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  1. harlands plater

    Derby Day Hamburg

    You’ve just triggered memories of the Quo triple live album gig at the Apollo in 1976. I can still smell the dampness and sweat, amid a cloud of dandruff and a sea of faded denim.
  2. harlands plater

    Derby Day Hamburg

    Puzzles me why so many banners at German games are in English, the fan groups seem to give themselves names like third rate 1960s pop groups.
  3. harlands plater

    Scotland v Portugal

    Some teuchter “Tartan Army” wanker on the BBC news there wanting McLeish sacked. So it begins.
  4. harlands plater

    Bluenoses are born not manufactured

    I’ve always known it to read the way it is in the OP. Makes more sense like that.
  5. harlands plater

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Hopefully Albion Rovers drop down soon.
  6. harlands plater

    Scotland v Portugal

    Eck looks like a man on borrowed time. Can’t be long until some tarrier replaces him.
  7. harlands plater

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    I didn’t even know they had introduced that, was last season the first time? That'll have a lot of the “attendance 354” clubs who contribute nothing to the game shitting themselves every year now. I still think there’s far too many senior clubs in this country, merge a lot of them who scrape by in the same backwater and give us two divisions.
  8. harlands plater

    Scotland v Portugal

    Suppose Naismith’s meaningless goal will keep the Thumb out the picture for longer.
  9. harlands plater

    Scotland v Portugal

    Portugal could field Dalcio and Cardoso and still walk this.
  10. harlands plater

    Our crowds early 80's

    That’s right, they beat us 3-1 in the second leg. We were in the old Paddock end back then, day off work and not home until stupid o’clock the next morning. My abiding memory is that they ran out of pies at halftime, the miserable bastards.
  11. harlands plater

    Edmiston Drive

    There’s a large fine malt getting poured in the big man’s memory soon. It’ll have to be a Highland Park, that’s the nearest name I have to Kinning Park.
  12. harlands plater

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    Who did Edinburgh City replace to get into the big time?
  13. harlands plater

    Our crowds early 80's

    The day before the replacement of Jock Wallace by Graeme Souness was announced, we played Spurs in a friendly at Ibrox. A sunny Sunday afternoon in April 1986.The attendance? 12,000.
  14. In JD at the Fort this afternoon, a few training tops and some retro jerseys was all I could see.
  15. harlands plater

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Is he a goalkeeper for an amateur team from Edinburgh? My son’s team played them, the keeper was a right fanny but nobody knew he was the thumb’s brother until after the game.