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  1. Just switched over to this game, I'm not giving that tarrier fest at Hampden any more time. Come on Norn Iron.
  2. Can't give that team any support whatsoever. You can't despise the vast majority of them then suddenly forget that for 90 minutes.
  3. David Coleman could be back before Rossiter.
  4. To be fair I have posted in the past that I would have liked to have seen him come up against someone like Gregor Stevens or Terry Hurlock, to see who the real hard man is.
  5. That's a horrific injury, I wouldn't wish that on any player with the exception of McClean, not even fannies like Brown or Costa.
  6. What a day, I was in the bedlam of the Rangers end at the piggery that afternoon. Wee Bud bouncing the ball off jump-the-dyke Provan's napper, then throws it, one bounce sets it up perfectly for Miller and what a screamer.
  7. What's Alex Miller doing these days?
  8. That was Lafferty-like from Vardy. Embarrassing.
  9. Saw good analysis of Leicester by Troy Deeney last season, saying they force teams out wide so they have to resort to crosses, and their big defenders lap that up.
  10. FFS you won't beat a pub team like Leicester by throwing high balls into the box, that's meat and drink to them. Thought Sevilla had a bit more to them than that.
  11. See the Leicester pitch doesn't have that eye-nipping pattern cut on it, is that a UEFA thing?
  12. Bournemouth won't be happy if their asset catches a cold through training outside.
  13. Big Sheila from the Three Degrees. Theres even that Masonic connection to infuriate the tarriers, she'd be perfect.
  14. More than the last ex-player who gave up a media career to become our assistant manager.
  15. Second most successful British club in the old European Cup, I never really had anything against them until now.