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  1. Ryan Jack -- Staunch

    My 3 and a half year old daughter can sing Follow Follow complete with the add ons.... Had to agree with the missus however that it would be "fluff" the pope
  2. Acceptable second half of season?

    Last minute winner from the Buffalo in Cup final against the taigs, Broonaldo crunching his baws on the post as he tried to clear the winning goal off the line and breaks his legs in the process, the thumb lashing out in anger at losing and taking swings at the polis and getting arrested and gaoled for it and our Cumdog ripping his shirt off in celebration after the final whistle to reveal a King Billy tattoo all over his back. Anything else will be a let down.
  3. 4-4-2

    Who would have thought in the summer that by January most of us would have a preferred starting 11 excluding Dorrans and Alves but including Jason Cummings
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Shows how important McCrorie has been for us in CDM IMO
  5. Tavs stats

    Thanks but what's a KeyChain? Feel like such an old cunt
  6. Tavs stats

    how the fuck do you interpret these
  7. Jimmy Nicholl speaks

    That's the spirit, oor Jimmy
  8. MoJo, Electric Chair & The Sash

    how the fuck have I never seen this, that is amazing Love that he thinks it is funny too.
  9. Ibrox Maintenance

    Thought we were going broke yesterday? Must be paying in South African Rand
  10. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    I will never understand why people get upset that their ST money goes to the playing squad.
  11. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    I love also that our likely starting 11 soon will have 9 British players of which a solid core are young and a solid core are bears. Good times.
  12. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Fucks sake. The reality is we are quite skint. Every cunt knows this. Every cunt knows that Dave King isn't going to fire a lazy 20 million in to our account any time soon. So they get creative to get the deal done for the player we want and people are taking shots at the board. I think they deserve congratulations for being creative in a tight financial situation. Sure, I would prefer they just lobbed in a fuck load more cash to get it done but I am beyond expecting that now, it is unrealistic. More importantly, welcome Jamie son.
  13. Jimmy Nicholl with the new manager

    Tbf he doesn't look pleased about it and is wearing hoops, deep tarrier blood.
  14. Ryan McGowan, fucking tramp

    Well known he is from a big tarrier family. Used to cut about in Adelaide Australia in taig tops as a kid. Inbred bastard.
  15. Halliday

    Fuck it, bring him back.