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    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    Loved Wallace for sticking by us but the problem with most fans is they are perceiving him to be the Lee Wallace that signed for us in 2012 - a very good attacking full back. Hes been chronic for about 3 years now and whilst I feel that he should be held in high regard for sticking by us and writing off his international career in the process, its daft to think hes going to come back from injury the player he was years ago - hes past it, like Miller. great pro, good player, but not up to scratch now.
  2. stevemac

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    I just dont see the point replacing someone we know has the ability in this league. Unless he wants away which I doubt somehow. He knows he'll need to prove himself this season to make a move to the Premier League achievable.
  3. stevemac

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    Think hes vital to us to be honest. I agree with the posters on his fatigue, a good rest and i think we will see the morelos of the start of last season. Sure, He needs to work on his finishing, and heading in particular, but a decent strike partner will help him as he is very isolated at times. We pinned all our hope on him last season and thats huge pressure for a 21 year old that barely speaks the language in a new environment.
  4. stevemac


    derby are a very good championship side, thought a short term contract would be low risk. Anyone with over 100 premier league goals knows where the net is.
  5. stevemac


    Thoughts on Darren bent? Free agent after leaving Derby county.
  6. stevemac

    Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    not so sure on that. its a good thing for someone to come out and admit their problems, as he has. maybe the lure of playing for a big club again, especially with SG as manager, would be enough incentive to bring him in, and with the right guidance, not be a complete waster. initial 18 month contract would be ideal, with an option for us to extend. We could pick him up for 1-1.5m, or potentially a player/cash deal, not much to lose really. be a good way to punt halliday or someone of that ilk.
  7. stevemac

    Ryan Gauld

    i never was, i just got a major semi seeing he wanted out his contract and might leave sporting on a free. haha.
  8. stevemac

    Dodoo to Blackpool

    2 years. so will have 1 when he returns.
  9. stevemac

    Ryan Gauld

    newcastle wanted him last year for 30m+ - dead in the water but imagine the scenes if we pulled it off. Would love a big hard bastard playing up front with morelos, one that is good in the air to make up for morelos' lack of aerial ability haha.
  10. stevemac

    Ryan Gauld

    would love us to sign him. 6 foot 5 and an unreal goals/games ratio. nearly 200 goals in 370 games.
  11. stevemac

    Nikola Katic

    Tavernier in right midfield wouldn't be that bad to be honest. hes very good going forward, its just his defending that is shocking.
  12. stevemac

    Jason Holt to Plymouth

    250k would be decent business, sure we signed him for less than 100k. Minor profit is still profit. throw in Halliday for free though
  13. stevemac

    Gareth Mcaulley

    Surely be a good pair with goldson and another younger quicker centre half? Gerrard loves a back 3 so maybe slotting him just behind the CDM would be ideal.
  14. stevemac

    Double pass ( Rangers youth assessment)

    wonder why the SFA "blocking" our bid to cut Sellick's Allocation for scottish cup games makes front page news, yet this story of good progress in youth development doesn't?
  15. stevemac

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Can see origi and Sturridge easily going, origi loved life in the bundesliga and he's too good to sit on the bench now. Sturridge is polar opposite he's chronic, a sicknote and a shadow of the player that linked so well with Suarez. Ings I can see staying as backup as I doubt he'd get another club as big as that taking him really.
  16. stevemac

    Joey Garner - Video

    imagine him and morelos battering fuck out of defenders
  17. stevemac

    Europa league prize money

    sauce? I think groups is a realistic target to be honest, and potentially up to 4m to be made realistically. even if we got that every year over the next few years, we would certainly be in a less sorry state than we are.
  18. stevemac

    Jon Flanagan

    hes on 28k a week, with 12 months left on his contract. would never give that for him.
  19. stevemac

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    I've not seen much of him, but I've heard his hold up play is good. Good at wearing teams down in a similar fashion to Morelos. However, it doesn't matter what a bunch of people on the internet think about the lad, it matters what pro coaches at Liverpool and Chelsea think of him. He's obviously got talent that they can see and Gerrard will have worked with him in the youth teams and seen what he can do. So if there is a genuine link for us and him, it could be a good thing for us. Plus, getting links with a big team like Liverpool for players is always a good thing, especially going into the future.
  20. stevemac

    Kyle Bartley (Swansea)

    Onuha won't have been on 80k a week recently, will of been on that when QPR first got him. Ex England international too, I look at him in the mould of Clint hill, not fast, but a brick shithouse and a good pro, old school centre half. No nonsense.
  21. stevemac

    Youssouf Mulumbu (Kilmarnock)

    I think him and Caulker would be excellent signings, considering they have both done well since coming north of the boarder. plus, with a combined total cost of about 1.5m, in 2 areas we need depth in, cant grumble.
  22. stevemac


    harsh on mcgregor, thought he was half decent for us at the time.
  23. stevemac


    I missed the game today. Found BBC highlights which conveniently miss the handball, the Allan tackle and every other poor decision, but had the time to show the Holt red! W⚓'s
  24. stevemac

    Let’s go!

    does anyone know what will happen to JJ and Nichol come june 1st then? Be a shame seeing JJ leave, think he has an eye for a player and is a decent coach, don't know enough about nichol's coaching abilities to pass comment but would be sad seeing as he only come in so recently.