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  1. No point arguing with him on this mate, he is rabid when it comes to Ally because he has a scan of a magazine from the 80s where apparently Ally said his favourite team was Sunderland or Liverpool or some shit.
  2. Absolute fucking joke now. This can't go on. Some cunt needs to fix this shit asap
  3. In hindsight I had no idea how lucky we were to have Sir Walter for each stint. True legend.
  4. This is going to sound like totally unsupportable bullshit.....but a client of mine is on the board of Melbourne Victory....i spoke with him today and he confirmed that he had a lengthy phone call with Muscat this morning about this rumor. At this point Muscat is denying he has had any contact from Rangers, supposedly.
  5. The cunt is actually a half decent manager, better than McCoist or Warburton. His teams play quality football too surprisingly. Would lose the nut in old firm for sure though.
  6. Place sounds like a morgue
  7. Have heard crazier things in the past 48 hours tbf
  8. Thank fuck for that
  9. Oh well, Halliday still shite
  10. Said this yesterday as it was just breaking, clear as day our board would do this. Cunts the lot of them.
  11. All involved deserve to be punted imo. No defence for this shite.
  12. Fair point
  13. This reeks of taigs hacking.
  14. Perhaps he didn't resign... And our tight fucks on the board are trying to say he did to avoid compensation for terminating them...wouldn't put it past them.