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  1. Nothing new here, place has been a cesspit for years if you speak to anyone who has left the place.
  2. We miss Ryan Jack's drive from deep. It's actually very simple. We have a few extra seconds of thought, an extra touch before driving forward, and this is how we are now. Gash
  3. We miss Ryan Jack. I also haven't seen Morelos drop down and isolate his marker before turning him to be clear through in a long time
  4. Bandaid. Cup means nothing when you haven't won the league in so long.
  5. To be honest i don't give a fuck about their 10....its a bullshit mickey mouse tainted 10 and deep down they know it. Stevie needs to stay at least another year, but he needs to learn from his dumb mistakes quick fast because the blowtorch is pointed at his baws and is at the ready at the moment
  6. Need their squad all hit with corona virus to salvage something now. Who's up for taking one for the team and going to Lennox town via Wuhan?
  7. He's a fucking knock off of a luxury item you find down the Barras, more like.
  8. Gerrard needs to stop his love affair with Ojo and Aribo. They are both useless
  9. You know we have a problem when McGregor kept it from being an embarrassment
  10. Absolute gash. Atmosphere was like a morgue and all.
  11. Seems very Top Secret shit, keep the lurking tarriers out, I like it
  12. Since when have we had that big blue fence at Auchenhowie?
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