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  1. To be fair to JFK he could stop a shot.
  2. He wasn’t a keeper I can say I had a lot of confidence in. I remember when Stewart Kennedy came in we thought we had someone consistent but Wembley finished him. The difference between those two and Chris Woods was night and day, when he came we finally had a keeper you expected to concede nothing no matter who we were playing.
  3. D’oh. I was thinking of a game in 1974.
  4. Wasn’t that the first ever Sunday game at Ibrox? I was laid low with chickenpox and raging I couldn’t go.
  5. So in two or three months we’ll be told it isn’t economically viable.
  6. Any bears in the Lagos area in the Algarve should get the first leg in the Lighthouse Sports Bar upstairs in Lagos Marina, I watched the St Joseph’s game there last Thursday.
  7. Maybe, they managed to have issues with the Leicester fans and I've seen more threatening crowds at the bingo.
  8. Any other season Arsenal would be happy at reaching the Europa League final, but to do it the same season as Spurs get to the Champions League final and also open a stadium bigger and better than the Emirates must be a bit of an anti-climax.
  9. I can't help thinking the Madrid cops will be disappointed they won't have 40,000 Catalan skulls to crack.
  10. Can see why we went for him at the time, but fuck knows why we ever went for Pedro, the more I think about that appointment the more bizarre it seems.
  11. Can’t get interested in the Europa at all, since we went out I’ve not had a clue who was still in, who was out and who was playing who. Didn’t even know which teams were in the semis.
  12. Ryan Jack will be hoping we sign him, with those lugs.
  13. Not a real champions league final if it’s two teams from the same country. Like us getting there and playing Motherwell.
  14. Thought something special might be on when even Sissoko was playing well.
  15. Feels like tonight’s game has been overshadowed by last night’s epic. Going by the first leg Ajax should go through, I hope they do although I’ve enjoyed watching Spurs over the last few seasons. If it’s an all Premiership final the hype will be nauseating.
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