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  1. His contribution to our second was incredible. Made a mockery of 2 tarriers in the build up.
  2. How much did we pay for Kamara again? £50k? Guys a £5m player in England.
  3. Stevie Smith on RTV getting stuck in to Burke saying he is pure pish 🤣
  4. This. Was always bang average. Undeniable legend of a man and legend of the club but a very average footballer. His body movement always seems so awkward. That said that fucking peach of a goal against the tarriers in the 3-2 game was a thing of beauty and a magic memory for a long time as a Rangers supporter.
  5. Can't believe she was in with the troops at Hearts and no cunt on here has a story about it yet 😂
  6. Imagine being banished to Azerbaijan and then making a return to being a hero, couldn't make it up
  7. The rub with Morelos is we all deep down knew before kick off that was going to happen. We've all seen this movie before. He's done with us as far as I am concerned.
  8. Hang on I've fucked up the summer time conversion here 😂😂. Thought the game was in an hour already 😩
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