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  1. Imagine the abuse wee Vlad will cop on Twitter if he was winding us up
  2. Mate you clearly didn't watch the last game against the scum at Ibrox given that last comment!
  3. Bright future in the game. I think of the Barajas airport in Madrid every time I see his name though
  4. Halliday farewell?
  5. Hope to never see Waghorn in a Rangers shirt again now that he's off the pitch
  6. How the fuck did Toral miss that. Backheel anawl
  7. Shug giving it tight to Toral
  8. Just saw the sheep shaggers score whit the fuck
  9. The watermark picture of the Lurgan Bigot on my screen on the Broxi Loyal stream is going to give me nightmares.
  10. Fuck off ya rocket. What the fuck are you talking about.
  11. Has been for a long time. I paid for every match for years but gave up earlier this season because it is constantly shite.
  12. Barjonas bossing people around on the park, good to see