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  1. stevemac

    Quickest Rangers goal you’ve seen

    Ness Vs scum, 2 mins I believe.
  2. stevemac

    Young Rangers fan writes to Tav

    Still a better option than sadiq
  3. stevemac

    Jd selling our new kit from tommorow

    some ITK guy on twitter, gets a few right now and then. bit of a parody account at times too iirc.
  4. stevemac

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    Haha. Nah it's just nice to watch it in the company of other bears tbf, that said I've not seen one so far.
  5. stevemac

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    To get away from the other half 🤔
  6. stevemac

    Good Gers pub in..... (thread)

    Anywhere decent for the game tonight? I'm in Krakow
  7. stevemac

    Chris McKee Signs For The Under 18's

    he a long term investment type of player or a middleton type to be playing for the unders and knocking on the door of the senior squad does anyone think?
  8. stevemac

    Rat Nevin

    Listening to radio 2 this morning (colleagues choice no mine) and they were on about the football results. Had that rat Nevin on (yet nobody of a Rangers background alongside or giving any input) and the first thing he says is "well it's not actually called the old firm anymore, there's a lot of bitterness there but it's a long story" what an absolute wank of a guy.
  9. stevemac

    Rat Nevin

    aye, it was late and auto correct fucked me, next time ill proof read...
  10. stevemac

    Rat Nevin

    Apologies was a genuine typo, auto correct mugging me off. Normally I wouldn't give a shite but I was thinking is there any need to make sly digs? Unnecessary really. Got what he wanted I suppose mind.
  11. stevemac

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    Listen stupid cunt, when someone that's won more trophies than you've had hot dinners needs your advice, he'll DM you. Until then, off you fuck.
  12. stevemac

    Gerrard beaten by Gerrard

    Newsflash coming from the armchair managerial veteran over here...
  13. im hoping for a draw of Anderlecht, Astana/Ludogorets / Krasnadar, Qarabag / Malmo - id rather save the glammer tie for the round of 32 or round of 16
  14. stevemac

    The Moment We Qualified

    that should be made into a gif, better than the bougherra wink imo
  15. stevemac

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    ejaria pal banger of a finish too
  16. stevemac

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    these russians have been gash so far, Slack passes everywhere, just playing hoof ball and hoping for the best. Give us 2-0 and bring our best players off and ill be well happy.
  17. stevemac

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    really hope we get the business done in the 1st half. ill be able to catch the first half but not the second due to work. come on the Rangers!
  18. stevemac

    Coulibaly - what the f*ck is wrong with him!?

    hoping that he is being kept out of UFA to be fully rested as to be honest, he will be the most crucial player we need for sunday, where he won't be jet lagged. get him in training games before sunday to bring him back up to speed and unleash him sunday.
  19. stevemac

    New Kit Sponsor on the Horizon? 

    Was that the only image they had in their library? Sorry, too easy 😂
  20. think we need to sit a few of our best players out for this one. Jack to prevent the inevitable red, Morelos needs a rest so I'd start Lafferty, rest Coulibably, maybe play Mccrorie with Ejaria and Arfield, subbing Arfield later on for Halliday if we are comfortable. I'd really like to see us rest our CB's but we dont really have much option there.
  21. stevemac

    Kai Kennedy

    shite. should've passed to dodoo.
  22. stevemac

    Peter Hartley

    some no mark that spent most of his career at a huge club in Hartlepool United. Says enough.
  23. stevemac

    Borna Barisic

    Think I'd be tempted to put Flanagan as a RCB in a back 3, tav and barisic as wing backs against them.
  24. stevemac

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Classic away European tactics - nothing fancy, no risks taken, soak up pressure and see it out. Hopefully grab a goal and then we can bring the likes of jack and candeias off seeing as though their booked.
  25. stevemac

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    maybe Mccrorie as a makeshift CB for the back 3? Hopefully with Jack and Coulibaly coming back, would be enough protection for him. Either that or Halliday at LB.