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  1. He looked like a wee boy in his full debut, was tough on him and he looked very out of place. Still a long way to go.
  2. He will now know what this job is all about. Pressure is on him now. Disgraceful team selection
  3. Polsters missus in the Louden in a custom jacket with WATP on it sucking down the beers, some lass 😂😂
  4. Mind boggles at that, need to trust Stevie for now. I just hope he has the balls to change it up if it is going aff the rails.
  5. Tbh I had him on the left upfront in a 4321. Unfortunately the guy is a threat. I don't think either of us have a decent LB at all. That's where most of the pressure will be in this one.
  6. Just looked at the combined 11 thing on the BBC Sport app... There is legitimately only 2 of the taigs that I would pick in a combined 11, being Nae Neck and McGregor. Rest of their squad is gash. Time to fucking give this mob a proper doing, it is overdue.
  7. I am disappointed by this thread. Genuinely disappointed and wondering if I am on a Rangers forum. Seeing the title I would have expected the OP to be something like "fuck off you Taig bastards". But alas... Changed days indeed.
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