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  1. I thought this season's was one of the best in recent years, it's a shame it will always be a reminder of a shambles of a season.
  2. Bing Hitler?
  3. After running the original story the gutter rag has now gone running to Brenda and asked for his take on the situation. "My players love training so much I can't get them to take time off" says Brenda smugly. Another laugh at Rangers.
  4. Maybe some of it was a wee bit "fundamentalist"
  5. That was a glorious effort last weekend Billy, I spent most of Saturday night on your thread and neglected the usual music thread in the OT.
  6. That would put me off going there.
  7. Can we appeal Souness's red card against Hibs now?
  8. American second division beckons.
  9. Was totally scunnered by that display on Sunday, I'm out the country this weekend and wasn't going to bother attempting to find somewhere to watch this. But I suppose I've calmed down a bit and I've been thinking that those bastards tried to kill us off but failed, we're very much still here and it's my duty to find a transmission and support the team from afar.
  10. Garner and Wallace getting married? Well I suppose it is the 21st century.
  11. Good goal for Tottingham.
  12. The type of article the Scottish mhedia write about the tarriers these days.
  13. One of the things that put me right off Warburton was the way he slunk away after last season's cup final without as much as a word of apology for a performance as bad as last Sunday's. I suppose at least Pedro has acknowledged it.