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  1. Fraserburgh game in Barcelona

    I know the place you mean, watched a Premiership game in it a few years back. Best way to describe the location for OP is that it’s round the back of the Burger King on Las Ramblas.
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    Absolutely, not a tattoo or stupid hairstyle to be seen. Although I’m surprised Dave Smith doesn’t have his blazer sleeves rolled up
  3. Johnny Hubbard MBE - The Penalty King - update

    Best wishes to Johnny, one of my old man’s favourite Rangers.
  4. Rangers related picture thread

    Didn’t know that about Ken Buchanan, always assumed he would be a Jambo, coming from Edinburgh. Saw him around Coatbridge a couple of times a few years back, think he might have been living out this way.
  5. Clyde Superscoreboard

    I think he’ll have a long wait for a Premiership job. Nobody wanted him after Liverpool dumped him and if clubs down there are going to judge him by his European results as he has had no competition domestically, they’ll see his record is abysmal.
  6. Delusional sheep

    Well they both have a beach, that’s the only comparison I can think of.
  7. Sun scum

    How that gutter rag can take the moral high ground about anything is beyond me.
  8. Rangers related picture thread

    Didn’t you have a consultancy’ role in that?
  9. Pedro and Cruz Azul

    If that’s his sales pitch remind me never to buy a used car from Park’s.
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It’s said that a player is only worth whatever amount a club is willing to pay for him. So far no club has been willing to pay anything for any of them. They are, in fact, worthless.
  11. Rangers related picture thread

    Was that the game where a few hundred Bears managed to get into the construction site of the Govan Stand, I think the game was held up while they were getting chased out ?
  12. Ryan Giggs

    Don’t remember Ferguson playing many friendlies for Scotland to be fair.
  13. Stuart Taylor

    Was that not for Mark Allen’s job?
  14. Ryan Giggs

    Wales have had their wee bit of unexpected glory, back to being also-rans now.
  15. Stuart Taylor

    Good, he never brought anyone through to the first team in all the time he was here.