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  1. Good news, we need to sign more Presbyterians. We're in danger of losing our identity under this manager.
  2. Hope it's not Pena Arcade
  3. We're looking at our signings and comparing the team we'll have against the tarrier team of last season. I would expect us to do better next season, but they will strengthen as well, they have to if they want to get any further in Europe than bottom of the group. I expect they will sign better quality than a Chuckle Brothers lookalike from Aberdeen at some point.
  4. Especially full back, Tav with Hodson as backup on the right and Wallace with Beerman as backup on the left leaves us no better off than last season, Alves and Cardoso should tighten things up in the centre though.
  5. I feel Pena could be a spectacular success, but a bit of me wonders if he could bomb like Barton last year.
  6. And sitting on Ashley's knee.
  7. Out of interest, has anyone ever seen yer UNOFFICIAL programme?
  8. From what I've heard Rodgers is as bitter as the rest of them.
  9. On the subject of rugby, big Doddie Weir has announced he has MND. Sorry to hear it.
  10. Looks like one of the Chuckle Brothers.
  11. No, I haven't. I know he didn't give his best the last season but what he gave us the rest of the time more than makes up for that - for me anyway.
  12. Laudrup every time. You knew what you were going to get every game, Gazza could be unbelievable and entertaining but sometimes the red mist came down and he could be a liability although I must admit the good times far outweighed the bad. So hard to believe now we had them both at the same time.
  13. Maybe wee Alfie will be just the man for that.
  14. Santa Ponsa had one. Among five thousand tarrier slophouses.
  15. Fuck knows how he would have felt last season, then.