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  1. stevemac

    Matt Polster

    its just crazy how someone can go from being rated so highly, so much potential, breaking into the liverpool first team and now deemed not good enough to beat the likes of dundee and st mirren.
  2. stevemac

    Jordan Rossiter

    It's stupid. Dundee FC want a CDM/CB in to let Kamara go now. Why not send him to Dundee? Ps fuck off and die Dundee United. Wouldn't piss on that Shithole club if it was on fire.
  3. stevemac

    Domain issues

    It's alright, they'll come back in 6 years saying how much they've missed the place and be welcomed back with open arms
  4. stevemac

    Mile Todorov

    hed be a development player for this season at least, so i doubt we would see coulibaly going back just now because of this lad.
  5. stevemac

    Matt O’Reilly

    Sounds like one of those regen's you get on fifa when your a few seasons in and scouring the free agents section
  6. stevemac


    to be fair, troy deeney is a big lad himself, and a hell of a lot better a player than 90% of what is playing up here. Maybe easy because he was a hot head and easy to draw a foul from, but you have to remember the game is a lot more physical up here, even if we do get BS decisions against us (and occasionally for us) in general a lot more is let go compared to down south.
  7. stevemac

    Adam Lallana

    Brilliant. Just Van Persie and John Eustace to sign the dotted line and we will have some team
  8. stevemac


    shame about the name though.
  9. stevemac


    hes played 98 games in the past 6 seasons, granted not a lot but wouldnt say barely. injuries are a concern though. Pay as you play would be the ideal solution, as long as wages weren't an issue its someone i would certainly consider looking at at least.
  10. stevemac


    i suggested this ages ago and it got laughed off.
  11. stevemac


    absolutely nuts to think McAuley is older than the manager 😅
  12. stevemac

    Joe worrall

    what, like any loan agreement? any loan agreement has a financial penalty for an early recall, but big bad Rangers need the cash if worrall leaves... Ars*holes
  13. stevemac

    Joe worrall

    Pretty sure the word on the street was that contract extension only removed the release clause or raised it.
  14. stevemac

    Joe worrall

    can see the boy from millwall being a priority signing if worrall does go back to them. Not always the best performer but will never forget his shift in the victory over them - something he can be proud of.
  15. stevemac

    Hummel kit

    im not so keen on the stick on badges, prefer embroided, ive only worn mine twice and it feels like the badge is lifting a bit. But i was never passing up the opportunity for a genuine orange top