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  1. Considering they didn’t even have a proper left back, we should have destroyed them down that side.
  2. “Yah for shure 55 ish coming”.
  3. Wonder if he missed the kickoff.
  4. Here’s hoping that late goal in Berne doesn’t come back and bite us on the arse. There’s been so many times before where you could point to one specific thing that’s cost us dearly.
  5. Back to the reality of Scottish football tomorrow, from playing football against a European pedigree team on the lush Ibrox turf to facing a rugby match against a team of hammer-throwing nonentities on a third rate doormat. Hope our whole team go in with the right attitude, we should be brushing this mob aside with ease.
  6. From what I saw in the second half Lazio had plenty of the ball but were toothless up front. Put it back on expecting it to be over, just in time for that goal. No explanation could ever justify what that No 7 did with that pass, under no pressure whatsoever.
  7. That’ll be them thinking they’re going to win the Europa League now.
  8. Helander looks too much like Joe Worrall. Far better player, but looks like him.
  9. The Hampden terracing and passageways were an accident waiting to happen, just ash packed between wooden railway sleepers. Over the years these shifted and became very uneven, how up to 150,000 people mostly drunk crammed into that place without a serious accident ever happening must be down to sheer luck and nothing else. In saying that it was an unforgettable experience, especially in Section J of the Rangers End where there could be hundreds of wee parties going on, you ended up sharing your carry out with the strangers beside you, like Hogmanay back in the old days. Special mention to the Spider-Man Loyal, the guys either totally fearless or totally pished, or both, who climbed the floodlight pylons and edged their way along the roof trusses to hang a flag.
  10. Remember the great feeling of breaking our hoodoo well, I was 13 so just before I was allowed to go to those games. I’m supposing I would have sat in with the old man and listened to radio commentary no doubt by the inimitable David Francey.
  11. No surprise they’re winning, they don’t slip up against diddy teams twice and Hibs recently took a draw off them.
  12. A physical team on a cold night in the arse end of nowhere. A wee test for our newer players .
  13. Maybe they’ll go for Pedro.
  14. See how the players readjust to facing hammer throwers with no interest in playing football or winning the game. We need to be adaptable. Three points first and foremost but hopefully bump the goal difference up, the tarriers will get it easy from the Sheep.
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