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  1. Mr King his team

    Wonder what that Irish model saw in big-nosed Welsh multi-millionaire Ian Rush?
  2. ****UEFA Champions League Thread 17/18****

    And just two days after running the London marathon.
  3. Michael Mols son

    I wonder if he got Stephen Hunt to fracture his skull for him, just for that final bit of authenticity?
  4. **the official taigs v Rangers match thread**

    We better be really up for this one, because they certainly will be. They’ll be wanting to humiliate us, not just beat us.
  5. waddel makes some valid points, while stirring the pot.

    Rangers-hating, “Falkirk-supporting” fanny.
  6. Murty after game

    Fuck Murty.
  7. Union bears

    They should be taking note of the thousands of empty seats and flat atmosphere because that’s what they have to look forward to if they don’t get the finger out. The one thing that’s had an affect on Rangers boards over the years has been the prospect of no money coming in from the support.
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    More pish in the papers today about Brenda and Arsenal. The reality is Arsenal will be looking at the coaches whose teams take 5, 6 and 7 goals off Brenda’s team.
  9. Is Pochettino a failure?

    Great team to watch but they appear to lack mental strength when it comes to crunch games. Thought Son had his poorest game for a while tonight, and Dembele was ineffective. I'm not convinced Kane is anywhere near 100% fit, either that or he's really holding himself back for the World Cup.
  10. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Beginning to really dislike Sanchez and all his histrionics.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Well well what a surprise. ” Here’s three points Lenny, now we’ll really rub into Sevco next week”.
  12. Murty Q&A - Herald

    Comes across as quite a slimy individual to me. Wouldn’t trust him one bit if I worked under him.
  13. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I wouldn’t put it past them to do Lennon a favour today in the race for second, and set it up to give it absolutely everything next week and win the league by destroying us in their own mhidden. That would be a tarrier’s wet dream.
  14. More good news (not really) - Pena

    Can we not sack him on grounds of a ridiculous hairstyle?
  15. Graham Potter

    He’ll get the Arsenal job. Well the Scottish media have started the fantasy stories about that one, so why not?