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    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Classic away European tactics - nothing fancy, no risks taken, soak up pressure and see it out. Hopefully grab a goal and then we can bring the likes of jack and candeias off seeing as though their booked.
  2. stevemac

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    maybe Mccrorie as a makeshift CB for the back 3? Hopefully with Jack and Coulibaly coming back, would be enough protection for him. Either that or Halliday at LB.
  3. stevemac

    Halliday going nowhere

    imagine if he ever logs in here again, the amount of notifications that poor cunt has hahah
  4. stevemac

    Where the f*ck are the new kits?

    might actually benefit the club having the delay, to release in time for christmas. Hopefully they are taking this time in delays to actually produce enough strips to meet the demands unlike last season. They orange strips will go like wildfire so hopefully theyll have enough done.
  5. stevemac

    Charlie Adam (Stoke)

    fuck that. Would take Geoff Cameron off their hands though.
  6. stevemac

    Halliday going nowhere

    i think its more to do with no other club can come near his salary and he doesnt want to leave. so we may as well utilise him the best we can, for morale, and filling in against diddy teams or non vital matches.
  7. stevemac

    Rossiter still MIA?

    Let's see if it pays off for him
  8. stevemac

    Kyle Lafferty

    Part of me hopes that Wallace stays and we win 55 this season. I know he was on a mint wage and wouldn't have gotten better elsewhere, but he still stayed and helped us through the leagues and it's hammered his career. Would just be nice to see him lift the trophy and hopefully retire on a high and take up a coaching role somewhere.
  9. stevemac

    Progres vs Ufa

    That's exactly it aye. If it's progres we draw then we know they are a weaker team than Maribor so should be an easier tie.
  10. stevemac

    Progres vs Ufa

    I think IF we get past Maribor, I think we have to get the job done at Ibrox and then field a weaker team against progres/ufa away, resting our best players and leaving them at home for the away tie.
  11. stevemac


    Clearly we can't sell him, no team wants him due to wages no doubt however he can still do a job against diddy teams, and hell do as a rotational player. Good to have in the dressing room and as long as he understands that's his role then he will be alright for us this season.
  12. stevemac

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Tbf Sturridge is an exceptional footballer when he isn't injured. He's just constantly injured. There's no doubting his ability.
  13. stevemac

    Tickets for st Mirren today?

    Sorry if it's in the wrong place lads, but wanting to surprise the missus and take her up to the game today. Has anyone got 2 tickets together I can buy? Can't see any on the website. Thanks in advance and again, apologies if I've posted in the wrong section.
  14. stevemac

    Tickets for st Mirren today?

    The club has a few scattered round the ground but no 2 together. Got my hole last night just wanting to get out of watching the soaps and tidying aw day
  15. stevemac


    Fuck off. gave me the fear thinking we were being linked to sign this cunt again
  16. stevemac

    Young lads on our bus

    I was lucky enough to catch the arse end of our successful period, with Jelavic and co winning us the league. Its been a rough 7 years but we are finally looking like a capable challenging team.
  17. stevemac

    John off To The Swans

    To think that we got Barisic, Katic, Goldson, Flanagan for a whole 2.5m after player sales and sell on clauses. unreal business so far. And to think we spent that alone on fucking Pena.
  18. stevemac

    Out?: James Tavernier

    if you are seriously suggesting he was at fault for their goal, your a mongo. sometimes you have to just applaud a moment of brilliance, whether it is for or against you.
  19. stevemac


    And to think cunts wanted us to dodge him because of a heart condition he's already had treatment for 😂 strolling it so far even against a proper quality champions league level opposition.
  20. stevemac

    Scott Arfield

    All the player dorrans should be.
  21. stevemac

    Out?: Josh Windass

    nah, we've had to put up with the absolute snowflake for 2 years. that almost outweighs the profit.
  22. stevemac

    Out?: Josh Windass

    hoping we can bank about 4m from windass, john and foderingham today, should be plenty for some eastern european monsters
  23. stevemac

    Out?: Josh Windass

    id rather pay the cunts wages if thats the alternative.
  24. stevemac

    Out?: Josh Windass

    fuck that. What benefit is that to us? he goes down, plays shit, they say no thanks. He plays class, they sign him for a rumoured 3m, then punt him for 4 times that in the future if he continues to perform.
  25. stevemac

    Out?: James Tavernier

    tbf if we can shift John, Fod, Windass and bring in a striker and an attacking midfielder on jut the fees from these players, id like to see us keep Tav.