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  1. You can't blame him for wanting away. He doesn't help himself but he's a marked card whenever he plays. There's premier League youngsters who don't have his ability so he could easily cut it in a better league than this Shithole
  2. your tears of unfathomable sadness are delicious 😂
  3. Don't say that or Mrs Wallace will tweet about you
  4. give them pre-season and see what the situation is with them. If they are still behind what we have just now, loan them to a more competitive league, mid-lower championship team, it either puts them in the shop window or if they are outstanding you bring them back in january and its like a new signing.
  5. Wouldn't be so bad if the OP of the picture waited until later that day before uploading. I'm not a fan of taking stealth pictures of anyone but if your going to do it, upload it that night so no cunt turns up and gives the guy any bother.
  6. I didn't realise he was a Rangers fan tbh. But nah, I genuinely wish it would be someone who couldn't give a shit about any Scottish clubs, us or them. And preferably a notable figure in refereeing who won't sit back and be told what decisions he should take.
  7. The compliance officer needs to be a complete neutral. Dare I say an ex pro referee from outside of the SPL, a Mark Clattenburg or someone of similar ilk who is known for being a consummate professional and has absolutely no bias.
  8. stevemac


    Well, you are wrong, but ok
  9. There are plenty of shite players that have been playing regardless... Eg worrall
  10. Coulibaly I reckon had a buy option when he hit a certain number of games because he ain't getting a sniff whatsoever now.
  11. Don't worry, we will soon train that out of him
  12. plus hes still coaching at that junior club is he no? Tynecastle FC or something. sure thats why he knocked back moves in the past cos he doesnt want to move and doesnt want to give up that commitment to them.
  13. stevemac

    Zak Rudden

    is he any higher rated than hardie though? Who can never seem to get a game for us yet hes hit 32 goals in 84 games? not a bad return in the past 3 years.
  14. He's played 36. Right enough that's almost as many as his previous 3 years though.
  15. I've always wondered this. Against teams that sit in and don't attack us then why not play Mcauley and worral.
  16. Please put bleach in his tea.
  17. theres some absolute mongo's on the Rangers pages on facebook. people seriously asking for anywhere from 500k - 2m+ for Holt 😅 we would do well to get 200k.
  18. He's to Rangers what Jordan Henderson is to Liverpool. Loves the club, isn't the best by far but would run through walls for the team
  19. They don't work well together. Morelos is a lone striker and always will be tbh. He's a few things to work on, like improving his finishing but most of all his temperament, but he could go all the way in the game if he does. Outstanding lone work rate leading the line.
  20. stevemac


    were you in hibernation between 2012-2018? there were far worse players in a positional sense than flanagan. cribari, argyriou, faure to name a few.
  21. Papac and prso for me, the pair o sexy bastard's
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