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  1. If Gerrard has any balls he will pair him with Katic until end of the season.
  2. aye, i am bristling with anticipation at a Tavernier interview where he is standing there with his hoody and backpack on like a fucking child talking about how he was not good enough today
  3. I have tried to think about what i would have wanted to hear in that interview. It is a hard question. The best i could come up with was "there are a number of players who showed tonight that they do not deserve to play for this football club and i will be addressing that, because are out of excuses". That is all he should have said and then finished the interview.
  4. If a Rangers team cannot beat bottom of the table Hamilton at Ibrox when the tarriers are losing to give you back a glimmer of hope in the league then none of them belong. None. Zero.
  5. What, young and hungry for success like Gerrard?
  6. 10? It's 10* if anything, they know it and we know it.
  7. Mate I'm not sure if it's Coronavirus but I'm in my bed with some sort of flu and trust me watching that utter pish at 430am local time whilst sick makes me wish for more than Coronavirus.... Fucking give me a wee dose of the Ebola and be done with it.
  8. The players are getting off lightly here. Absolute fucking shitebags and has nothing to do with Gerrard. Yes he picked most of them but they have shown what they can produce and now are too worried about their Gucci fanny packs, hair gel and Lamborghinis to give a fuck about turning up for the Rangers. Fuck them all.
  9. Will be a good test for the 8 new starters we need early doors
  10. Nothing new here, place has been a cesspit for years if you speak to anyone who has left the place.
  11. We miss Ryan Jack's drive from deep. It's actually very simple. We have a few extra seconds of thought, an extra touch before driving forward, and this is how we are now. Gash
  12. We miss Ryan Jack. I also haven't seen Morelos drop down and isolate his marker before turning him to be clear through in a long time
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