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  1. The Invisibles when it comes to getting away with all the stunts they've pulled over the years.
  2. They'll get horsed again by any decent team in the groups. They're nowhere near as good as the arse lickers in this country make them out to be.
  3. Need seven now.
  4. Maybe the doctor would be a better manager.
  5. I wouldn't expect him to go anywhere any time soon, he seems to be a right bitter diehard tarrier.
  6. I don't think any of the previous managers would have managed to lose over two legs to the fourth best team in Luxembourg, and I include McCoist, McDowell and Murty. And any future manager offered the chance of working under this board will jump at it, safe in the knowledge that even losing over two legs to the fourth best team in Luxembourg is deemed acceptable. Aye I'm still raging about that, I said before the Hibs game that the only way I would forgive him for that was if he won the League - two games later were among the also-rans already, and the thought of those bastards sailing into the CL group stages tonight is making me feel worse 😡.
  7. 1930 sorry 1970 for me.
  8. Lesser clubs use banners to disguise how cheap their stadium looks. Our main stand is uniquely magnificent and should be seen in all its glory.
  9. Tam Forsyth on Mick Channon immediately sprung to mind.
  10. I've lived through them all from Scot Symon onwards and I think the clown currently holding the post is the worst I've seen.
  11. One of those games that will tell us a lot about the character of these players.
  12. Hardie reminds a bit of Martin Henderson, a young striker who scored a few goals in our Treble winning season of 1975-76. A bit of a one season wonder but right now a one season wonder would be welcome.
  13. Can't say I've seen anything to justify that.
  14. Washed up has-been.
  15. Couple of nice blonde Scandinavians playing for Europe today.