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  1. Dado was a warrior, he had more heart than the other three combined.
  2. Our shopping in the Croatian market has returned very little dividend, hope we look elsewhere this summer.
  3. I’d say any Bears I know are still Bears, and that’s been a lot over the years. Can’t say I know any that just appeared during the glory years, or any that have given up during the bad times. Born a Bear, die a Bear, and nothing changes in between.
  4. The wee Hummel bee just completes it.
  5. He looked rattled anyway, there just might be something in it.
  6. I heard him mumbling something, but I don’t speak Fife.
  7. There’s no depths they won’t plumb if it will benefit their putrid club, Liewell got his feet under the UEFA table for one reason only. Added to that they must be the only club in history who have delegates from another country also looking after their interests. Fucking sleekit weasels.
  8. Where did I say I hope Hearts aren’t quite at it? I just said they might be thinking more about the cup final, it happens to teams at this stage of the season. We don’t need that to give us an advantage, we pumped them comfortably a couple of weeks ago, and from what I watched they were poor against ICT in the semi.
  9. Wonder if Hearts will have one eye on the Cup Final now, they don’t have much to play for in the league.
  10. Aye like that big arsehole Aitken stealing our throw in in the 89 final, Davie Robertson’s unbelievable “offside”....you’re right mate, I could go on all night.
  11. If only there was VAR in 1977 when the Scottish Cup Final was decided by a dodgy penalty to the tarriers although Derek Johnstone kneed the ball off the goal line.
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