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  1. harlands plater

    The 1902 Ibrox Disaster.

    The terracing at Tannadice was bad enough, never mind the steps.
  2. harlands plater

    Andrew Gutman

    My nephew plays college sawker in the US, I’m expecting him to turn up at my door looking for a lift to Milngavie any day now, going by this.
  3. harlands plater

    The 1902 Ibrox Disaster.

    Still remember my father’s advice when I started going to games with my pals instead of him. “ Always keep your hands out your pockets and your arms up, and if the crowd sways or you get lifted off your feet, just go with it don’t try to resist it”.
  4. harlands plater

    united sack jose

    16/1 according to his arselickers in the Scottish mhedia.
  5. harlands plater

    Dundee United

    If there was ever a case for merging two clubs it’s them, although the two of them merged would still yo-yo between the top division and the championship in front of four figure crowds.
  6. harlands plater

    united sack jose

    He can’t even go back to Juve now, there’s not enough room for his and Ronaldo’s egos in the same dressing room.
  7. harlands plater

    united sack jose

    Still waiting on Arsenal speaking to Brenda, Fritzl said he would allow them to.
  8. harlands plater

    united sack jose

    Just waiting on the sycophants in the mhedia up here mentioning Brenda. ”Rodgers not an option because of Liverpool past”.
  9. harlands plater

    ***Official Hibernian v Rangers Match Thread***

    Another game when we need our players to be strong in the face of the hammer throwers on the pitch and the baying junkie hordes off it. As usual this will be their cup final.
  10. harlands plater

    A Window of Opportunity…

    Hibs usually look as if they expect to take a couple of goals off the tarriers, our teams usually look shit scared of the bastards.
  11. harlands plater

    Mourinho on Liverpool

    Jose’s time has come and gone. United must wish they had managed to get Pep, today’s man.
  12. harlands plater


    I reckon Ejaria could replicate or eclipse Fleck’s career path, I could see him operating comfortably at Championship level at least with the flashes of ability he showed at times. He might even be more suited to a more technical type of football abroad.
  13. harlands plater

    Dapo Mebude Extends His Deal

    Good news, so previous rumours were wrong.
  14. harlands plater


    The weight of inheriting John Fleck and Nathan Oduwa’s number 10 shirt proved too much for him.
  15. harlands plater

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    “This essentially dums down...” The irony.