a league match against Southampton a year or two back. We will just go backwards and forwards here. I trust the judgement of ability in footballers from actual professional coaches and managers more than the opinions of some fans on a forum.
  9. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    Aye I'm sure coaches at Liverpool that have watched him for 8+ years as a professional must've missed the fact that he is actually shite at football.
  10. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    people will soon forget if he goes into an old firm and absolutely smashes cunts left right and centre. I read that Gerrard said the hardest player in the dressing room was Flanagan, and on paper its a potentially great signing. England Capped, at liverpool for a lot of years (obviously they saw talent in him) and hopefully he is ambitious and has a point to prove to get his career back on track. Plus, theres no better manager he could play under, I think he would have a lot of respect for SG and the club. people said our defence was too soft, so weve brought in 2 huge centre halfs and a hard as nails no nonsense full back. yet still folk complain EDIT: I don't condone his actions or justify them, but as a low risk option we aren't in a position to afford to knock back players if the management believes they are the best we can get.
  11. stevemac

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    fuck me nowt like a bit of confidence on this forum eh?
  12. stevemac

    Europa league 1st qualifier draw

    anyone remember what the prize money is for each round? as id say that should be us comfortably into round 3...
  13. stevemac

    Mick O’Halleron away

    Sure some itk cunt knows what is going on regarding fee. States undisclosed so doubt it was for nothing.